June 2015
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Greetings from SACC-Dallas Vice President, Mats Wiberg
Dear SACC -Dallas and Texas friends,

When I look back on what we have accomplished during the first half of 2015, I can't help but recognize the great response to our activities and wonderful support from you, our community, towards SACC. There has been a significant rise across the different membership types and a substantial increase in the number of people attending our events. 

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Candy People: The Company Behind the Swedish Candy Revolution!
A post on Facebook recently read "Houston we no longer Have a problem" referring to the fact that customers can now find Swedish Pick and Mix Candy at IKEA in Houston. It is true that there is something special about the Swedish candy that Swedes miss when they live abroad. However it is not just the Swedes that appreciate the Swedish candy. American consumers have started to open up their eyes to the Swedish "Pick and Mix" concept. SACC-Texas met with Robert Engstr?m at Candy People, the company behind the Swedish candy revolution in the US market.

Meet SACC-Austin's New Trainee, Mollie Silfverhjelm    
Mollie has a Bachelor's degree in Media and Communication Science from Stockholm University as well as additional targeted marketing courses and a diploma in Communication Planning from Miami Ad School. Her previous professional position was with the advertising agency J.Walter Thompson in London where she worked as a Global Account Executive for Shell, which included their partner Ferrari.
SACC-Texas member Julia Loennegren about starting her own company in the USA
Julia Loennegren is born and raised on a farm in the south Sweden and has been in Houston for five and a half years. She is now working with her own start up Wavve Streram.  SACC-Houston's Mary Alenbratt had a chance to get a moment to chat about Julias story.
Read about Julia and her company Wavve Stream
Member Spotlight: SACC-Texas New Business Member Sweedie Kids
Sandra Metoyer and Therese Marchant, the founders of Sweedie Kids both grew up in Sweden but got to know each other in Austin, Texas. They started their company Sweedie Kids to reflect their shared passions and values: affinity for the Scandinavian minimalistic design, appreciation of well-made, functional kid gear, and a belief that companies should try to make the world a better place.

Past Events: Dallas


Christer Fuglesang-Astronaut ESA, May 2015


Pia Orrenius-Vice President and Senior Economist Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, April 2015


Dean Lindsay-Author and International Speaker, Mars 2015




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June 2015