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SEPTEMBER 12, 2023

This newsletter is published twice a month by the Township of Cranford to provide residents with important information and updates.


Mayor Brian Andrews


Deputy Mayor Terrence Curran



Commissioner Kathleen Miller Prunty

Public Works/Engineering      


Commissioner Gina Black

Public Affairs/Recreation & Parks


Commissioner Paul A. Gallo

Public Safety



Lavona Patterson


Message from the Mayor

Cranford took a major environmental step forward last week with approval of a Shade Tree Commission. This new body will drive an ambitious tree planting agenda to make up for the many trees we've lost in town over the last 10+ years. As part of this program, we will create a tree and shrub nursery at the Cranford Conservation Center which will increase our supply of trees at a savings to local taxpayers​. This Commission will also be empowered to pursue grants and other financial opportunities to fund local green initiatives. For Cranford residents, the Shade Tree Commission will serve as a knowledge resource, providing free, non-binding advice on planting new trees, caring for existing trees and advice on whether tree removal is needed for any reason. After years of considering this step, Deputy Mayor Curran drove the initiative across the finish line with strong support and involvement from the Environmental Commission and Green Team. Thank you to everyone involved in improving our local environment.


Brian Andrews



  • September 18 at 7PM: Workshop Township Committee Meeting
  • September 18 at 7:30PM: Zoning Board Meeting
  • September 19 at 7PM: Conference and Official Township Committee Meeting
  • September 20 at 7:30PM: Planning Board Meeting


Finance – Deputy Mayor Curran

  • Spoke about the Shade Tree Commission Ordinance on the Agenda for adoption and the tree nursery planned at the Conservation Center. Having a Township nursery will provide the township with a regular supply of trees and lower the costs. Thanked members of the Environmental Commission and the Green & Clean Committee for their input and support.
  • Reported that the YMCA has begun work on the Centennial Avenue Fitness Center with removal of all old equipment. Target opening date is November.


Engineering & Public Works – Comm. Miller Prunty

  • Reported on two more flood and stormwater management projects. Two new portable pumps were tested on Balmiere Parkway and Public Works employees were trained by the manufacturer. These new pumps replaced 50-year-old equipment. They are smaller but significantly more efficient and can each pump 2,290 gallons per minute.
  • Union County is continuing work to remove trees, limbs and debris from 20 locations in the Rahway River. The locations were identified by using the Police Department drone. Thanked the Stormwater Infrastructure Planning Committee for assisting in identifying areas of concern.
  • Paving by Union County will be done on Raritan Road from Walnut to Centennial and Centennial Avenue from South to Raritan.

Public Safety – Comm. Gallo

  • Reported the recall of Gree Dehumidifiers due to fire and burn hazards. These are sold under brand names Kenmore, GE, SoleusAir, Norpole and Seabreeze. Please go here for more information.
  • The Police Department will have extra presence for the beginning of the school year and reminds both drivers and pedestrians to use caution in these busy days.


Public Affairs/Parks & Recreation – Comm. Black

  • Announced the new Fall Parks & Recreation brochure is available on the website and includes information about programs for children up to seniors.
  • Announced sign up for new Track and Field program for children in grades 3 to 8. The Field Hockey program is filled.
  • Reminded parents that children need to sign up for the ID Card. 

OFFICIAL MEETING September 5, 2023


Ordinances approved 5-0 Vote

·        Amend Code to include Floodplain Management Regulations, Flood Hazard Maps, Designate Floodplain Administrator

·        Establish a Shade Tree Management Commission

Resolutions approved 5-0 Vote

·        Approved agreement with Community Access Unlimited for the provision of Affordable Housing Credits

·        Authorized contract with Giordano Company for collection and marketing of recyclable materials

·        Authorized contract with JB Ragonese Construction for emergency repairs of sanitary sewer main on Herning Avenue

·        Authorized Contract Change order #2 to Messercola Excavating Co for additional necessary improvements for Phase I of the Inflow & Infiltration Project in Cranford Terrace area

·        Authorized Contract Change Order #1 to P & A Construction for additional improvements for the Phase II Inflow & Infiltration Project in Cranford Terrace area

·        Authorized amendment to contract with Jardem, Meisner & Susser for legal fees associated with lawsuits filed by Hartz Corp. and William Thilly.

·        Authorized street closures for various downtown Halloween events on October 29; closure of three parking spaces in Lot 1 for Sand Sculpture Event October 9 through November 1.

WORKSHOP MEETING September 5, 2023

  • Representatives of the 150th Cranford Anniversary Committee presented the handmade quilt with sections representing various town organizations. The quilt will hang in Council Chambers. Discussion also about planting the Time Capsule and dedication ceremony.
  • Administrator discussed implementing the next phase of the Prime Point Employee Time and Leave System. This system will aid both employees and department heads in tracking time.

Pictured are the new portable pumps the Town uses during big storms. The pumps were tested after controlled flooding of section of Balmiere Parkway.

Gree has recalled 1.56 million Dehumidifiers due to fire and burn hazards. Please go here for more information.

The Cranford Recreation Fall/Winter Brochure is here! You can register here. This includes some programming over at 375, too!

Please dispose of "flushable" wipes in household trash. Do not flush. These products (even those labeled flushable) are not biodegradable and can cause back up of sewer systems. Residents in several neighborhoods are experiencing sewer back ups into their home. Please share this information with family and friends.

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