October 30, 2020
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Episode 2: We continue our conversation with Adam MacLeod, author of The Age of Selfies, on practical questions on how we can disagree. Click the button below to listen.
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From the Desk of the Director
We are praying for those affected by hurricane Zeta. Again. Surely this will be the final storm of 2020. This hurricane season cannot end fast enough. In spite of it all, we are blessed and grateful that it was not worse. We do have another storm brewing next week. The election is finally here. We hope you have been able to join us weekdays at 7am as we have prayed a novena for this election. May God be the guiding hand in our choices next week and may He protect our county through this process.
Tonight join Archangel Radio for the final regular season football games of McGill-Toolen and St. Michael. We look forward to following the Yellow Jackets as they begin their playoff run. For St. Michael, we congratulate them on their growth and hard work during this chaotic season.
Lastly, check our new podcast, Convergence. A new episode will be posted today and air at 11:30am on Archangel Radio.
Wishing everyone a happy Halloween and blessed week.

Ellen Taylor
Executive Director
LA Catholic Morning!

Live from the Command Center

A HUGE THANK YOU again to all who donated last week during our pledge drive! Your donations are the reason we can continue to broadcast all the good, true, and beautiful! Well, it's kind of a big deal in our nation next week with the election on Tuesday. Rest assured LA Catholic Morning will have it covered on all levels beginning on Monday with Joseph O'Brien, from the National Catholic Register, who will talk about Catholic initiatives ahead of the election. Parker Snider will also join us on the 3rd segment to provide clarification on the amendments that will appear on the ballot. Secretary of State, John Merrill, returns on Tuesday to discuss absentee ballots, and will be followed by popular author, and Fox contributor, Steven Mosher who will give us insight into the Hunter Biden cover-up. Tom Riello will provide post election analysis on Wednesday, and because we miss her so much, Michele McAloon joins us from Germany, to share the European perspective of the election. Finally, on Friday, Fr Andrew Jones wraps up our week with what is the most important message of all, in his Sunday Gospel reflection. 
As coach Paul "Bear" Bryant once famously said in a Southern Bell commercial, "Don't forget to call your Mama....I sure wish I could call my mine" So call your mama. Remember, she loves you so much she brought you into this world. Remember that when you vote on Tuesday! But, regardless of who wins, HE is and always will be in charge! God bless you all!


Mike Romano
Production Coordinator
Digital Worship
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