October 2, 2020
Faith and Football
St. Michael Catholic High School has made the tough decision to cancel tonight's football game due to COVID-19 concerns.
Thank you to everyone who celebrated our 10th Anniversary Mass of the Archangels!

From the Desk of the Director
Tuesday was a lovely evening to celebrate our 10th anniversary. A special thanks to Archbishop Rodi and Fr. Chris Boutin for the beautiful liturgy, and to all of you who came to share in the mass. We look forward to many more anniversaries with you all.
This week in Assisi, Italy, the body of Venerable Carlo Acutis has been exposed for public veneration. On October 10th he will be declared “Blessed”, the final step before sainthood. You may not have heard much about Carlo, but he is one of the young saints-in-the-making for the 21st century. He died in 2006 of leukemia at the age of 15. Through his boyhood faith, he brought his family back to daily mass. He created a website to catalogue and share Eucharistic miracles. He stood up for kids being bullied at school and offered up his suffering for the church, the pope and all people who suffer with illness. Pope Francis calls him a child of the digital age. Through young Carlo’s life we can see that holiness, even sainthood, is obtainable for all of us today. Let’s not forget that even in the ugliest of times, saints abound.
Have a blessed week.

Have a blessed week.

Ellen Taylor
Executive Director

LA Catholic Morning!

Live from the Command Center
Hard to believe we are already in October! As we begin this new month, we do so with a great line up on LA Catholic Morning. On Monday, we'll talk with Megan Harrington, the executive producer of the film, Pray: The Story of Patrick Peyton, which hits theatres, October 9th. Kathleen Bravo, of the prolife medical group, Obria, joins us on Tuesday. Attorney, Rob McFarland, continues his series on the SCOTUS Justice nomination process. We'll talk with Professor, Scott Yenor, on Thursday about the over sexualization of children. And finally, on Friday, Michael O'Neil continues his series on the top Marian Shrines, focusing on Our Lady of Good Help outside of Green Bay. 
God bless ya'll! Don't forget to call your mama!!


Mike Romano
Production Coordinator
Fall Pledge Drive happening this month!
October 22-22, 2020
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Digital Worship
Although Mass has resumed, Archangel will continue providing information for those in the Archdiocese of Mobile.
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