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Edition No. 112 — December 2, 2019 
Welcome Center
World Kindness Day
November 13, 2019
By Pat Madden SSJ
On November 13, 2019 the Welcome Center family celebrated  World Kindness Day . We gathered for a snack and asked the students and staff to speak with someone they did not know. It was that simple. There was much chatter and happy faces in the gathering.

When everyone was finished meeting and greeting one another, each person was asked to write a kindness that was done for them, or a kindness that they want to do for another on a piece of paper. Our bulletin board became decorated with confetti of kind acts. It was a very touching gathering of hearts, languages and love.

Let’s remember kindness every day!
Bishop McGuinness High School 
Winston Salem, NC
Celebrating 60th Anniversary
November 16, 2019
By Rose Reda SSJ
On November 16, 2019 Bishop McGuinness High School in Winston Salem, NC celebrated its 60th Anniversary with a Gala Celebration in the gym of the new school. Sixty years previously the first Bishop McGuinness High School was opened and staffed by the Sisters of Saint Joseph. At that time, it was called Villa Maria Academy and was one of the first desegregated high schools in North Carolina. As a matter of fact, until recently it was the only Catholic High School in the diocese of Charlotte. 

Four sisters of Saint Joseph currently serving in the Diocese of Charlotte were honored at the event: Sister Gerri Rogers for her service at Our Lady of Mercy elementary school, Sister Emma Yondura for her service at St. Leo elementary school, Sister John Christopher Tate for her service as Chemistry teacher at 'Bishop' and Sister Ann Thomas Taylor for her service as Dean of Students at 'Bishop.' They were each presented with a depiction of the three buildings which served as Bishop McGuinness High School through these 60 years, as the current principal of Bishop McGuinness, Mrs.Traci Shaw, sang their praises and expressed gratitude for the service of all the Sisters of Saint Joseph throughout the years.

In addition, other Sisters of Saint Joseph who had served in the Winston/High Point area at Bishop McGuinness and the surrounding parishes, were invited to attend. In attendance were Sisters Angela Case, Kathy Letts, Kathy Beatty, Rose Reda and Carol Zinn.
Pictured from left: Kathy Beatty SSJ, Rose Reda SSJ, Angela Case SSJ,
Emma Yondura SSJ, Mrs. Traci Shaw, Kathy Letts SSJ, John Christopher Tate SSJ,
Gerri Rogers SSJ and Ann Thomas Taylor SSJ
2019 Art Exhibit
Saint Joseph Villa
November 22, 2019
Every week,  Sister Linda O’Mara SSJ , conducts art classes on the 5 th  floor of Saint Joseph Villa in Our Lady of Peace dining room. For the sisters   who attend ,  the art classes provide an opportunity for a growing sense of connecting, belonging and fun. 

Linda believes the benefits of participating in the class are many. She says, “One of the greatest joys is the pleasure of coming together. It is something for the sisters to look forward to and they have such a sense of accomplishment as they create their pieces. They really look forward to coming to class and are extremely supportive of one another.”

The joy the  sister artists  receive from this activity was clearly evident on Friday afternoon, as they proudly shared their beautiful works of art with sisters, family, staff and friends. 
Pictured from left: Linda O'Mara SSJ and Mimi Atoulelou (Household Coordinator for the 5th floor)
Pictured from left: Grace Pino SSJ, Marita Carmel, IHM and St. Rose Dwyer SSJ
Pictured from left: Mary Goodbody SSJ and Maureen G. Erdlen SSJ
Pictured from left: Katrina Wise and Eileen Marnien SSJ
Pictured from left: Ann Seif SSJ and Louisa Schumacher SSJ
Sister Virginia Stanton SSJ
Sister Kathleen Sheehan SSJ
CSSJ Federation Novitiate
Rochester, New York
November 21-24, 2019
The Federation Novitiate is a ten-month program providing a concentrated time to study the life, spirituality, and mission of the Sisters of Saint Joseph. During this period the novice deepens her relationship with God, experiences the richness of the spiritual life of the Sisters of Saint Joseph, and engages in ongoing discernment to determine if religious life is what God is asking of her.

This year the novitiate program is in Rochester, New York, under the direction of Sisters Michelle Lesher SSJ and Barbara Staropoli SSJ. 

Over the weekend of November 21-24,  Sister Maria McCoy SSJ  led the novices in a Silent Guided Retreat: GROWING IN PRAYER THROUGH FEMALE IMAGES OF GOD. Maria explains, “Exploration of the feminine is essential for bringing to light the fullness of what it means to be created in God’s image and likeness. This retreat will focus on helping participants experience the beauty of the feminine face of God as revealed through Sacred Scripture and life’s experiences. Our time together will include opportunities for guided reflection on praying with female images of God, personal and communal prayer, and personal direction. This retreat promises to draw us into deeper union with God, self, and others.”  
 “In the different passages of Sacred Scripture we find comparisons that attribute to God ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ qualities... In various passages the love of God is shown to be like that of a mother...”  
John Paul II (“Mulieris Dignitatem”)  
Pictured from left: Leila Sullivan (Springfield), Kristina DeNeve (Carondelet-St. Louis), Trish Doan (Orange), Tracy Watson (Carondelet-Albany), and Rachel Carey (Rochester)
Pictured from left: Maria McCoy SSJ, Barbara Staropoli SSJ
and Michelle Lesher SSJ
Saint Joseph Villa
Thankful for Our First Responders
Sisters from Saint Joseph Villa took pies to the local firehouse and police station in thanksgiving to our first responders. May God bless all those who so generously devote themselves to helping others.
Sister Anne Toner SSJ in the driver's seat!
"With the help of God's grace and in fidelity to our founder's expressed wish, we live and work lovingly among all persons with a special preference for those who are poor, which calls us wherever we are to be in union with them."
                                        — SSJ Constitutions #21
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