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Edition No. 26   December 5, 2016  
The American Music Theater
Lancaster, Pennsylvania
November 20, 2016
By Eileen Dorothy Maguire SSJ    
On Sunday, November 20, 2016, 73 sisters boarded two luxury buses for our annual Christmas trip to Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Our first stop was Miller’s Smorgasbord, a homey PA Dutch eatery with a delicious all-you-can-eat buffet of local favorites. Before the meal, there was time for everyone to visit Miller’s Gift & Bake Shop which featured a wide variety of tasty PA Dutch candies, jams, and pies, in addition to creative hand crafts and souvenirs.

Following the lunch, the buses headed for The American Music Theatre for the Winter Wonderland 2016 production. The theatre opened in 1997 and features seating for 1600 people. The sisters were most fortunate in having first level seats that offered a terrific view.

The Winter Wonderland show featured a live musical production of magical sights and sounds and traditional favorite Christmas carols. The audience was transported to a wonderland of music and enchantment from a Bavarian Mountain Village to the festive, holiday excitement at the North Pole. The creative sets were beautiful and realistic and we enjoyed the variety of sacred and secular Christmas carols, which we know so well.

At 5:30 PM, we once again boarded our buses for the trip home. Tired and somewhat weary from a full day out, the sisters relaxed on the way home, filled with the Christmas spirit and thankful for all those who made it possible. All enjoyed a truly wonderful day!
Photos courtesy Eileen Dorothy Maguire SSJ
Sister Dorothy Annas SSJ
Thirty-two Years of Loving Service
Creating a Home for Us —Thank You!  

In the Motherhouse Convent dining room on November 22, 2016, Sister Dorothy Annas SSJ was honored with a special luncheon. Dot served the Sisters of Saint Joseph and the Motherhouse Community as Coordinator of Events —and in many, many other ways —for 32 years! 

In the name of the Congregation, Sister Anne Myers SSJ, Congregational President, expressed her gratitude. “Dot has done such a wonderful job here at the Motherhouse and at Saint Mary by-the-Sea in Cape May. In fact, she seemed to master the art of bi-location, because she worked just as tirelessly at Cape May — as she almost simultaneously worked here at the Motherhouse. We cannot thank Dot enough for her generosity, her kindness and for always being ready to do whatever needed to be done!

Dot had a wonderful relationship with all of us, which is so in keeping with our mission of unity. She also had a wonderful relationship with this entire building! Dot knows every nook, every cranny, and every tunnel — from the basement to the crawlspace in the ceiling over the chapel. We are so grateful to be able to celebrate you today, Dorothy. It is almost Thanksgiving and what a perfect time to begin our Thanksgiving Holiday. Meister Eckert said, ‘If the only prayer you ever said was Thank You that would be enough.’ Dot, we thank you and God for the beautiful gift you are to all of us!"    

Sister Maureen Erdlen SSJ, who oversees Congregational facilities, also wanted to publically thank Dot. “I have often said this to Dot: When they made you, Dot, they broke the mold. There will never, never be another you! A favorite memory of Dot comes to mind. I think of myself as a Novice at Cape May many years ago, in the little restroom on the first floor by the phone, scraping the wax off the floor — my assignment from Dot. Dot came through many times to check on me and tell me what a good job I was doing. In terms of my housekeeping, no one has ever told me that and I really appreciated it! That is just a simple way in which you have been so supportive to us. You have truly created a home for us — a home in Cape May and our beautiful home here — through your care, your concern and loving attention to so many details. How many renovations, how many administrations — you outlasted!

Dot, you have created a beautiful home for the entire Congregation and we can’t begin to thank you enough. Know that you are in our hearts and we know that we are in yours and we are eternally grateful.

Thanksgiving Liturgy
Saint Joseph Villa
November 24, 2016

By Adele Solari SSJ
We give you thanks! We give you thanks! The words and music of the hymn bring to an end the Thanksgiving Liturgy at Saint Joseph Villa in Flourtown, Pennsylvania.

Father Edward Fitzpatrick, OSFS, nephew of Sister Anna Clare Fitzpatrick SSJ , gifted each one present with the words of St. Francis de Sales: "I wish you a joyful heart." He urged us to be grateful not only for the past, but also for what our lives hold now.

During the liturgy, Sisters Joan Dolores Boyce SSJ , Marie Gregory DiGioia SSJ , Therese Benedict McGuire SSJ and Regina Smith SSJ presented symbols of our sisters' lives.

The Villa choir and musicians filled the chapel and residents' rooms with a "joyful noise". Sisters Mary William Herron SSJ and Linda O'Mara SSJ direct the thirty-member choir. Sisters Fran Kane SSJ (percussion), Adele Solari SSJ (flute), Maria Reparata O’Donnell SSJ (violin), and Pat Cashman SSJ (piano), encouraged the congregation to sing out in praise and thanksgiving.
Photos courtesy Louis Kane SSJ
Saint Joseph Villa
Supports The Human Thread 
Sisters. Staff and residents at Saint Joseph Villa in Flourtown, Pennsylvania, joined together on November 30, 2016, to support The Human Thread , a Catholic Advocacy Group for garment workers. The group launched a national postcard campaign in September that asks retailers Macy’s and Kohl’s to add a fair trade clothing item to their department store racks and shelves.

A special thanks to Sister Cynthia Ludwick SSJ who organized the project. Tables were set up in the Lobby where everyone could sign the postcards and letters throughout the day.

  Thank You 
On Wednesday, November 30, 2016, Dorothea Harris retired from Saint Joseph Villa after working there as a CNA for 27 years. Dorothea's co-workers joined her for a celebratory lunch to thank her for her service and wish her all the best for the future.

We join them in thanking Dorothea for her years of hard work and loving service!
"Each of us has been called to the vowed life in this Congregation, and we have responded. Our covenant becomes a pledge of our union with Jesus, chaste, poor, and obedient, to whom we have given our hearts and whom we try to follow each day."
                                                                                — SSJ Constitutions #92

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