At The Well Mid-Tour Update
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So here I am on the Santa Barbara City College campus hearing the words "go into all the world" and "the harvest is plentiful" ringing in my soul.
Our Project Truth team was overwhelmed during our Central Coast Tour of four colleges and seven high schools. We handed out thousands of pieces of literature and Gospel tracts to willing students over a four-day period.
The tour had some challenges, including this moment on the Cuesta College campus when the officer was preparing to arrest me for violating the policy of the college by setting up our display outside their free-speech zone. I stood our ground and told him that the zone they wanted to place us in would only allow us to talk to the squirrels because their zone was designed to limit our access to engaging the students.
Our team watched and stood strong as the Spirit of God worked among the police and they backed down right before our eyes. It was surreal.
The campus was stirred by our presence, with some students coming to our defense. The dialogue with the students was powerful throughout the day.
The middle of the quad.
For some reason the Administration did not want us in this location.
Go figure!
An unusual event occurred when we were on the Cal Poly campus. These women from the local Planned Parenthood set up shop right next to our display.
They behaved and reluctantly took some of our literature, as you can see one of their own reading our material. I challenged them to find anything in our presentation that was incorrect. The only thing that they could complain about was our disturbing photos. I reminded them that "they" are the industry that produces those disturbing photos.
It was a great day on the campus with only three students going to the P.P. table in four hours versus hundreds of students accepting our materials and dialoguing with our team during that time. We usually hand out one to three thousand pieces of literature at each school.
The Survivors Team of six young adults who do college visits similiar to us, joined us all week, which made for a powerful, effective team of twelve voices for the preborn. Here, a number of students at Hancock College in Santa Maria listen as Kristina proclaims the truth about the voiceless babies.
At the local high schools we targeted, most teens were willing to take our literature, like these girls at Santa Maria High. We emptied our box and over six hundred teens received the truth about abortion.
Mayan indians
There were many divine appointments for our abolitionists to give out the Gospel as well, throughout the time on each college campus.
I sat down to eat lunch at Hancock College and two students sat down at the same table. They started reading out loud the Gospel tracts Bernard had given to them earlier. When they finished, I asked them what they thought of the challenge posed in the tract. The two quickly became six students as we began a conversation into the difference in our worldviews. What was really exciting was that these young people were Mayan Indians.
I had my work cut out, for these students were very intelligent and had been brainwashed to hate America and "George Bush type Christians," as they said. It was tough to stay on focus, but the Holy Spirit was keeping me in the moment as I was able to introduce these interesting young people to the real Jesus Christ.
As you can see, they each agreed to accept the book "One Heartbeat Away" to get a better understanding of the real Faith. Their leader also agreed to read Romans and the Gospel of John.
I want to say this was the highlight of the tour, but these stories were happening to our whole team throughout the week.
Here, John, Sharon and Hanna are in deep dialogue with two Santa Barbara College students, who went from hostile, to a point of conviction by the Holy Spirit during about a half hour of the truth taking on error. The young man agreed to seriously consider the claims of Christ.
The help we got from the Survivors team made these moments more possible with the large crowds of students passing by our display.
Yes, that's the Pacific Ocean in the background. Nice place to set up our presentation!!
We were also blessed by a Santa Maria family who provided us with free lodging in Pismo Beach all week. The Prolife leadership in that area treated us royally and we experienced God's provision in abundance through His people.
Our team has experienced the recession firsthand and yet we also know this is an outreach that has God's hands and heart all over it. So we stepped out in faith to go on this roadtrip and He provided all the way!!
Thank you Central Coast Prolifers for helping make this outreach a great success.
There is so much more that happened, but I must put on the armor for tomorrow's stand on the Cal State Hayward campus.
I will send video footage of some of our campus moments and will share more stories with you in the next letter. The stories are piling up.
Here is the tour at a glance:
August 30-31, Sept.1 American River College-Sacramento
September 7-8 Butte College-Oroville
September 13-14 San Jose State
September 20-21 Sacramento State
September 27-30 Central Coast
Monday-Hancock College-Santa Maria
Tuesday-Santa Barbara City College
Wednesday-Cal Poly
Thursday-Cuesta College-San Luis Obispo
October 6-7 Cal State Hayward
October 12-13 Chico State
October 19-20 San Francisco City College
November 9-10 Fresno City College
In humility, correcting those in opposition,
So God might grant them repentance,
So that they might know the truth,
And come to their senses,
And escape the snare of the devil,
Having been taken captive by
him, to do his will. 2 Timothy 2
In His Steps,
Don Blythe
At the Well Ministries, Inc.
P.O. Box 78025
Stockton, CA. 95267
Thank you faithful NorCal friends for keeping me in the "harvest field" with you prayers and support!!!