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  More Colleges overwhelmed with Truth  


As our Project Truth team stepped onto the San Francisco State College campus with its 30,000 students, we were met by Malcolm X and his quote,


"Our objective is complete freedom, justice, and equality by any means necessary."


So one would think that the college would greet us with open arms, even though we don't agree with this Muslim extremist's deceptive words on the sign.



Not so.


We were told that our display was not legally displayed and we were breaking the law.  I asked the administrator if he would arrest us in the shadow of the Malcolm X quote?  After some time to think it through, and with some challenge by our attorney, the administrator reluctantly allowed our team to stay for what would be two great days of witness.


Bernard, pictured to my right, wasted no time in sharing the Gospel right under the murals of these two icons. 


We were nonstop handing out thousands of brochures and getting into dialogue with some tough, self-absorbed young people.


It didn't take long for some to express their hatred for Jesus Christ and truth.  This guy stood nearby for a couple hours and unintentionally helped draw the students our way, even though our banners always hit the souls and consciences of most students.

Notice the upside down cross?

The forces of darkness were everywhere and you could feel the tension in the air. Yet we knew "Greater is He who is in us, than he who is in the world." 


Knowing that those of you who are prayer warriors were commited to praying for us during these hours, the Holy Spirit gave us boldness and compassion for these students and many hearts were changed.


We even had several professors come up to challenge us.


Some of the teachers gave us credit for civil discourse, but most walked away before being too embarassed in front of their students, as their shallow arguments couldn't hold up to honest challenge.  



One of our newest team members, Clayton, jumped right into the thick of the crowd of students and probably gave away the most brochures throughout each day.  


He's actually standing next to the "Sexuality" table, a club on campus that sells "sex toys" to the students.


We didn't find one Christian club set up that day among the thirty or so clubs displaying their materials. 





Sometimes we find Mormon missionaries walking around the college campuses we visit.


They will come over to our display to applaud our efforts and get a presentation of the real Gospel before they leave.






 Even though most students were nasty towards us, we were respectful to them.  


Art kept his composure and had a great debate with these testy women for about twenty minutes.  I looked over towards them later and saw each of the students shake hands with him.  Pretty cool. 


It's not always easy to be kind to mean people, but God gives us grace to see them through His eyes, instead of ours.



In humility, correcting those in opposition,
So God might grant them repentance,
So that they might know the truth,
And come to their senses,
And escape the snare of the devil,
Having been taken captive by
him, to do his will. 2 Timothy 2


On to the Monterey Peninsula for three days, as we spent time at Monterey Peninsula College and Cal State Monterey for more great moments and divine appointments. 


As always, we found the community college students more receptive.


We handed out a couple thousand more brochures and tracts.



Bernard couldn't even wait 'til we got set up, as he went fishing for the lost right away.


Remember, we now have the Gospel in every brochure we hand out.




At the moment we set up the first day, I grabbed some literature, and was immediately approached by these two girls.


One stared at our banners and said, "I think I was lied to when I had my abortion.  Are those photos real?"  I said "yes."


Moved to tears, she asked me how she could overcome the guilt of now knowing what she had done.


I presented the Gospel to her and gave her the tools to find forgiveness and healing for her sin.


I asked her to "call upon the name of the Lord" and become a child of God.


She anxiously took the literature and said she would get her life right with God.


A speech teacher walking by, told us she was changing her lesson plan for the next two days, allowing the class to debate the issue of abortion.


Another professor told us she was at a point in her lesson plan discussing the Constitution, and was going to include our issue in the class discussion because the students wanted to talk about our presentation.



It was great to see Shawn and Diana, a husband and wife team, changing lives with the truth.


It was their anniversary and they wanted to spend part of it talking to students about the issues of life.


"Your enemies roar in the midst of Your meeting place; They set up their banners for signs." Psalm 74:4 


Cal State Monterey had some interesting characters. This purple person came up to us just before the anthropology teacher arrived.


An Anthropology Professor brought her class out to the display, and before allowing her students to ask questions,  she expressed her man-hating, anti-American rhetoric, to set the stage for the questions. 


Steve, from Students for Life, didn't let her rattle him as he clearly presented the truth to the students. (That's not Steve in the strange clothes)


As the questions from the students were being answered, you could see the professor's irritation. The students were hearing, for the first time, logical, thought-provoking answers to life's questions. 


Right before our eyes, we could see a change in some of the students.


The teacher didn't like that and threw the  "a women's issue" rhetoric at us.


That's when Diana and Sharon stepped into the battle... 


Like a sharp knife cutting into the pro-choice lies, our ladies effectively testified of their terrible personal experiences with the sin of abortion. 

This part of "class-time" was, as you can see by the photo, the clincher


We replayed that moment all evening, praising God for His divine appointments.    


This young lady walked up to Kevin and told him that she skipped class because she had to talk to him about her situation and knew she needed to find the truth.


Kevin led her into the message of hope found in Jesus Christ alone.


We were meant to be on that campus, on that day, for that girl, at that moment! 

With a cane helping him walk, this young man approached John and told his story of being crippled in the Iraqi war.
Now a student and Christian at the college, he was deeply moved by our presence on campus.  
He felt the need to lift us up in prayer and walked around, standing with us as we took on some hostile students throughout the day. 
At one point as I was dialoguing with an angry student, this crippled prayer warrior came up and stood next to me.  The angry mocker got quiet and began to listen to me until he had heard the whole truth.
"Hmmm... an angel perhaps?" Hebrews 13:2 
For sure, he ministered to us that day. 
Here is the continuing schedule for our 2011 Fall Project Truth Tour among Northern California colleges. 
Los Medanos College North Bay  August 29-30
San Francisco State  Sept 6-7
Monterey Peninsula College  Sept 12-13
Cal State Monterey  Sept 14
Sac City College  Sept 27-28
UC Santa Cruz   Oct 4-5
Santa Rosa College  Oct 11-12
Ventura College   Oct17-18
UC Santa Barbara  Oct 19-20
Reno College  Nov 1-2 
Carson City College  Nov 3


Please consider joining us at one or more of these colleges and help us reach the lost. 
Thanks to those of you lifting us up in prayer and support, especially during the hours of 9 am to 3:30 pm each day we engage the culture.   


In His Steps,                                             



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