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Edition No. 22   October 27, 2016  
Distinguished Service Award
Sister Michael Andrew Hill SSJ


On October 22, 2016, Sister Michael Andrew Hill SSJ received the Distinguished Service Award at St. Rose High School in Belmar, New Jersey. The award is presented to that individual who has demonstrated lifelong service and dedication to St. Rose High School, as a faculty member, alumnus or friend.

In accepting her award, Sister Michael shared some thoughts with the audience of faculty, sisters, students, alumnus, parishioners and friends.

“For almost 24 years I have enjoyed the opportunity and privilege to be of service to the students here at St. Rose High School. I was excited to be missioned here in 1992 and thrilled to be teaching again.

The service of teaching is hard work. It requires discipline but, as far as I am concerned, the blessings far outweigh the challenges. There are so many ways where I have been the beneficiary of my time in the classroom. What other service allows you to pray daily with students and co-workers? Teaching is a service that allows you to observe goodness in those you teach and learn from them. It is a service that makes it a joy to come to work each day and not consider it work.

As you may know, we sisters start our day with communal morning prayers. For years during the first week of school, when it is my turn to lead prayer, I have incorporated into my prayer a paragraph from a book by Bishop Morneau. In a chapter entitled, A Call to Teach , there is the following quote: ‘Mark VanDoren in an address to teachers told the group that when he took hold of the door knob of his classroom to enter, he paused — it was holy ground — a holy opportunity.’ I loved that concept. It was wonderful to consider the classroom, my workplace, as holy ground.

I’m sure you have all heard the expression about never working a day in your life. I have truly enjoyed the service of teaching. I feel that I have never worked a day in my life . My time here at St. Rose has always been a service of love and it is very kind of you to validate that for me by this award.”

Pictured from left: Michael Andrew SSJ and Kathleen Nace SSJ, Principal, St. Rose High School
Photos courtesy Anna Louise Schuck SSJ 
Donor Appreciation Open House
October 23, 2016

On Sunday, October 23, 2016, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Convent in Maple Shade, New Jersey, was the scene of an Open House to thank our friends and benefactors who have donated to our congregation through the Development Office. 

Sister Kathleen Pales SSJ , Director of Development, and Mrs. Nicole Schlein from the Development Office, and the sisters who live at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Convent greeted donors, welcomed them to enjoy refreshments and gave them a tour of the convent. Sister Kathleen believes this is a wonderful way to reach out to those who ‘reach out’ to us. “It is so good to have this opportunity to thank our donors in person for their generosity to us.”

Pictured from left: Sharon McCarthy SSJ, Joe Ferrace and Veronica Roche SSJ
Pictured from left: Kathleen Pales SSJ, Mary Catherine Walton SSJ, Victoria DeRose and Louis DeRose
Pictured from left: Victoria DeRose, Mary Pat Rilley SSJ and Louis DeRose
Pictured from left: Sharon McCarthy SSJ, Tina Nelson, Michael DeSantis and William Evelyn Galloway SSJ
Pictured f om left: Nicole Schlein and Bernadette Parisi
Photos courtesy Kathleen Pales SSJ
Sixteenth Annual Craft/Gift Sale
Mount Saint Joseph Convent Auditorium
October 26-27, 2016

The 16th Annual Craft/Gift Sale organized by Sister Ann Moriarty SSJ provided the perfect opportunity to get an early start on holiday shopping. On October 26-27, 2016, Mount Saint Joseph Convent Auditorium was filled with jewelry, beautifully crafted baby gifts, candles, Christmas decorations and many more homemade and donated items.

All the proceeds from the sale go to Saint Joseph Villa in Flourtown, Pennsylvania. Ann spends months preparing for the event, but this is time and work that is, in her words, well worth it. “It is rewarding to see how much we get donated and how much people enjoy buying things that support this project.” 


"The call of the gospel impels us to commit ourselves to alleviate, as far as we are able, the suffering of those in need and to share our resources with them. We seek to take on the attitude of Jesus toward all creation, his concern for all, his availability and selfless detachment."
                                                                                   — SSJ Constitutions #76

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