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      A man's heart plans his way,
      But the LORD directs his steps. 
      Proverbs 16:9 

Our Spring Project Truth Tour has begun and it seems obvious that our timing is planned by God.  We set up our display under this banner produced by Consumnes College.  When faculty approached us to criticise us for "being on their campus," it was a great prop to point to as we silenced their anger towards us. 

Then at the Antelope Valley College campus, we arrived to find it was "Sex Responsibility Day."  That's right! 

I had no idea when setting up our tour what was scheduled at the colleges, but the Lord did Some students even put up balloons in the trees near our display. 

We thanked them.


Could it get any better than that?    



The third college we went to was Cal State Bakersfield and found out it was "High School Visitation Day."  Junior High School students were walking around campus in small groups and got more than they were expecting.  The college administrators asked us to refrain from talking to them.  Here I am(above photo) presenting the truth to a class of interested junior high students.  I couldn't "refrain."    

In the past two weeks, we handed out over 4,000 pieces of literature and had hundreds of great conversations that resulted in changed lives.  I could write a book of all the divine appointments our team experienced with the students.  The Survivors team of seven college-age adults, who do the same thing we do, in So-Cal, and around the country, joined us at Antelope Valley College in Lancaster and did a great job with the students.  We love it when they meet-up with us from time to time.  

The students at Bakersfield Community College were the most engaging and you can see by this photo, a pro-life woman student debating a pro-abortion guy.  All day students challenged us and each other.  Some students told us that we were the talk of the school and that the teachers and students were spending class-time debating abortion.  One young lady told us the pro-life students in her English class won the debate. 


Most students told us they had never seen photos of aborted babies before,  and that "it really drove home the fact that abortion kills a baby." 


One teacher asked for my email so he could schedule me for two of his Persuasion and Debate classes in April.





Some students went off into the campus after seeing the photos, only to bring back their classmates and make them look at the display.  We saved babies and shared the Gospel with many students.   




On this tour, Bernard is back with us focusing on the Gospel and giving out thousands of tracts. 





Also on this tour,  Steve Macias is with us.  He is from Students for Life.  His job is to gather names and establish pro-life clubs on college campuses on the West Coast. 
"You know who" set up a table to counter us at one college and Steve went over to let them know that "there is a new sheriff in town."  He was able to gather 40 names for the new club that day, and we hope to see great events from the clubs started at each college.  


"Have Message - Will Travel." 


We have covered most medium to large public colleges in Northern and Central California over the past four years.


What an impact for the Kingdom we are having with this message of truth.  


Spring College Tour 2011 Project Truth

Consumnes College in Sacramento-  Mon-Tues Feb.28-Mar.1
Antelope Valley CollegeMon.-Tues. March 7-8
Bakersfield College- Wednesday March 9
Cal State Bakersfield- Thursday March 10 
Sierra College - Mon-Tues March 14-15
West Valley College-Saratoga- Mon-Tues March 21-22
De Anza College- Mon-Tues March 28-29
Modesto JC- Mon-Tues April 4-5
Solano College-Fairfield- Mon-Tues April 11-12
Cal State Stanislaus- Mon-Tues April 18-19 
In humility, correcting those in opposition,
So God might grant them repentance,
So that they might know the truth,
And come to their senses,
And escape the snare of the devil,
Having been taken captive by
him, to do his will.  2 Timothy 2   

In His Steps,                                             


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