September 4, 2020
Happening TONIGHT!
Both teams are playing away games. Tune in to listen to the live broadcast.

We can finally announce that our 10th Anniversary celebration Mass is officially happening on September 29, 2020!

Join us as we celebrate ten years of broadcasting all that is good, true and beautiful about the Catholic faith.
A Gift For You

After our 10th Anniversary Mass, grab a special keepsake!
From the Desk of the Director
We have been teasing with a save-the-date notice for the Mass of the Archangels. My hope was to announce our big 10th Anniversary celebration. The good news is we are still celebrating 10 years of Archangel Radio on September 29th. The bad news is it won’t be the big event we had hoped for. The grand party has been bumped until 2021. The 11-year anniversary is going to be super :)
The most important part is still on though. The Mass of the Archangels will be celebrated by Archbishop Rodi and Fr. Chris Boutin is the homilist. We are so thankful for your support of AR, and there is no greater praise and celebration than gathering together in a Mass of thanksgiving. Look for the food and fun next year. However, those who come out are going to receive a limited edition 10th Anniversary tumbler cup. Join us to give thanks to God for this beautiful ministry.
Have a blessed week.

Ellen Taylor
Executive Director

LA Catholic Morning!

Live from the Command Center
Hard to believe it's September already! Despite all of the uncertainty and chaos going on in the world, what a time to be alive! Anyway, we march on towards another week of great Catholic programming on Archangel Radio! Monday on LA Catholic Morning,  we will re-air last Tuesday's interview with Dr Chris Tollefson and Wall Street journalist, Elizabeth Bernstein. Dr Norman McCrummen will begin a new series on Mother Angelica's book about Heaven, on Tuesday. Famed author, Abigail Shrier, joins us on Thursday to discuss her book, Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters. Finally, on Friday, after media tsar, Tom McDonald , Peter Jesserer Smith, from the National Catholic Register, talks about his article on Planned Parenthood's money, and the 2020 election cycle.
Please continue to pray for our nation, our leaders, and all those suffering during this pandemic. I hope and pray you all have a restful Labor Day weekend! God bless you! Don't forget to call your Mama!


Mike Romano
Production Coordinator
Digital Worship
Although Mass has resumed, Archangel will continue providing information for those in the Archdiocese of Mobile.
Visit our website at for the most up to date Scripture readings and links to watch Mass live online.