January 8, 2021
Hello 2021!
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From the Desk of the Director
We are blessed. Never has such a civilization had so much. So much wealth, so much health, so much freedom. Freedom from tyranny. Freedom to work. Freedom to speak. Freedom to choose. 
Never has such a blessed civilization squandered so much for the sake of pleasure. Why work when you can steal and grift. Why raise the next generation when you can live a life of free love and no responsibility.
What happens when you get this attitude from the top down? Well you get a year like 2020. Institutions that are not accountable. Laws that go unfollowed. The untaught become unteachable, and then become angry and violent. And the institutions turn a blind eye.
Then throw in a pandemic of uncertain origins with no end in sight. People are locked down, their jobs and wealth are chiseled away. They are told to take all of this. And they did.
But even those that have born all of this with patience and endurance will reach a breaking point.
That's how you get a day like January 6th.
We know not to put our faith in institutions, they will never be perfect. Throughout history Christians have lived under much worse conditions. We will survive and prevail because our hope rests not in this world but in the eternal. 
So we'll do our best, care for one another and stand up for what is true. Just don't expect that we will win every battle. Not even close.

Ellen Taylor
Executive Director
LA Catholic Morning!

Live from the Command Center
Happy new year!!! Welcome to 2021!! My prayer, for this week at least, is that we don't let what happened at the Capitol keep our eyes off of HIM! Let's be the best version of ourselves and it all starts right now, in the present moment, as you read this! One of the ways that I'm trying to be the best version of myself as a producer is to line up the best guests for LA Catholic Morning. Next Monday, April Readlinger from the Canavox program for marriage and the family, shares about the new Canavox program for teens. Dr Norman McCrummen continues his series on Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI'S Encyclicals, on Tuesday. Phil Williams, executive director of the Alabama Policy Institute joins us Wednesday to give his political commentary about the senate election results in Georgia. We'll hear from Meg Fowler on Thursday about the latest exhibit at the Museum of History in Mobile. Finally, on Friday, interior and exterior designer, shares about her show on PureFlix, "Simple. Honest. Design."
May this year be the best year ever for you! Don't forget to call your mama!! She loves you!

Mike Romano
Production Coordinator
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