JUNE 19, 2021

Mayor Kathleen Miller Prunty      

Deputy Mayor Brian Andrews
Public Affairs

Commissioner Jason Gareis
Public Safety

Commissioner Tom Hannen
Public Works & Engineering

Commissioner Mary O’Connor

Jamie Cryan  
Message from the Mayor

Congratulations to our students graduating from college, Cranford High School, Hillside and Orange Avenue Middle Schools and moving up from Kindergarten and Fifth grade at Bloomingdale Avenue, Brookside Place, Livingston Avenue, Orange Avenue, and Hillside Avenue schools. Your achievements are even more special because of the unique challenges of the past 15 months. But you did it and showed us anything is possible.
   Of course, their achievements and experiences would not be possible without the dedicated teachers and staff at every school. They created an environment that made learning possible and even fun.
   Finally, special thanks to parents who juggled supporting teachers and overseeing their children (usually more than one!), managing their own jobs, a household, and extracurricular activities.
    You are all amazing and deserve special recognition. Thank you and congratulations everyone.
Kathleen Miller Prunty
Township Committee
News from Township Committee Meetings
Workshop Meeting 6.15.21

  • Parking Permit Fee: Parking Committee recommended a $10 increase in annual permit fee to offset the cost of the digital permit cost. This is the first permit fee increase since 2007.
  • Recycling Contract: Township Committee agreed to go out to bid for 2022 recycling contract.
  • Solid Waste Rear Yard Pick Up: Grand Sanitation requested that residents be allowed to leave trash containers in front of homes instead of yards. Committee decided to continue the policy of rear yard solid waste pickup.
  • Tree Planting Proposal: Ben Cohen presented the Environmental Commission tree planting proposal and grant opportunity. Committee approved applying for a grant and work with Administrator Jamie Cryan.
  • North Avenue Gateway Redevelopment Area: Committee discussed the Review Team Report of three submissions from the Request for Expression of Interest (RFEI). The Submissions and Report can be viewed here. Residents spoke during the Public Portion of the meeting to ask questions or express opposition.
The Mayor detailed the process going forward, explaining the Township is a long way from finalizing a Redevelopment Plan, the document that will spell out the parameters for developing this site.
  The three submissions were intended to give concepts and ideas for developing the site which are non-binding. The Township is free to include any designs and elements in the final Redevelopment Plan and reject those that do not seem appropriate for the site or support the Master Plan and the Downtown Strategic Plan. The three submissions are not the final plans being considered for the Project.
  There are a series of steps before a Redevelopment Plan is adopted and the Township issues a Request for Proposals from developers. The Town is committed to public community sessions in addition to the required public hearings.

1.      Township Committee will direct the Township Planner to begin preparing a Draft Redevelopment Plan, a process that will take several months and include at least two community meetings for the public to review the 1st Draft and provide input.
2.      September: first community meeting for input
3.      September - October: Planner prepares 2nd Draft based on public input
4.      October-November: Second community meeting for additional input
5.      November-December: Planner prepares final Draft Redevelopment Plan which is sent to the Planning Board for review and public meeting/hearing before sending back to the Township Committee for adoption.
6.      After adoption of the Redevelopment Plan, the Township will issue Requests for Proposals from developers interested in the site.
  Updates on the process will be included in the Township’s newsletter and posted on the website under the new heading “Redevelopment.” Questions can also be directed to
Official Meeting 6.15.21

Mayoral Remarks:
  • Congratulated the 320 Cranford High School seniors who will graduate on Tuesday evening.
  • Recognized Pride Month and thanked Township employees who joined Mayor to raise the new inclusive Pride Flag at Town Hall.
  • Recognized the celebration of Juneteenth, now a Federal holiday, marking the emancipation of remaining enslaved African Americans in Galveston, Tx on June 19, 1865.
  • Presented Proclamations to seven young men achieving Eagle Scout status. Congratulations Anthony Bottino, Will Kennedy, John Scheuer, Michael Scheuer, Patrick O’Shea, Liam Usinowicz, and Shane Waleski.

  • Adopted an ordinance approving the 2021 Capital Budget for various improvements like road projects and new equipment for Police, Fire and Public Works.
  • Authorized renewal of liquor licenses.
  • Authorized Mayor and Township Clerk to sign agreements for July 2 Fireworks in Nomahegan Park. 
  • Authorized award of contract to Topology NJ LLC to provide planning services for the North Avenue Redevelopment Plan
  • Authorized submission of grant application and agreement with NJ DOT for Spruce Street Road Improvement Project.
  • Authorized advertisement for bids for collection of recycling.
  • Authorized an award of contract to Mott MacDonald for stormwater engineering review in connection with the South Avenue/Chestnut Avenue Redevelopment Plan
  • Authorized an award of contract to Riker, Danzig, Scherer, Hyland & Perretti to represent the Township in the Cell Tower Application litigation.
Upcoming Meetings
6/28: Zoning Board at 7:30pm
7/7: Planning Board at 7:30pm
7/12: Township Committee Workshop Meeting at 7pm
7/12: Zoning Board at 7:30pm
7/13: Township Committee Official Meeting at 8pm
Celebrating Pride Month
Township employees and residents joined Mayor Kathleen Miller Prunty and Comm. Jason Gareis earlier this month to raise the new Pride Flag at the Municipal Building.
Juneteenth Proclamation
COVID-19 Update as of June 16
Spotlight on Volunteers
The DMC Board works closely with the Downtown Cranford staff (Director Caren Demyen and Social Media Coordinator Michelle Stavrou) to make it possible for business and property owners to achieve their financial goals and to enhance the community financially and aesthetically. Thank you to the following residents, property, and business owners who volunteer their time as part of the DMC Board: Kristen Mider (Chair), Joe Colangelo, Anthony Durante, Ashley Legg, Tom Connolly, Dennis Concha, Tammie Crispino, Paul LaCorte, Steve Oliveira, Doreen Sayegh, and Deputy Mayor Brian Andrews.

Thanks to the hard work of the DMC Board and Downtown Cranford staff, our downtown area is constantly busy with events and live music, and has become a true destination.
Congratulations to Catarina Guimaraes!
Congratulations to Cranford's own Catarina Guimaraes! This young woman, a Cranford High School athlete, broke two American records in the Long Jump event at the US Paralympics Trials. Catarina was mentioned on NBC coverage that continues today.
Your dedication and hard work despite living with Cerebral Palsy are an inspiration. Thank you for representing Cranford so well.