November 20, 2020
A Thanksgiving Prayer from our Executive Director, Ellen Taylor

O Loving God,
We turn our hearts to You on this day of giving thanks, mindful of Your many gifts.
For each one, we are grateful.
For each one, we are blessed.
For each one we are opened to the abundance of Your love.
May this Thanksgiving Day offer a reminder to be generous with others, as You are with us.
We praise You.
We rejoice in You.
We give You thanks.
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Episode 5:
On this episode of Convergence, we take a look at grief. Individual and communal, it is all around us. How do we handle it?
In case you missed episodes 1-4, click the buttons below to listen!
From the Desk of the Director
May God bless our families, our community and our nation this year.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Archangel Radio.
Have a blessed week.

Ellen Taylor
Executive Director
LA Catholic Morning!

Live from the Command Center
The Solemnity of Christ the King didn't mean much to me, until my oldest son Donnie was born on this particular day 10 years ago (it fell on November 21st then). In this day and age, with Covid on the rise, and political uncertainty in our nation, it's a great reminder that Christ is indeed our ultimate king. HE has the final say! So, it is only fitting that during this week, I have put together a special guest line up on LA Catholic Morning. On Monday, we'll hear from priest and monk, Fr Boniface Hicks about his radio show, We Are One Body, and about monasticism. Dr Elizabeth Mitchell returns on Tuesday to share her article, "The fate of a nation". If you have been following the news, I'm sure you might have seen that a Covid vaccine has been developed. The question though, is should you get vaccinated when it gets released to the public? Fr Tad Pacholczyk, a bio ethicist from the National Catholic Bioethics Center in Philadelphia, addresses this conflict, on Wednesday. On Thanksgiving Thursday, and Friday, we will air a best of LA Catholic Morning show.
I pray you all have a wonderful weekend and Happy Thanksgiving next week! I'm very grateful for all of our listeners and supporters! God bless ya'll!!! Don't forget to call your Mama!

Mike Romano
Production Coordinator
Digital Worship
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