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Edition No. 16    September 2, 2016  

Thank You

Sister Ellen Poist SSJ

The grounds of Mount Saint Joseph Convent in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, are truly beautiful. There is one person we want to thank for her contribution in lovingly and quietly maintaining that beauty.  

Since 1998, when she began her ministry as Coordinator of Services at the Motherhouse, Sister Ellen Poist SSJ has been faithfully and quietly caring for the grounds immediately around the Motherhouse and Chapel. On any given day, from spring through summer, you are likely to see Ellen planting, weeding, watering — patiently and carefully tending to the flowers, bushes and garden.  

Ellen’s mission of beautifying our environment doesn’t end when she comes inside. Each month she creates seasonal and unique centerpieces for the tables in the dining room. At Christmas time, the sisters and staff members eagerly anticipate the intricate homemade ornament that Ellen meticulously makes for each person.  

When asked why she does all of this? Ellen simply answers, “I love it!”  

Thank you, Ellen, for your care, generosity, expertise and hard work. Your quiet attention and thoughtfulness to so many details truly makes our house a home!  

“Jesus invites us to continue the work of creation and, while awaiting its fullness, to build up the Kingdom of God. Through the presence and power of the spirit, we seek that wholehearted union which makes fruitful the mission of the Church.”

— SSJ Constitutions #70
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