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Edition No. 80 — October 19, 2018 
Congregational Fall Assembly
October 6, 2018
Martino Hall-Chestnut Hill College
Approximately 340 Sisters of Saint Joseph gathered in Martino Hall on October 6, 2018 for the Congregational Fall Assembly.

Sister Teresa Shaw SSJ facilitated the assembly along with co-facilitators for Chapter 2019, Sisters Esther Anderson and Lynn Lavin, Sisters of St. Francis, Philadelphia.

The purpose of Fall Assembly 2018 was: to move toward convergence around the key matters to be discussed at Chapter 2019; consider the process for the election of leadership presented by the co-facilitators; and clarify and discuss the Recommendations for the Consultation Model for Shared Governance.

In her remarks,  Sister Anne Myers SSJ , Congregational President, shared: “As our souls, our spirits unite here today, the power of the Holy Spirit is among us, a force that can light this room – a force that can light the world!

How privileged we are to participate in the mission of Jesus and, once again, to come together in prayer and conversation to discern God’s desire for this mission of unity over the next five years, for our common good, for the good of all people and all creation! 

As a Congregation, we are called to embrace our contemporary situation and make Christ visible to the world with all the passion and energy we have. Together with our Associates and Partners in Mission, we work to lace the heartache of the world with the thread of unioning love, bringing a measure of joy and hope into sadness, compassion and warmth into the cold, light and life into darkness.

As we embrace our contemporary situation, the place where we are called to make Christ and His mission of unioning love visible and alive, may we prayerfully embrace one another with unconditional welcome.”
Pictured from left: Teresa Shaw SSJ, Esther Anderson OSF and Lynn Lavin OSF
Thank You  and  Welcome
Saint Joseph Villa
October 10, 2018
As Founders’ Day drew near,  Sister Dorothy Apprich SSJ , wanted to thank all the sisters who minister at Saint Joseph Villa, inviting them to a special reception, and also welcome  Sister Irene Dunn SSJ as President of Saint Joseph Villa.

Dottie warmly greeted everyone gathered in Maguire Lounge: “This is a special Founders’ Day for us. It is 368 years since our founding in LePuy, France, and 50 years since opening the doors of Saint Joseph Villa. 

I’m amazed that there are between 80 and 85 sisters in full time ministry, part time ministry and volunteer ministry — who help  create life here at the Villa. Because of you, our mission really is alive, and you model that mission to our lay partners. 

At our recent employee gatherings, focused on our mission, vision and values, we invited our partners in mission into a Ritual of Recommitment, pledging their desire to strive to live our mission, vision and especially the six core values that are ours. They signed a  portrait  which will be part of our archives, naming all those who have been here with us during this anniversary year. We invite you to sign that portrait as well.” 

Dottie then welcomed Irene who graciously thanked everyone. “Thank you so much for coming this evening. I really appreciate this. Sister Dottie and I were talking about this gathering and I really do feel I have been welcomed. One of the things I was asked to do in my new ministry, was to ensure that our mission is always here as Sisters of Saint Joseph. I certainly will try to do that and do my best.”
9th Annual Sole Sister Run/Walk 
Saint Mary by-the-Sea
October 13, 2018
Thank you to everyone who braved the rain, participated and supported the 9th Annual Sole Sister Run/Walk in Cape May on October 13, 2018. This year 140 runners and walkers followed the 5K or 1mile course through beautiful, scenic Cape May Point. 

A very special thanks to the  Chestnut Hill College  Women's Basketball Team for directing our runners and walkers on the course. “We are so grateful to the team and couldn’t do it without their help,” said Nicole Schlein, Events Coordinator.

The $8,500 raised will help pay for some repairs and maintenance projects that will be done over the winter.
Chestnut Hill College Women's Basketball Team
Celebrating Founders' Day
October 15, 2018
Founders’ Day, October 15 th , was once again a joyful celebration of  the gift of our founders and an opportunity to give thanks for their example. We are inspired anew by their love, courage, passion and commitment to serve our dear neighbors without distinction.

Sisters and staff gathered in the Mount Saint Joseph Convent dining room to begin the day with a prayer service, prepared by  Sister Jean Laurich SSJ  and breakfast. 

Due to the current updating of the Motherhouse chapel, Liturgy was at Saint Joseph Villa at 4:15 pm. The celebrant was Msgr. John Jagodzinski and  Sister Anne McCoy SSJ gave the reflection.
Sister Anne Myers SSJ graciously greeted sisters, associates, partners in mission and friends: “Today, we gather at this Eucharist in joyful remembrance of our story, a story that began in Le Puy, in 1650, as six women, guided by Jesuit Jean Pierre Medaille, responded to the impulse of the Holy Spirit calling them to a new way of living religious life, with the heart of a contemplative and the feet of a missionary. With great zeal and love, they divided the city and responded to the needs of their time, spreading a mission of unity--of neighbor with neighbor and with God. This story could not be destroyed, as it rose from the ashes of the French Revolution through Mother Saint John Fontbonne and was carried across the sea, then through the wilderness to Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia by Mother Saint John Fournier. Today, this story and our mission of unity burn brightly in the hearts of our sisters, associates and partners in mission, here in Chestnut Hill and throughout the whole world. How much this mission is needed in our world today!

Let us give thanks to God for the many blessings we have received as a Congregation, and most of all, for God’s faithful presence as this story and our mission continues to unfold in the future.”
St. Genevieve School
Celebrating Founders' Day with 
Sister Colleen Gibson SSJ
The St. Genevieve School community celebrated Founders' Day in a very special way.  Sister Therese Maugle SSJ , Principal, invited  Sister Colleen Gibson SSJ  to speak to the students and tell them the story of our founding.

Colleen just didn’t ‘tell’ our story. She engaged the students in the presentation by having them gesture when significant words or phrases (The Little Design, Joseph, dear neighbor, etc.) were mentioned.

The result was a delightful and moving experience for the students, teachers and Colleen!

"It was wonderful to see our mission alive in the students and the whole school community at St. Gen's," Colleen remarked. "What a pleasure to see the students connect with our founders and learn how little acts of love, often hidden, can make a big difference in the world."
Pictured from left: Colleen Gibson SSJ and Theresa Maugle SSJ
"Rooted in the mission of Christ, ours is the same mission which continually unfolds in the Church, 'That all may be one as you, Father, are in me, and I in you. I pray that they may be one in us.' (Jn 17:21)."
                                        — SSJ Constitutions #17
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