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Happy New Year!

January, 2023

Save Water, Energy, Money and the Environment


Register for the West Basin Grass Replacement Chat

Improve your Energy and Water Performance with LADWP HEIP

Learn About WRD's Safe Drinking Water Program

WRD Provides Safe Drinking Water and Supports Disadvantaged Communities

The Water Replenishment District's (WRD) Safe Drinking Water Program (SDWP) was established in 1991 with the goal of developing innovative and low-cost solutions to remediate and repair groundwater wells in southern Los Angeles County.

Through the SDWP program, WRD collaborates with water providers to remediate wells affected by substances that may impact the quality or appearance of tap water.

The goal of the SDWP is to promote the cleanup of groundwater resources at a low cost. This ensures the four million people in WRD’s service area have access to high-quality groundwater and an affordable rate.

For complete program highlights Click Here.

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Register for the West Basin Chat

West Basin Chat: How Do I Get My Grass Replacement Rebate? – Wednesday, February 1, 2023 at 6 p.m. (Virtual)


Thinking about transforming your water-thirsty lawn into a beautiful, drought-friendly alternative? Join Wednesday, February 1st at 6 p.m. for the next West Basin Chat highlighting the Grass Replacement rebate program.

West Basin staff will help answer your questions on how to receive the available rebate starting at $3 per square foot of grass removed and begin saving water with a new drought-tolerant garden.


This chat begins with a brief overview of the program, followed by a Q&A session.

To register Click Here.

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Help your favorite eatery save water, energy, and water with the Free Cash for Kitchens Program

Attention all Torrance residents! If you have a favorite restaurant, coffee shop, or know of any commercial kitchen in the City of Torrance; let them know that they can save water, energy, and money with the Torrance Cash for Kitchens Program. The Free CFK (Cash for Kitchens Program) is offering restaurants and commercial facilities free water assessments and providing free water saving devices such as pre-rinse kitchen sprayers, faucet aerators, and valuable information on equipment rebates. Have your favorite eatery contact Martha Segovia: (310) 371-7222 or

To learn more about the program

Click Here.

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Drive Solo and Beat Traffic on the I-10 and I-110 with Metro ExpressLanes

Solo drivers can now beat the traffic and save time by choosing to use the ExpressLanes as toll-paying customers.

Dynamic pricing is used to manage access for single occupant vehicles and optimize throughput.

When ExpressLanes demand is high, tolls increase to manage congestion in the lanes. To Learn all about ExpressLanes Click Here.

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Learn About Sanitation's Food Waste Recycling Program

Every day, 4,000 tons of food waste are generated in Los Angeles County. This food waste includes dinner scraps as well as spoiled fruit and vegetables from grocery stores and restaurants.

Decomposition of food waste (organic material) in landfills produces methane, a greenhouse gas that is 23 times more potent than carbon dioxide. LACSD's Food Waste Recycling Program helps cities, businesses, and organizations meet state organic recycling requirements.

To learn more about LACSD's Food Waste program Click Here.

Improve the Energy and Water Performance in Your Home with HEIP

LADWP is offering residential customers the opportunity to boost the energy and water performance in their homes, which can improve their comfort level and potentially reduce their energy and water cost through the Home Energy Improvement Program (HEIP). The program is free to eligible customers.

An assessment of your home will be performed by a trained technician to assist you in identifying the most appropriate and effective improvements for your home. During your assessment, technicians will identify the areas in your home where cost-effective energy efficient upgrades and repairs should be made. The home report is then forwarded to a skilled repair technician to complete the work.

A quality assurance review is then made to ensure that the work has been performed properly

For more information and to apply for the program Click Here.

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Energy Makes Extensive Journey Before Powering Up the South Bay 


The energy we use to produce electricity powers our homes, offices, and businesses, but it’s also used in other ways throughout our community that may not be as obvious. 


Energy typically has a long, resource-intensive journey from its extraction to our power outlets. Energy also goes far beyond electricity. Water is used to produce energy, and energy is used to transport and treat water. 


The interconnectedness of water with energy is called the water-energy nexus. To move water from a source (such as the Central Valley watershed) to our taps, water must be pumped through a system of pipes that requires a vast amount of electrical energy. Imagine the tremendous amount of energy required to push water over California’s rolling hills and mountains. About 12% of electrical energy in California is used to transport water. This fact is even more relevant to those of us living in Southern California, since the majority of our water has to travel further than it does for other areas. When we save water, we’re also saving the energy needed to transport that water. 


Public agencies in the South Bay are saving water and energy with the SoCalREN Public Agency Programs. Learn more about how SoCalREN Public Agency Programs are helping the South Bay save energy at

Upgrade Your Property with the SoCalREN Multi-Family Program

The SoCalREN Multifamily Program provides two ways to help you upgrade your property:

  • Technical Assistance: An energy and green building consultant will work with you to identify cost-effective upgrade measures for your project and connect you to applicable incentive Programs.

  • Incentives: Improvement incentives help offset the cost of purchasing and installing energy conservation measures, such as upgrades to lighting, water heating and HVAC systems.

For complete details Click Here


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Need Assistance Paying Your Gas Bill?

If you are having trouble paying your gas bill, SoCalGas offers several programs that can help you save money on your natural gas bill, such as California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE) and the Energy Savings Assistance Program. Click Here to read on all the ways SoCalGas can help.

Register For Our 23rd Annual General Assembly

Our program “The South Bay: Leading the Way in Resilience and Adaptability” will explore how the South Bay is adapting to the growing impacts of the climate crisis and working to create a more resilient future. In addition to our speakers, county, state, and federal legislators representing the South Bay are invited to attend. To Register Click Here.

Thank You to Our Current 2023 GA Sponsors



Port of Los Angeles



Clean Power Alliance


Southern California Edison

Studio One Eleven

West Basin Municipal Water District

If you are interested in being a sponsor, please contact Rosemary Lackow at 310-371-7222 or by email at

Click Here for January 2023 Calendar of Events and Workshops

What is the Green Business Program?

The California Green Business Program is a network of local programs operated by counties and cities throughout California. Businesses in El Segundo, Hawthorne and Torrance are eligible to join the CAGBN.

Businesses that apply receive personal attention from the public agencies and utilities that serve them. The program is funded by grassroots contributions from local government and utility partners to make it accessible to small to medium-sized businesses in California.

Participation is free and easy.

To apply, go to the California Green Business Network website, or contact Martha Segovia for help getting registered, and start saving today.

Contact Martha Segovia:

(310) 371-7222 or

Click Here For More Information

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Apply to be a Volunteer with SBESC

Contact Martha Segovia:

(310) 371-7222 or

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