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May 30th: USMF Offices closed for Memorial Day. Checks will be run on
May 31st.

July 4th: USMF Offices closed for Independence Day. Checks will be run on July 5th.

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May 2016
What's New!
Help Desk is Live!

Earlier this year we rolled out our new USMF Business Services Help Desk. You may have noticed that your e-mails to our address are getting routed through the Help Desk ticketing system. You can continue to send your e-mails to the support box, or we would encourage you to sign up as a Help Desk customer. With your own Help Desk account, you will be able to more easily monitor your active tickets and review your previously submitted tickets. Go to USMF Business Services Help Desk to register.

The Help Desk also includes a searchable knowledge-base. We have migrated the policies and procedures from our website into the knowledge-base and will continue to add to this in the future.

And there is a community forums page that you can use to communicate with your fellow administrators.

By tracking your support issues through the Help Desk, we hope to be able to better quantify the areas requiring the most assistance and then address those needs proactively with additional training and published materials.

Try it out and let us know what you think!

Year End is Approaching Fast!

Fiscal Year end is just around the corner. We encourage you to get in your disbursement requests as soon as possible if you have not already used the spendable income from your endowments. Compared to last year, the use of spendable income is down by about 14%, and there is still over $10 million of available spendable income that can be used this fiscal year. If you need a check from USMF to get deposited back in a campus account before the end of the fiscal year, you will need to get those DRF's to us by Thursday, June 16th so we can get them out in our June 20th check run. If you wait until the following week you probably will not get the checks back in time to get them deposited to your campus accounts by June 30th. Any DRF's received up until July 14th will be applied against Fiscal Year 2016.

New De Minimus Gift Limit

Our de minimis gift limit has been raised from $75 to $150. Please refer to our policies and procedures for the various situations where this limit comes into play.