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I've always wanted to stand on the steps of the Supreme Court and declare to those judges inside that there is only One who owns the title of Supreme, and He is God.
They must have found out I was coming because they put a fence up, got a bunch of scary, ninja-dressed police, and refused to let me push against those pillars like Samson did, even just for a minute. What's with that?
So I emailed all my millions of friends around the East Coast and they joined me at the Capitol Mall in Washington DC.  I waited until over 100,000 folks showed up and we made our way towards the Supreme Court in the freezing drizzle.
We were determined to march in opposition to the infamous Roe v Wade decision that has brought about 52 million aborted babies in 39 years.
I grabbed the smallest sign I have ever carried and joined the mile-long throng of people on the March For Life.




It was an impressive sight and atmosphere:

an army of people standing up for "those who cannot speak for themselves."



I was there, along with my brother, Kortney's sister, Kortney's husband, and other close family, to fulfill a promise to my niece, Kortney.
We would march for the cause of the helpless. 
It was a powerful time honoring the Lord and His work in Kortney's life. 


I returned to the Left Coast with fresh inspiration for the task of changing the hearts and minds of the next generation concerning the sanctity of human life and the Gospel.


Here we are handing out our great brochures to the students of Ceasar Chavez High School.  These students not only get the pro-life message, but also have a clear Gospel message printed on the entire back page.  About 500 students took our brochures and only eight were thrown on the ground.


We have covered eleven high schools while in between tours and have ten more to go in our county.



I also continue to stand outside abortion centers and try to save babies. Yes, some arrive in limo's and think of this as a trip to the store, especially with the new quickie chemical pill being used to exterminate the smallest of humans.

But some don't leave the same way they arrive.
When this woman on the stretcher first arrived at the clinic with her mom, they mocked us and assured us of their "confidence" that this was the right thing to do. 
I will not soon forget the look on her face as they brought her out the side door of the surgery room, a wounded soul with consequences that will last a lifetime. 
These kinds of moments stir us towards the task of reaching as many people before they drive into the abortion centers.
we are four weeks from our Project Truth Spring Tour and are getting ready for battle.   


Here is our schedule, although there might be some small changes over time. 


We need prayer warriors on duty. You know who you are.


Remember we are at the colleges from 9 am 'til 2 pm for two days. Then we go leaflet a high school near the college.


We are ordering 50,000 brochures for this tour because we handed out all 30,000 during the Fall.   Can you shout "Praise the Lord?"
Week  1    Feb 25-Mar 1  UNLV and CSN-Nevada
         2     Mar 5-6         Folsom College-Sacramento
         3     Mar 13-14      Delta College-Stockton
         4     Mar 19-20      Hartnell College-Salinas
         5     Mar 26-27      Ohlone College-Fremont
         6     April 2-5        Southern California Colleges
         7     April 10-11     UC Davis-Davis
         8     April 17-18     College of the Sequoias-Visalia 
Over 55 colleges covered so far in three years.  100,000 brochures planted in the lives of high school and college students. Souls saved, babies saved, and lives changed.
An "Amen" belongs here!


In humility, correcting those in opposition,
so God might grant them repentance,
so that they might know the truth,
and come to their senses,
and escape the snare of the devil,
having been taken captive by him, to do his will.
                          II Timothy 2 
In His Steps,





I am Don Blythe of At the Well Ministries. This ministry of 28 years uses the the abortion issue as a springboard for sharing the Gospel.


My mission field comprises three main areas of outreach:  the abortion mills, high schools, and college campuses.


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