United States Interagency 
 Council on Homelessness          
July 12, 2018

People with Lived Experience are Experts in Ending Homelessness
"Showing Up" in Our Spheres of Influence To Address Racial Inequities  
Addressing inequity starts within the offices of the very organizations working to create more equitable ways to prevent and end homelessness for everyone. 

USICH Director of Finance and Administration Darren Franklin shares a personal reflection on his role in ensuring our agency aligns with this mission.
Yesterday's Webinar on Recently Released HUD NOFA is Now Available  
Gathering information to help you respond to the FY 2018 Continuum of Care (CoC) Program Notice of Funding Availability?
Check out our recently recorded webinar to learn more about the NOFA's priorities and the application process. 

These considerations and resources can also be used in your efforts to address racial disparities within your actions and application.  
Two New Reports Provide Recommendations for Improving Access to Employment  
Coming VERY Soon: The revised and strengthened Federal Strategic Plan to  Prevent and End Homelessness!  
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