July, 2022
Save Water, Energy, Money and the Environment
Attention businesses: Get green certified
Apply for EVen Access through SoCalREN
Beautify your garden with a free WRD Basic Irrigation Class
SoCalREN Propels EV Charging in LA County to the Next Level

SoCal EVen Access is LA County’s new portfolio of programs dedicated to clean mobility throughout the Los Angeles region.
EVen Access is reducing the number of miles people travel in private fossil fuel-powered vehicles, limiting pollution and creating a cleaner environment for all.

Multifamily Charge 4 All helps multifamily property owners in disadvantaged Los Angeles County communities install EV chargers with up to $2,500 in incentives per electric vehicle charger, plus technical support and more.

Mutifamily Charge 4 All makes EV chargers more affordable, so you can add value to your property and prepare for future regulations around charging infrastructure.
Participate in the SoCalREN Multifamily Program to Save on Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Through the SoCalREN Multifamily Program, participating contractors can offer their multifamily property owner customers incentives to offset the cost of energy efficiency upgrades.

If you work in HVAC, lighting, or water heating, you can work with SoCalREN to grow your business in the multifamily market.
Take a Free Irrigation Basics Class
The Lillian Kawasaki Eco Gardener Program teaches homeowners about the multiple benefits of planting a sustainable garden through a series of in-person classes.

Whether you attend one or all of them, you are certain to walk away with knowledge about sustainable garden design concepts, as well as plant and material selections for creating an attractive, water efficient garden. All classes are FREE.
Save Water with These Torrance Water-Saving Tips

The drought is back. You can help save our water supply by conserving water.

Practice conserving water by
  • taking shorter showers
  • turning off the water while brushing your teeth or shaving
  • fixing leaks
  • only washing full loads of laundry

For more tips on how to save water

Learn About West Basin Municipal Water District
West Basin Municipal Water District is a wholesale water agency that provides imported drinking water to nearly one million people in a 185-square mile service area encompassing 17 cities and various unincorporated areas in Los Angeles County.

In addition to imported water, West Basin provides the following key services:
  • Producing five types of customer-specific recycled water
  • Implementing effective water use efficiency and conservation programs
  • Exploring desalination technologies
  • Providing community outreach and education programs
Take A Boat Ride - Without the Seasickness
Take a virtual ride on the Ocean Sentinel Research Vessel Tour.

It's just one of an assortment of monitoring vessels to conduct biological, chemical, and oceanographic studies in the variety of marine habitats found off the Palos Verdes Peninsula that perform ocean outfall system inspections to ensure their structural integrity and continued safe operation. 

For all Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts events Click Here.
Take a Free Class and Transform Your Lawn with LADWP

Take advantage of LADWP’s most popular water conservation program. Transform your lawn and create a sustainable landscape that includes:

  • California Friendly® plants, including native species, appropriate for the Los Angeles climate
  • Mulch and other groundcover to help retain moisture in the soil
  • A rain capturing feature like a rain garden, rain barrel, cistern, infiltration trench, or vegetated swale
  • Drip irrigation (as needed)

A sustainable landscape will not only help you save on your water bill by reducing your water use. You will also help recharge the groundwater, reduce urban runoff and enhance wildlife habitat—overall benefiting yourself and the Los Angeles watershed.
Join a Metro VANPOOL

South Bay adjacent employers are inviting South Bay residents to join existing vanpools commuting into Los Angeles World Airports. If you are interested contact Richard Rivera at rrivera4@lawa.org to reserve a seat. View the schedule below.
California Green Business Network (CAGBN)
The SBCCOG congratulates the following businesses that have taken the first step towards sustainability by joining the California Green Business Network. Click on the businesses to check them out.

City of El Segundo:

City of Hawthorne:

City of Torrance:
Get Green Certified

Participation is free and easy. To apply, go to the California Green Business Network website, or contact Martha Segovia for help getting registered, and start saving today.
Businesses in El Segundo, Hawthorne, and Torrance can join the CAGBN by contacting Martha Segovia: (310) 371-7222 or martha@southbaycities.org
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