News from the Wallcoverings Industry
The Wallcoverings Association has created Media Alerts to keep media up-to-date on news in the wallcoverings industry. Media Alerts is emailed to editors to provide a snapshot of new products and news announcements in our industry.  This Media Alerts issue was sent to nearly 100 editors on November 7th. We hope you enjoy this issue. Please contact Janice Hofmann with any comments or questions.
Winter 2016

Clapboard Revisited

Planks, a vinyl wallcovering from Arc-Com, has been handcrafted to simulate the rustic and natural look of reclaimed wood. Designs were created by photographing reclaimed clapboards and barn siding and laying out the repeat to project the impression of a random application. Planks contains 10% post-consumer recycled content. Contact
L ifestyle Designs

Thom Filicia, known for his hit show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, introduces his first-ever wallcovering collection. The Thom Filicia collection for MDC has the look and feel of residential and natural wallcoverings with the durability and price point to fit contract settings. The lifestyle-inspired designs include Abalone (pictured). Contact
Hand-Dyed Looks

Ptolemy Mann has developed a collection of wallcoverings for Newmor that can be rescaled, recoloured and printed onto wallcoverings bases including textures and metallics. Mann, who has run a textile art and design studio in England since 1997, is known for her unique approach to hand dyeing and weaving wall-based artworks. Contact

Shine Your Light 
Apollo, the Greek god of light, was considered one of mythology's most complex gods. Command's Apollo is true to its name, bringing forth both light and complexity in brilliant reflective colors and intricate textures. The Type II pattern is Osnaburg-backed, reversible and available in 19 colorways.  Contact
Into the Woods

With the introduction of Naturals 02, Wolf-Gordon adds the BildenWood category to its wood veneer wallcoverings. Made from nine authentic wood species such as walnut and sapele, BildenWood yields a uniform wood grain appearance with a predictable and consistent arrangement. A new backing ensures a seamless look. 
Old is New Again

Trends never die; they just come around again. Eco Wallpaper's Reflections features a modern take on motifs that hark back to the 1950s, '60s and '70s. Characteristic of what our parents and grandparents had on the wall, colors and patterns are warm and cheerful. Dora (pictured) resembles a '70s bead curtain.

Wall Crush

York Wallcoverings announces the release of its newest offering from the Antonina Vella collection. Crush is an innovative new process of pleated wallpaper and unexpectedly bold color that combine to create sculptural mixed media with a contemporary organic feel. Hip, modern and eclectic, who could blame you for having a wall crush?
Protect the Wall

Versa has developed a new flexible wall protection that is four times more impact resistant than Type II wallcovering. VersaGuard performs in high-traffic corridors and public spaces, shielding walls from rolling traffic such as chairs, carts and gurneys and resisting tough stains such as mustard, ink and iodine. These three designs each have 30% recycled content.
Made to Order 

Source One's Odessa design is a medium scaled, textured vertical that has a natural braided look. Odessa and all Source One Handcrafted products are made to order by skilled artisans. The palette features six standard colorways with limitless possibilities. Made of polyester and metal film, the 27" wide wallcovering has a water-based plaster surface effect. Contact

Minerals & Masonry

Washes of color roll down the wall with jewel-like perfection in Lanark's Malachite. Like brilliant glass or crystal rock, the irregular pattern was inspired by rockwalls in France's Loire Valley. The rock walls of wine grottos in this region are filled with rhythmic strias of color and tone created by years of calcite and mineral stratification.
Geometry at Play

Contemporary geometric meets tropical sophistication in Bali Grille from J. Josephson's Bolta brand. The dramatic bold graphic design overlays a chunky woven ground. A vivid palette of 13 hues includes Orchid, Seaside and Hibiscus, and coordinates with Bolta's Bali design.

You're Invited 

See the latest wallcovering products and learn about the state of the industry at the Wallcovering Association's Annual Meeting in Clearwater Beach, FL, on January 29-31. Enjoy the brand new Opal Sands Resort and hear from speakers such as Paul Markillie, Innovation Editor at The Economist, and Joe Tankersley, futurist, writer and former Walt Disney Imagineer.. Website

SCS Certified

Len-Tex Corporation was featured in the SCS booth at Greenbuild this year. Len-Tex has been Indoor Advantage Gold certified by SCS since 2009. Len-Tex's mission is to provide customers with the highest quality products, inspiring designs, exceptional customer service and cost-effective manufacturing, while maintaining respect for the environment.
Silky Surfaces

Patty Madden and Koroseal collaborate to create three luxurious patterns. Patty Madden for Koroseal is produced on a proprietary metallic media that gives luminescence to the wall. The collection's Fortuna Silk (pictured) incorporates a silk texture with a watered ombre. Looking fresh from the loom and available in stunning colorways, it adds allure and elegance to any space. Contact
Color & Texture

Wallcoverings produced with HP's PVC-free Durable Smooth and Suede Wall Papers are odorless, mold- and mildew-resistant and have multiple environmental certifications. Engineered with ColorPRO Technology to deliver professional quality and striking results, this state-of-the-art digital wall decoration solution delivers color excellence, durability, and best-in-class quality.  Contact