United States Interagency 
 Council on Homelessness          
January 11, 2018

Recent Data Documents the Challenges We Must Face Together 

Data does not tell the whole story of homelessness in America, but it does tell us important information about the scale of the crises and challenges people face.  
A focus on data should be central to the decisions we make for crafting effective strategies, for sustaining interagency and intergovernmental efforts, and for assessing the impact of our efforts.
Responding to Racial Inequities Within Our Systems of Care: Initial Strategies from Dallas 
As the leaders of community homelessness response systems, Continuums of Care must intentionally and actively respond to racial inequities within their systems in order to make homelessness rare, brief, and one time.
Cindy Crain, CEO of the Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance, talks about the initial steps that Dallas has taken to address racial inequity
Harnessing the Power of Collective Impact to End Homelessness  
Ten years after adopting a collective impact model to  end homelessness in Santa Clara County, CA, the community has made significant progress in mobilizing additional resources and changing its homelessness services system to be more responsive to its most vulnerable residents.    
Jennifer Loving, CEO of Destination: Home, discusses how collective impact has driven progress, and the challenges that remain. 
You Should Give These USICH Resources From 2017 Another Look  
We know you've been busy, and may not have had a chance to look at all the useful resources we published over the last year. We've compiled some of them for you in this handy list so that you can have another look.
What tools or resources would be helpful for you in 2018? Let us know!    
HUD Awards $2 Billion to Continuums of Care Across the United States
Today, HUD awarded a record $2 billion to support more than 7,300 local homelessness assistance programs across the nation. When communities marshal these - and other local, state, private, and philanthropic resources - behind the strongest housing-first practices, we see important progress toward our collective goal to end homelessness in America.  
Read Executive Director Matthew Doherty's remarks to the media about the awards
HUD Releases Guidance for Domestic Violence Providers and CoCs on Partnering in the PIT Counts
Domestic violence is a leading cause of homelessness for women and children. To strengthen data about the housing and services needs of survivors, HUD has released two new resources to strengthen the partnership between CoCs and DV programs in conducting the PIT count.