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 Ready for Fall Tour of Eleven Colleges     
Here is the schedule for our Fall Project Truth Tour among Northern California colleges. Most of this tour will place us in the middle of hostile students from colleges with reputations of strong opposition to absolute truth.  Our team is preparing for real powerful dialog with the darkness and our attempt to rescue those being held captive by the evil one. 
We will be on these campuses from 9 am to 2 pm, and will leave each day to go over to a local high school and reach out to the high school students as they leave their schools.


This summer we have also been working on a new brochure that is more in line with the display we set up and will also have a great Gospel message on the back page. It will be finished by the first college we visit.
Big challenge.
Los Medanos College North Bay  August 29-30
San Francisco State  Sept 6-7
Monterey Peninsula College  Sept 12-13
Cal State Monterey  Sept 14
Sac City College  Sept 27-28
UC Santa Cruz   Oct 4-5
Santa Rosa College  Oct 11-12
Ventura College   Oct17-18
UC Santa Barbara  Oct 19-20
Reno College  Nov 1-2 
Carson City College  Nov 3


Please consider joining us at one or more of these colleges and help us reach the lost.



After 28 years of ministry I finally got my name on a marque this summer.  It was right next to the I-10 freeway in L.A., with thousands of travelers passing by.




While in Southern California I spoke at the Survivors training camp, where they raise up young people to take the prolife message across the country. 


Here we set up in Huntington Beach to reach thousands of people coming and going to the beach.   

Every summer we change people's minds and save babies with our message.


There are over fifty of us preaching the truth, mingled among the beachcombers.




When I'm not on the college campus you can find me at one of the abortion centers, calling out to the couples.


Yesterday two couples changed their minds and saved their babies. Over 3500 babies have been saved over the years.


"You have given a banner to those who fear You, that it may be displayed because of the truth." Psalm 60:4


Here I am standing outside the Modesto abortion center.




I am confronted by all kinds of people while standing in front of abortion centers.  This man got out of his car and stood near me with his message of hate and selfishness, but didn't want his face on camera because he claimed to be a "Christian."



"Your enemies roar in the midst of Your meeting place; They set up their banners for signs."

                                                           Psalm 74:4



Nothing is more rewarding than visiting one of the babies saved from abortion. 


I keep these photos around to remind me why we stand in the midst of wolves, trying to rescue the little ones.


It works and honors our Lord Jesus Christ.

In humility, correcting those in opposition,
So God might grant them repentance,
So that they might know the truth,
And come to their senses,
And escape the snare of the devil,
Having been taken captive by
him, to do his will.  2 Timothy 2   

In His Steps,                                             



I am Don Blythe of At The Well Ministries Inc.  This ministry of 28 years uses the the abortion issue as a springboard for sharing the Gospel.


My Mission Field comprises three main areas of outreach; the abortion mills, high schools, and college campuses. 


The email newsletters you receive give a hands-on look at what this ministry is all about.


I do not use the content of the letters to talk about financial support, and for 28 years the Lord has supplied my needs through the prayers and financial support of a small number of churches and individuals who believe in what I do and have seen the fruit of this labor.


If you desire to support my ministry, you can do so through regular mail or through the CashLinq donation link provided.  Cashlinq is a Christian direct-giving program that allows you to follow your giving history, and the cost to At the Well Ministries is minimal.


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