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Into the Heart of San Francisco

San Francisco City College doesn't get much attention, but our Project Truth Team was prepared to give the students lots of attention. For two days, which turned out to be all one would expect from the heart of wickedness, we engaged thousands of students with the Gospel and the prolife message.

You can imagine our surprise when we arrived to see this quote from Scripture etched in stone at the entrance to this college.

We now felt invited to the battle.

The administrator warned me that there would be trouble from the students, and as soon as we set up our display, we were under assault. At one point, an angry student pulled out her lighter and started to light our display on fire. I quickly stepped in and moved the lighter away, as she yelled out wicked words.

We had to ask the police to do a better job of protecting us and reminded them that we were recording all of their actions or inaction. The cameras seemed to get their attention.

"Give us help from trouble, for the help of man is useless. Through God we will do valiantly, for it is He who shall tread down our enemies."

Psalm 60:11-12

As the opposition escalated from some students, an incredible thing began to happen. Out of the crowd four or five students began to gently but boldly take on the students who were trying to stir up trouble. These messengers sent from God challenged the hypocrisy of their fellow students for not being tolerant of other worldviews. They also challenged the thinking process of those who believe it is okay to kill preborn children. Some of the undecided students even began to defend our presence on their campus.

God was fulfilling that promise in the Psalms right before our eyes.

The angry students were perplexed by their own friends standing up for us, and for two days our Project Truth team was able to hand out over two thousand pieces of literature and Gospel tracts with the opposition somewhat subdued for both days. We were threatened from time to time, but there was a spiritual shield surrounding us that gave us a freedom to proclaim the message throughout both days.

Here is what "an angel

among us" looks like. I took this picture as God sent in His protectors. This righteous man engaged a group of hostile fellow students and did a mighty work right before our eyes. This protector in blue stayed by our side all day.

One young lady in this group is an activist for Planned Parenthood.

Did you notice that angels have no hair? Just wanted you to notice.

The doors were open wide as we engaged students and faculty alike. John presented the reality of abortion to these three students in the photo, and although some students told us to get out of their city, many students, like these, were thanking us for coming to their campus.

"You have shown Your people hard things... You have given a banner to those who fear You, that it may be displayed because of the truth. Psalm 60:3-4 (The marching orders for Project Truth)

In this photo, Bud is explaining to an interested group of students that medicine and science have established that in the first trimester a human being is alive and growing inside the mother. Therefore, abortion is the killing of that innocent child.

The Planned Parenthood folks had set up a table across from us. They were close enough to hear four hours of the truth from our team. Some from their group worked up the courage to come over and request our materials and ask some questions. Then they went back to display their poison to the few students who were interested in their info.

On the second day, Bud Reeves had a great exchange with two homosexual professors who found out their preconceived notions of Christians were flawed. Bud did not compromise, and the professors shook his hand after the dialogue. You won't see that on TV.

It helps when our team consists of those like Rod who knows his creation/evolution debate skills and, like in the photo, is baffling some evolutionists. The big guy in the middle, who was hostile at first, eventually shook Rod's hand and told him that he thought Rod presented a compelling argument.

Our team is also strengthened to have Bernard, pictured here, who is an Environmental Biologist and evangelist trained in the "Way of the Master" witnessing program. He is very effective when we have biology students trying to stump us with their questions. It's fun to call Bernard over to a skeptical biology student and have Bernard clear up the student's misguided thinking. Bernard drives down from Redding for almost every college we do because of his passion for outreach. He is an important laborer in the harvest field for the presentation of the truth.

San Francisco City College

Jesus said, "If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed. And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free...whoever commits sin is a slave to sin...therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed." John 8:31-34

"Glorious Father, transform this earth into fertile ground,

So your seeds of truth will not fall in vain.

Let the longing grow for you the Creator,

that they so often do not want to see."

Sophie Scholl 1943

We have one more college to go for our Fall tour. Fresno City College on Nov. 9-10.

It has been a great tour! Thank you for standing with me.

In His Steps,
At The Well Ministries