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Edition No. 40  May 2, 2017 
Jubilee Celebration at Saint Joseph Villa
April 29, 2017
It is always a joy and an inspiration to celebrate Jubilee Day at Saint Joseph Villa. On Saturday, April 29, 2017, that spirit of gratitude and thanksgiving filled the air as 23 Sisters of Saint Joseph came together with sisters, families and friends to celebrate 75, 70 and 60 years of vowed commitment and faithful love as Sisters of Saint Joseph.

Celebrating 75 years : Sisters Anna Clare Fitzpatrick, Conradine Lehmann, Helen Gilbert Mann, Rose Amata O’Donnell, Mary Kathryn Quinn, Catherine Roche, Marie Pertetua Sneeringer, Florence Sponga and Virginia Stanton.  

Celebrating 70 years : Sisters Catherine Mary Dunbar, Mary Finneran, Mary Goodbody, Alice Christine Hanley, Mary David Karis, Beatrice Keegan, Grace Martina Moore, Kathleen O’Toole and Margaret Tobin .
Celebrating 60 years : Sisters Anne Lucille Coates, Margaret Michael Costello, Maria Reparata O’Donnell, Adele Solari and Marie Kathryn St. Léger.

In the Chapel, Congregational President, Sister Anne Myers SSJ , warmly welcomed all present, recalling with deep gratitude the lives of the jubilarians, lived for God in service to the Church. “Today, all creation sings praise to our God, and we sing praise to our God for the precious lives of our sister jubilarians. They have lived our mission of unity and touched so many lives as they served as elementary and secondary school teachers, principals, librarians, directors of religious education, prison and hospital chaplains, pastoral ministers, pastoral associates, and in spirituality ministry and pastoral care. Now, they live the essence of our mission of unity through their beautiful ministry of prayer and presence to others. 

The Church and our Congregation have been graced beyond measure by your lives, Sister Jubilarians. Congratulations!  We love you!”                        
Celebrating 75 Years
Seated, from left: Sisters Conradine Lehmann, Virginia Maria Stanton, Mary Kathryn Quinn, Rose Amata O'Donnell, Marie Perpetua Sneeringer and Anna Clare Fitzpatrick
Standing, from left: Sisters Teresa Shaw, Helen Gilbert Mann, Eileen Marnien, Catherine Roche, Maureen Erdlen, Anne Myers and Regina Bell
Celebrating 70 Years
Seated, from left: Sisters Alice Christine Hanley, Mary Goodbody, Kathleen O'Toole, Mary Finneran, Catherine Mary Dunbar and Beatrice Keegan
Standing, from left: Sisters Teresa Shaw, Margaret Tobin, Regina Bell, Anne Myers, Grace Martina Moore, Eileen Marnien and Maureen Erdlen
Celebrating 60 Years
Seated, from left: Sisters Maria Reparata O'Donnell, Marie Kathryn St.Leger, Margaret Michael Costello, Anne Lucille Coates and Adele Solari
Standing, from left: Sisters Teresa Shaw, Regina Bell, Eileen Marnien, Anne Myers and Maureen Erdlen
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Opening Procession:

Liturgical dance:

Closing Procession:

Celtic Golf Raffle 2017
And the winner is ...
On May 1, 2017, at Saint Joseph Villa, Sister Kathleen Pales SSJ, Director of Development, thanked everyone for a successful Celtic Golf Fundraiser. Sister Eileen Marnien SSJ joined Kathy in the Saint Joseph Villa Gift Shop to pick the winning ticket. Congratulations to the winner, Jerome Keough. We know you will enjoy a wonderful trip!
Pictured above, from left: Nicole Schlein, Kathleen Pales SSJ and Eileen Marnien SSJ

Pictured left: Eileen picks the winning ticket
Treasure and Care for Earth
Deepening our Commitment 
By Mary Elizabeth Clark SSJ
The MSJ Sustainability Committee met recently to brainstorm some of the greening efforts that have been implemented at the Motherhouse in recent years. Periodically, we would like to share these ideas with the community in our E-NEWS publication.

For example, films on the Environment give information and motivate for Motherhouse staff. Staff and residents of the Mount Saint Joseph Convent have the opportunity to view a film, in two parts, offered by the SSJ Earth Center, after lunch or supper in the dining room once a season. The fall feature was Plastic Paradise , a film about the enormous amount of plastic that winds up in the ocean killing birds, fish and destroying habitats. The film feature for the spring is called True Cost . This film illustrates the real cost to those responsible for making the clothes we wear. Cheap labor in subhuman conditions and an over abundance of manufactured products create the consumeristic climate of our present society.

It is our hope that these on-going reminders might serve as inspiration and ideas for others to do as well.
SSJ Earth Center
"Our spirituality is a basic gospel call to love of God and neighbor. It is characterized by a deep and vital relationship with the persons of the Blessed Trinity and with Jesus, Mary, and Joseph as a human community of love. "
                                                                                — SSJ Constitutions #8

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