Autumn 2017
Your quarterly news & updates
There are always exciting projects and events going on in our watershed! Read on to learn about what we've been up to in the last few months, and what we have planned for the next.
Farewell to Babette
As many of you are already aware, Babette Gowda has left the Tinker’s Creek Watershed Partners (TCWP) to be a full time mom for her beautiful daughter Meera. Babette joined the TCWP in 2010 as our Watershed Coordinator and has been instrumental in the growth and success of our organization. She has become a fixture throughout Ohio on watershed efforts and is seen as a leader throughout the region and has developed strong relationships for TCWP with organizations, leaders and agencies throughout Ohio. She will be greatly missed.
Working with Babette for the past 7 years has been not only a joy, but an honor. They say a perfect employee is one who inspires their boss as much as the boss inspires them. Thank you, Babette, for being my inspiration. Words will never be enough to praise your actions and dedication. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you and you have certainly left your mark with Tinker’s Creek, as well as with me. Enjoy and cherish your time with your daughter. I know I am speaking for everyone who has come to know and work with you over the past seven years – we will miss you and thank you for all you have done.
Harry Stark
Executive Director for TCWP

A note from Babette Gowda, Former Tinker’s Creek Watershed Coordinator
After 7 years with Tinker’s Creek Watershed Partners, it is time for me to step back for someone else to take the lead. I am thankful to the board members, especially our President Justin and Vice-President Ana, and our Executive Director Harry, for their support over the years. I would also like to thank the board for working with me during this transition away from the organization. I am lucky to have been able to work with so many great people over the years from consultants, municipal workers, and residents. I will continue to support the group how I can but will be devoting most of my time to my family. It is easier to leave knowing our new hire, Kate Chapel, is at the helm. Thank you to all the partners and leaders that have helped my work be possible. I have truly loved working as the Tinker’s Creek Watershed Coordinator and hope to cross paths with you in the future. Wishing you all the best! Babette Gowda
We had a great group cleaning up the creek in Glenwillow this August. Thank you to our volunteers!
TCWP Board of Directors and staff rooted on the Akron Rubber Ducks at a game in August.

Kate leads a rain barrel workshop at the Streetsboro Library in September.
Successful Summer
TCWP has been active in our watershed communities this summer. We've been to meetings with every one of our member communities! These were great opportunities to discuss potential projects, permit compliance, and ordinances. 

We've also spent time in collaborative meetings this summer with groups committed to protecting the whole Lake Erie watershed, especially the Cuyahoga and of course Tinker's Creek. 

Did you catch us out in the stream this summer? TCWP participated in stream clean up days in the watershed! These are fun, family-friendly events that get everyone out in their boots! We host stream clean ups and partner with other organizations to serve the watershed. These events bring dozens of trash bags out of the streams, reducing the amount of plastic that ends up in the Cuyahoga and ultimately Lake Erie. 

TCWP hosted a rain barrel workshop in Macedonia this August and another in Streetsboro in early September for residents. After the Streetsboro workshop, we also installed a rain barrel in the library's children's garden! Make sure to check it out the next time you're at the library!

Girl scouts helping with the Glenwillow stream clean up
Earth Overshoot Day was August 2
In the USA, it was March 14
First Annual Fundraiser!
Ale Drinkers for Tinker's

We're hosting our first annual fundraiser with Hop Tree Brewing! Hop Tree just opened in Hudson, one of TCWP's member communities.

Your ticket includes a panini bar, two beer tickets, three raffle tickets, a commemorative beer glass, AND a 2018 individual membership to TCWP.

We'll also have games, raffles, and prizes!

Registration is now open! You can buy your tickets all the way up until the event, but we cannot guarantee the availability of tickets at the door. Tickets are limited, so register today!

If you have questions or need help registering, contact Kate Chapel at
330-963-6243 or
Watershed Festival 
We're bringing back the watershed festival! This year we've partnered with the City of Twinsburg for a day of fun and stewardship.

The morning will be devoted to cleaning up streets and streams. Once you've done your good deed, lunch will be provided. Then the festival begins! We'll have games, prizes, hikes, tours, demonstrations, and more!

Both portions of the day are free! Come to one, the other, or both, but don't miss out on this day of celebrating our watershed and keeping it clean!

The first 100 attendees will receive a free tree to take home and plant!

A schedule for the day's events, a list of displays/activities, and info on parking is all on our website here.
Rain barrel maintenance 
Winter is coming, and with the cooler temperatures it's time to put both the garden and the rain barrel to bed.

Check the date of your first frost to give you an idea of when it's time to empty your barrel. You can do this the same day you disconnect any garden hoses. We recommend emptying the barrel, washing it out, and bringing it inside. You can place your disconnected barrel in the garage, basement, or shed. Alternatively, you can flip your barrel upside down and leave it outside.

Don't have a rain barrel yet? Wondering what it's for? Check out the link below to learn more about why we promote the use of rain barrels! We host rain barrel workshops every year around the watershed, so look out for dates on our event calendar! event calendar!

If you'd like to see a workshop in your community, contact Kate Chapel.
Members & partners are the key to our success
Business Members
Thank you to our business members! If you own a business and would like to become a member or learn about our services to members, check out our website.

Good Nature Organic Lawn Care
Davey Resource Group
ADS (Advanced Drainage System)
Environmental Design Group
Mark Haynes Construction
Stephen Hovancsek and Associates, Inc.
inSite Advisory Group, LLC
The Shelly Company
Community Members
Thank you to our community members! You can learn more about our services to communities at our website.

Aurora              Reminderville
Beachwood       Streetsboro
Bedford           Twinsburg
Glenwillow        Twinsburg Township
Hudson            Valley View
Macedonia        Walton Hills
Northfield Warrensville Heights
Individual Members
Thank you to our individual members! Having a reliable base of individual members is invaluable to us. Each person really does make a difference. If you would like to become an individual member or learn about what your membership helps accomplish, check out our website.

Not ready to become a member? You can also make a one-time donation of any amount. 
Got leaves?
With fall getting underway, leaves falling from your trees can enter our storm drains and river systems. Leaves provide excess nutrients and organic matter to streams that can disrupt the usual balance. Why put all this untapped potential down a drain when you can use the nutrient as compost?

Shredding leaves, or just dumping them into the compost bin, is a great balance to any green or wet material you may have, like food scraps or grass clippings.

There are many ways to set up a compost pile or bin. It can be as complicated or as simple as you'd like! Consider how much space you have and how much compost your house

Not sure how to start a compost pile? Need help troubleshooting the one you have? Give us a call in the office or email Kate Chapel.

One tree that may not be a good candidate for leaf composting is Black Walnut ( Juglans nigra). If you have a walnut on your property, you may notice that not much grows under or near it. That's because walnuts naturally produce a toxin that inhibits growth! That toxin is also in the leaf tissues, not a great thing for compost!

Get involved! Check out events near you!