Happy National Water Quality Month!
August, 2022
Save Water, Energy, Money, and the Environment
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Get Green Certified
Read LACSD's Audit of the City of Carson Sewer Spill
Take a WRD Free Water Treatment Facility Tour
Five Things to Know About Energy Efficiency in the South Bay

The world of California’s legislation, regulation, and proceedings related to clean energy can be complicated and difficult to follow. From rolling portfolios to business plans, resolutions to advice letters, there’s a lot to keep track of.

Thankfully, our partners at SoCalREN are keeping an eye on things. Check out their latest blog post for the five most important regulatory updates affecting energy efficiency in the South Bay and across California that you need to know.
Kits for Kids Program Empowers Third and Fourth Graders to Save Energy at Home

The SoCalREN Kits for Kids Program
introduces third- and fourth-grade students, from eligible schools,
to energy efficiency.

Students perform an interactive scavenger hunt and receive energy-efficient items at no cost, which can help their families save money and improve their comfort and safety at home.

Participation includes each household installing the energy-efficient items from the kit in their home.

Each enrolled classroom is eligible to receive a $1,000 grant, if 65% of students install the energy-efficient items and provide proof of installation.
Take a Free In-Person Water Treatment Facility Tour
WRD offers a variety of engaging tours that teach about groundwater replenishment and basin management. Currently, WRD offers virtual and limited in-person tours of its newest advanced water treatment facility the, Albert Robles Center for Water Recycling and Environmental Learning (ARC). 

The ARC facility encompasses an advanced water treatment facility, a fully digital learning center and water-efficient demonstration gardens. All tours are FREE.

Enter to Win Prizes
Have a Pre-K Through 6th Grader in the WRD service area? If so, you have a chance to win prizes and have your artwork published in WRD's 2023 Water Awareness Calendar.
Consider Donating to On-Going Needs For the Homeless
The City of Torrance is located in Service Provider Area (SPA) 8 of Los Angeles County, and it has local resources available to assist its residents in their greatest times of need.

The City of Torrance and Harbor Interfaith Services invites community members to support the 3290 Torrance Housing Village. Please consider donating on-going needs such as: 
  • Ground coffee
  • Laundry detergent "pods"
  • Laundry dryer sheets
  • Deodorant
  • Toothbrushes
  • Toothpaste
  • Dental floss
  • Lotion

Learn About the Water Career Industry with West Basin Municipal Water District
West Basin provides a variety of opportunities to help students explore the fulfilling and diverse careers in the water industry, including:

  • Career-themed Water Treatment Facility Tours
  • Live Classroom Career Presentations
  • Pre-recorded Water Industry Professional Panel Interviews
  • …and more

Students and educators are encouraged to explore free resources to further support water industry career exploration.

Need to Get Somewhere Faster? Try Metro Express Lanes
Metro Express Lanes FasTrak Flex is an electronic-only toll collection system used in California allowing drivers to drive through designated “FasTrak Only” lanes paying tolls without stopping.
To Learn More Click Here
Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts Releases Audit on Sewer Collapse and Waste Water Spill in the City of Carson

The sanitary sewer overflow (SSO) that occurred on Thursday, December 30, 2021, from the Sanitation Districts’ 216th Street Relief Trunk Sewer in the City of Carson...was the result of the collapse of a sewer that was in the process of being replaced. Based on recent inspection it did not appear to pose an imminent threat.

The collapse occurred during a period of heavy rain with very high flow in the sewer and resulted in a complete flow blockage. Sewage backed up and spilled out of sewer manholes located in a residential street and reached receiving waters,
including the Dominguez Channel.

Sanitation Districts’ staff and contractors mobilized quickly to bypass flow around the collapsed sewer and repair it, while also working to minimize impact to residents and the environment.
Save Energy & Water In Your Home with LADWP Water-Saving Tips

Small changes to your water habits can add up to big savings. Do you know how much water you use and where you can cut back? To help you conserve water, adopt the tips to live a more conservation-focused lifestyle at home.
California Green Business Network (CAGBN)

Get Green Certified

The California Green Business Program is a network of local programs operated by counties and cities throughout California. Businesses in El Segundo, Hawthorne and Torrance can join the CAGBN.

Businesses that apply receive personal attention from the public agencies and utilities that serve them. The program is funded by grass-roots contributions from local government and utility partners to make it accessible to small to medium-sized businesses in California.

Certified Green Businesses exceed all environmental regulations and implement specific practices to reduce pollution, save water and energy and protect human health.
Participation is free and easy.
To apply, go to the California Green Business Network website, or contact Martha Segovia for help getting registered, and start saving today.

Contact Martha Segovia:
(310) 371-7222 or
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