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Edition No. 124 — May 8, 2020 
Sisters Share How They Are Living and Working During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Holy Saviour Westmont, NJ 
In an effort to serve our “dear neighbors” during this pandemic, the sisters at Holy Saviour, Westmont are making sandwiches for Cathedral Kitchen in Camden. Pictured below are Sisters Ann Barry, Carol Beevers, Lil Needham and Claire McNichol. Eileen Rush is involved with her on-line Camden Catholic classes and helping her sister while Carol is engaged with her on-line direction appointments.
Eileen Rush is involved with her on-line Camden Catholic classes.
Pictured from left: Sisters Ann Barry, Carol Beevers, Lil Needham
and Claire McNichol.
St. John Newark, NJ
Here are the volunteers at St.John's in Newark, NJ getting the hot meals ready for about 300 homeless men and women each day. Sister Jane McKenna SSJ works here. Sister Georgette Gavioli SSJ is volunteering each day until her ministry opens again. What a blessing it is for us to help in this way.
Pictured front left: Georgette Gavioli SSJ
Pictured front right: Jane McKenna SSJ
Mount Saint Joseph Academy Convent
A “chair aerobics” group led by Sister William Adele Metcalfe meets four times a week. Sisters William Adele, Michael Eileen Kelly, Pat Krochmal, Betty McVeigh, Rose Pierre Tomalavage, Barbara Nolan and Maureen Patrick Kelly enjoy the exercise.
Sisters Jean Faustman and Pat Krochmal with baby hats (Jean) and baby blankets (Pat) for Lily’s Hope and Butterfly Blessings and mats for the SPCA.
Sister Maureen Patrick calls and sends “thinking of you” cards daily to Saint Joseph Villa and friends from Severna Park.
Sister Catherine Larkin, pictured with her grateful community, is making masks. She has completed 40 masks so far!
Sister Gerry Sadowy with her artistic rendering of our two cats and mats for cats and small dogs for the SPCA.
Sister Anne Winkelmann SSJ
Franklin Square Village
During this pandemic, I am working and praying. I work for Sodat, a drug and alcohol treatment center with 5 offices in 5 counties in New Jersey. Presently the counselors are using telehealth to touch base with their patients. I meet with the administrators and sign all paper work.

My home is in Franklin Square Village, Glendora, NJ. The older people take good care of me by leaving food for me by my door so I don’t have to cook. Now that’s a gift. I stop and get milk and bread for them if they ask and other items on my way home. 

At night I try to be present to them by phone. I also call my friends at Saint Joseph Villa and that puts a nice closure on my day. I am blessed and ready for any good work.
Anne meets with Administrators and signs all paper work.
Deb Duffy SSJ Associate in Mission
Besides calling, texting and writing notes to friends and family, I am fostering Moose for The Seeing Eye. He is staying with my husband and me until he can travel safely travel to Florida .
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"With the help of God's grace and in fidelity to our founder's expressed wish, we live and work lovingly among all persons with a special preference for those who are poor, which calls us wherever we are to be in union with them."
                                        — SSJ Constitutions #21
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