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"He had grown tired of tiptoeing through life in order to arrive at death safely.  He wanted the splendid exhilaration that belongs to those willing to bet their lives on the cause of the Kingdom."
 LOVING GOD, Chuck Colson 

This precious little redhead is the reason I have spent 27 years standing outside abortion centers pleading with the women to change their minds and choose life. 


Her mother stopped to thank our sidewalk counselors for talking her out of an abortion.


I asked her for a picture so I could give you  one of the results of "standing in the gap." 


Can you say "Praise our Mighty God?" 


When we are not at the colleges, you can find us reaching out to the thousands of couples going into the killing centers.  Here, Nancy is "speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves," hoping this person will go back into the building and rescue her friend from the clutches of Satan.  Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't.  There were many going into the abortion centers two days before Christmas! 

I didn't tell you about our visit to the final college of the Fall Tour, Fresno City College.


It was great!  We handed out about a thousand brochures along with having great debates and dialogues with all kinds of students.  Most of the students were completely ignorant about abortion and the photos fascinated them.

I am deeply moved when my younger son, Jaron, on the left, joins me from time to time.  He really grows in the Lord when he engages the students about abortion, evolution, and the Gospel.  This is a father/son thing that I will cherish all of my life. 

For two days, we drew crowds of students, with many wanting to question our faith in a God.  It was troubling to some that we Christians were "pushing our beliefs on a public college campus."


Really? We suggested that the quad on their campus is the best place in the world to proclaim our position.

Steve Macias, pictured in blue, joins us at many of the colleges.  He represents Students for Life, an organization that starts up prolife clubs on the college campuses.  He was a student at Sac City College a few years ago when we did Project Truth.  Steve was so overwhelmed by our presentation that he decided to go into the prolife ministry and he was hired by Students for Life as the West Coast rep.  I say, "Praise the Lord!"

The first day we were met by student protesters who had limited vocabularies and hateful hearts.  They eventually realized that their presence  drew larger crowds for us and they decided not show up the second day.  We did miss them. 


Ken McBay and his wife Cheryl joined us again.  He is self- employed and is able to lend a hand in getting out the truth.  God seems to always put the right people, at the right time, at the right place for every college we have engaged.



So this is how 2010 ends for At the Well Ministries - babies saved and  thousands of students challenged with absolute truth.


Next week I meet with the other leaders of Project Truth and we will set in motion the Spring Tour beginning in eight weeks.  But during these coming weeks, some will join me as I go to high schools and hand out brochures to thousands of younger students as they leave campus in the afternoon.  And, of course, I will continue to stand outside abortion centers, trying to save more babies.


Thank you for standing with me!

In His Steps,                                       

Don Blythe
At The Well Ministries