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Edition No. 20   September 30, 2016  
2016 Chance Drive
Saint Joseph Villa Sisters... Super Sellers 
The 2016 Chance Drive, to benefit the Renewal and Revitalization Project at Saint Joseph Villa in Flourtown, Pennsylvania, is officially underway. On September 15, 2016, Sister Kathleen Pales SSJ , Director of Development, Danielle Santacroce and Nicole Schlein, members of the Office of Development staff, visited Saint Joseph Villa. They wanted to thank the sisters in a special way for their hard work, prayer and participation in the Chance Drive.

For many years, Sister Marie St. Leger SSJ has generously given of her time and talent and coordinated the efforts of the sisters to sell chances. They are extremely creative in the many ways they reach out to friends, family and benefactors.

Kathy encouraged and thanked the sisters for their wholehearted effort and participation once again this year. “Our Chance Drive would never be the success that it is without the major contributions of the sisters at the Villa. As we look to complete the Renewal and Revitalization Project by the summer of 2017, we count on this fund raiser and extend our sincere gratitude to each of you for playing such a significant role in the success of this Drive.”

Marie St. Leger SSJ 
Nicole Schlein
Danielle Santacroce 
Kathleen Pales SSJ 
  Pictured from left: Miriam Bernard Fitzsimmons SSJ, Marie St. Leger SSJ and Joan Krukoski SSJ 
A Public Witness for Peace

by Jane Field SSJ

During the summer of 2016, many of our Philadelphia neighborhoods were struggling with the issues of violence in our streets. One of the largest protests against the police took place in the police districts where LaSalle Academy, St. Martin de Porres and Visitation schools are located. As a response to this unrest Sisters Meaghan Patterson SSJJeanne McGowan SSJNancy Fitzgerald SSJDolores Egner SSJJane Field SSJ and Reverend Stephen Thorne, gathered to plan a prayer service as a public witness to our mission of unity and reconciliation. 

The prayer service was held on Wednesday September 21, 2016, World Day for Peace, at St. Martin de Porres Church. Many Sisters of Saint Joseph were present, as well as school children, parishioners and neighbors from nearby neighborhoods.

The importance of the SSJ Mission in today’s world was shared, as well as, readings, a talk by Reverend Stephen Thorne and the naming of 110 homicide victims and an additional 78 unnamed victims in the city of Philadelphia this past year. The service concluded out on Lehigh Avenue with the blessing of all of the neighborhoods — East, South, West and North. May this blessing bring our neighborhoods the gift of peace.

Photos courtesy of Kathy McShane SSJ 
Mount Saint Joseph Convent
Front Circle Improvements

As you drive onto the grounds of Mount Saint Joseph Convent you will notice more open space and the newly landscaped circle area in front of the Convent.

Ed Lafferty, our long-time groundskeeper, oversaw much of the landscaping work with input from Sister Ellen Poist SSJ. Contractors rebuilt the crumbling curb after removing broken and worn slate, which had been there for many years. This improvement will provide safer parking, as well as allow for less wear and tear on the car tires.

The landscape was chosen based on sensitivity to native plants and the architecture of the building. Six trees were removed, five of which were diseased, and one tree stunted the growth of shrubs. New grass seed was sown throughout the front, and multiple deer-resistant bushes and shrubs were planted. In a few weeks 300-400 daffodil bulbs will be planted. Their blooms will enhance the natural beauty of the grounds.

SSJ Associates
Leadership Gathering
September 22-23, 2016

SSJ Associates Retreat September 23-25, 2016

Saint Mary by-the-Sea  Retreat House 
Cape May Point, New Jersey

A Leadership workshop, facilitated by Sister Dolores Clerico SSJ , was held on September 22-23, 2016 at Saint Mary by-the-Sea Retreat House in Cape May Point, New Jersey. Twenty SSJ Associates in Mission and the Advisory Board members attended.

Dolores focused on the qualities of good leadership, spiritual leadership, the Core Spirituality of the Sisters of Saint Joseph and the implications of leadership for associates. The time together included presentations, individual reflection and table sharing/discussion.

Over the weekend of September 23-25, 2016, Dolores conducted a retreat for 68 SSJ Associates entitled, Stretched By Love . Over the course of the weekend, Dolores invited everyone to reflect on the Divine Love who stretches us that we might become Love for our world. She explained, “God’s love never stops creating us, always inviting us to choose the next step toward greater life and wholeness. Desiring to know what more God wants for us (not from us) is a key concept in the spiritual tradition we share as Sisters of Saint Joseph and Associates.”

Congratulations to Millie Linett and Marian Oropallo, from St. Mary of the Lakes in Medford, New Jersey, who made their commitment as SSJ Associates in Mission on Saturday evening at Liturgy.

Pictured from left: Rita Woehlcke SSJ, Louise Kesty, Evelyn Long, Millie Linett, Marian Oropallo and Dar MacDonald
Photos courtesy of Kerry Rusak
“The call of the gospel impels us to commit ourselves to alleviate, as far as we are able, the suffering of those in need and to share our resources with them. We seek to take on the attitude of Jesus toward all creation, his concern for all, his availability and selfless detachment.”

— SSJ Constitutions #74
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