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                        Successful Spring Tour 


Cal State Stanislaus was our final stop on the Spring Tour and most of the Truth Team posed in front of our powerful display before we confronted the students with the reality that an abortion is an act of violence that kills a baby. 

We always set up right in the middle of the school's quad, and despite

the efforts of some college administrators and students to remove us from the area, we stood our ground and had two great days of dialogue with students and faculty. 

As the students approach the display, Dean and Steve use the abortion issue as a springboard to present the Gospel and educate them in things the college thinks are politically incorrect.  This issue strikes at the consciences of these students and the impact is life-changing for many.

We noticed that some campus clubs had tables set up for their particular clubs during lunch.  Bernard and Kevin approached the "Gay and Lesbian" club, sat down with them, and were able to spend a long time clarifying what we Christians believe about sin and salvation. 

These lost souls listened respectfully and heard the truth maybe for the first time


We went to Solano Community College for two days and had some great exchanges with students.  Here, John is taking on a psychology class, whose professor made it a class project to challenge our reasons for the Prolife position. For the Fall Tour, I am going to make an effort to video record these kind of moments so you can get a taste of the powerful, effective dialogues we have each week on these campuses.    

Martha tells these students, who are overwhelmed by the disturbing photos, that in California alone, there are 300,000 babies exterminated every year.  Students are troubled by the photos and the reality they see in our display.


Yes, this is a male student... obviously confused about who he is supposed to be.


But he, and a small group of students angry about our visit to his college, did listen to our presentation and at the end of the day shook my hand and thanked me for the civil conversation. 


We are respectful to these young men with identity issues, and the Lord gives us a compassion for them that keeps us from returning "evil for evil" when we are confronted by them. 


Our team holds each other accountable during these opportunities, not that I need it...well maybe sometimes, and the results of controlling our attitude towards these students reap great rewards in sharing truth with them.   

Some students don't want to approach our display, but want to talk to us.  I went over to these guys and presented the truth to them and had a great time answering their questions.  Students often 

say they had never heard reasoned answers before on these issues until we visited their campus to talk with them.

Whether it's about abortion-on-demand or the hoax of Evolution, which is the inspiration for abortion, or only one true God, students admit they are intrigued and challenged by our statements and we change many minds.


There is much more to share with you, including our visit to De Anza and West Valley Colleges in the Bay area.  I'll save that for next month.  




Our Spring Tour covered 10 colleges and 10 high schools in Northern Cailfornia over a nine-week period and over 10,000 prolife brochures and Gospel tracts.  I also debated a student from U.C. Berkeley in a class of 150 students at Delta College a few weeks ago.  Oh, I also got arrested, then unarrested, then arrested again, then unarrested again, in front of a high school in the Bay area.  I'll tell you about all that later.  It was an action-packed tour! 


I love doing this ministry!!  

In humility, correcting those in opposition,
So God might grant them repentance,
So that they might know the truth,
And come to their senses,
And escape the snare of the devil,
Having been taken captive by
him, to do his will.  2 Timothy 2   

In His Steps,




                                                         Thanks for standing with me.


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