February 2021
News of the Women's Caucus for Art New Hampshire Chapter

Amy Wilson, photographer, painter and teacher shows us a glorious winter landscape made while winter kayaking through frozen water.

The WCANH Archives
Dear Members,
I’m in an organizing mood – there’s not much else to do during the pandemic – so I’ve been going through boxes of the WCANH Archives, weeding out old receipts and canceled checks from as far back as our birth in 1995. There’s nothing more satisfying than tossing and shredding useless papers. I now understand Marie Kondo’s philosophy: if it doesn’t bring you joy, get rid of it. And it’s a perfect activity during a snowstorm or when the wind chill is -10 degrees outside! I’m also organizing what we have electronically online in the cloud where it can be easily found by our Board members. What good are records if they are only available in someone’s basement? 

Do you have WCANH files on your computer? Were you a Board member or volunteer in the past? Do you have files, such as minutes, prospectuses, photos and other documents in electronic format that we should be saving? Just email them to me: donnacatanzaro1@gmail.com and I’ll store them so someone in the future can find them again.

I hope I’ve inspired you to clean out your own files! 
Happy Cleaning,
Donna Catanzaro
WCANH Chapter President
WCANH College Scholarship
Deadline April 1st
We are now accepting applications for the 2021 WCANH College Scholarship; to be awarded to a deserving female undergraduate student majoring in the visual arts, at a degree-granting accredited New Hampshire college or university. The student must be a full-time resident of New Hampshire and currently enrolled in a college or university. High School students are not eligible. The award is a $1,000 College Scholarship, plus a one-year membership in WCA/NH, including exhibition opportunities. The $1,000 Scholarship is payable to the school upon confirmation of enrollment.
Submissions must be entered by midnight April 1, 2021 and the winner notified by May 1, 2021.
Since 2005, WCA/NH has annually awarded a $1000 scholarship to a female student meeting the above criteria and showing artistic merit and promise. Please spread the word! More info at: https://www.wcanh.org/about/college-scholarship-program/


Entries are now open for Breath of the Forest (Take 2) at the Rochester Museum of Fine Arts in the Rochester Community Center AND our new Virtual Show in March - "Comfort" (thank you, Betsy Holmes of Deering for suggesting this lovely, cozy theme!) is now open for entries as well. Check out each prospectus at the links on the descriptions below.
A big thank you to our WCA/NH members who are posting their snow and heart works online in January and February! #wcanh_ig_snow and #wcanh_ig_heart are not just limited to these winter months - if you find inspiration throughout the year and want to add to these Instagram galleries, include these hashtags with your work, or send a photo of your art to info@judykrassowski.com with your contact information and I'll post your work for you! (Hint: Susan Rock suggested March's theme - look for that to drop after Valentine's Day!)

Thanks for the great responses to our survey; your Board is looking over each comment now and we'll be answering questions in the next few weeks. Great suggestions and lots to look forward to rounding out exhibit opportunities for WCA members, PODs, and our guests! As always, if you have any additional questions or suggestions, or want to get in touch, we meet the second Thursday of each month on Zoom at 3:30 p.m. Contact Judy Krassowski at info@judykrassowski.com for the Zoom link, or call 603-315-9440.
Be well and stay safe,
From your Exhibitions Committee - Suzanne, Susan, Linda, Jodi, Linda, Polly and Judy :)
And one more thing . . . Keep your eyes peeled for news on KickStart! The Prospectus and Call for Entries on this fabulous art show featuring shoes drops on March 1! Find your sole mate for inspiration and join us for the show this September at Twiggs!
Artists Read
by Rebecca Hastings

The Glass Room by Simon Mawer Other Press 2009. A powerful mesmerizing novel of art, lust, and war. Brimming with barely contained passion and cruelty, the precision of science, the wild variance of lust, the catharsis of confession, and the fear of failure - the Glass Room contains it all.

The Book of Longings by Sue Monk Kidd Viking 2020. An extraordinary story set in the first century about a woman who finds her voice and her destiny. A mesmerizing work of fiction.

Women Photographers - From Julia Margaret Cameron to Cindy Sherman
During this pandemic, I’ve found myself reading more than ever. I want to share this book with you because you might find it inspirational even if you’re not a photographer.
Photography has grown and changed since its beginnings nearly 200 years ago. Women have played an important role in this art, often defying norms, and always persisting.
This book by Boris Friedewald presents fifty-five women photographers with some of their images and an essay about how their work has contributed to photography as an art form.

Thanks to Maundy Mitchell for this addition!

Assemblage by Linda Greenwood
I have been invited to show my assemblage art work with two other artists from February 13 to March 27 at The Jaffrey Civic Center.
~Linda Greenwood
Spirals by Robin Cornwell
After reading a wonderful post from my art friend, Jan Croteau, I am following her idea and setting goals based on the moon cycle!
I have a theme of “Spirals”, so will start a new fabric piece on each New Moon. I will assess the piece on the Full Moon, wrap it up and start a plan for the next New Moon!
I hope this does a couple of things for me: 1. Put together a body of small works, and 2. Give me a focus in my retirement!
Here is a piece that will start me off on my theme!
Stitch by stitch, 
~Robin Cornwell
 I want to mention the Meredith Sculpture walk. Charles and I went over on Wednesday and did the walk along the lake and up into the village of Meredith. There are some really nice works of art. a fun and safe outing if you can resist spending too much time in the bookstore (Innisfree) and Vynn Art. We had a great carryout lunch from Hermit Woods Deli and ate in the car overlooking the town docks. 
~Rebecca Hastings
 On Sunday, January 31, I met with a group of 9-11 year old Girl Scouts from a troop in Austin, Texas. They were working on their art badges, which included talking with a woman artist. There were six Girl Scout Juniors and their leader present on Zoom. I showed them some of my work and short videos showing my studio process. They shared some of their own artwork, including drawings, a shadow box, and a portfolio box that one of the girls made to keep her artwork in. How did they find me? The troop leader asked a friend who asked a friend, who happened to been in the UT Austin art department with me back in the day. She messaged me on Facebook and then passed my name to her friend who passed it to her friend. Networking!
~Marcia Santore

From Your Editor

Please continue to send your good news or anything you think would interest your artist friends. Remember:

This Newsletter is for YOU!

 I will send out the newsletter about the fifth of each month or as soon after as I can.

Please send articles, information and images to
I will receive material until 
March 4 at 11:00 pm  
 to be included in the
March 2021 ArtGenda.

Please put "ArtGenda" in the subject line so I am sure to see it. Please send photos. If you include people I like to print their names. While I send prompts, you don't need to wait for them.
See you next month!

Paulette Brace,

POD News
The Lakes Region Group  
The Monthly Zoom meeting will be on Saturday, February 13 at 10am.  Zoom links will be sent the day before.  All are welcome to attend our meeting and we enjoy a good show and tell!  
Our March meeting will be on Saturday, March13 with more information as we near the date.  
If you would like to join our meeting  please contact Anne McMillan at 2amcmillan@gmail.com for more information.

Artist's Meeting Point (AMP)
AMP, the just north of Concord Pod, will be meeting at 10 a.m. on February 8 and then March 8.  Right now we are still meeting through ZOOM.  If you would like to be added to our email list, please send your address to me.   We'll be sharing our art work and ideas, so photograph your work and have it ready to show virtually from your desktop. Questions?  Email
adele.sanborn@gmail.com if you would like to be added to our ZOOM list.

Monadnock Pod (ModPod)
Our Monadnock Pod has decided to postpone our meeting get togethers until February 2021. Seems as if our artists are still concerned about the rise in covid cases....
Hope you are well!
Contact: Linda Greenwood (617)899-3802

Plymouth Pod
We will meet Sunday, February , and again on March, 3:30 pm on Zoom. At members' request we are meeting every two weeks. Please come even if you don't have new work. If you want to be added to the list to get the meeting number and password, please email Paulette.
Everyone welcome! BYOC (bring your own chocolate.)

This state wide POD meets the first Tuesday of each month. The next meeting will be March 2. Everyone invited! Email info@wcanh.org for codes.
Thy Strength Never Dies by Shari Boraz
I wanted to let you know that I recently had the attached piece accepted to the XX: Women 2020 show at the CAB Gallery at the University of North Carolina Wilmington.
~Shari Boraz
Flower Study by Joan Barnum
I have been taking online workshops from Paul Foxton this winter. He is a painter who lives near the Cotswolds in England, and is an amazing flower painter and excellent teacher. His zenlike approach to oil painting is very soothing during these uncertain times.
~Joan Barnum
Face Collage by Alma Grand

Here is the "Face Collage" I did in the artist, Dindga McCannon's, Art Workshop. She picked it as one of the winners! I'll be getting a subscription to BOMB magazine for a year. The workshop was sponsored & organized by @bombmag...I was totally surprised & sort of stunned to be one of the winners.
~Alma Grand
Members Businesses

These are businesses owned by WCA/NH members. It only makes sense that we support each other every way we can. Please email me (paulettebrace00@gmail)If you would like your business listed. Please put ArtGenda in the subject line so I am sure to see it.

Artist Services Open for online workshops and one person in-studio workshops in Printing without a Press, Encaustic Mixed Media, and more. Check debraclaffey.com/workshops for details.
owner: Debra Claffey
Studio for Fine Art
22A Berkely St.
Nashua NH 03064
Art Instruction by Arrangement
specializing in drawing, watercolor & etching 
owner: Loretta CR Hubley

Maundy Mitchell Photography
Portrait Photography
Main Street
Plymouth, NH 03264
owner: Maundy Mitchell

Meredith Frame Shop
73 Main Street, Meredith, NH
owner: Davida Cook

Twiggs Gallery
254 King Street
Boscawen, NH 03303
owner: Adele Sanborn
Gallery now open!

PR Tarbell Fine Art 
236 Hopkinton Road
Concord NH
Gallery Open December 14 - 15
10 am - 4 pm, otherwise by appointment
603-496-2014 or artsculpt@mindspring.co
Open to all Members, please join us!
Board Meeting
Third Thursday,
 February 18, 2021
3:30 - 5:00 pm
On Zoom
If you are not a regular member, but want to be included,
email Donna Catanzaro (donnacatanzaro1@gmail.com)

Exhibition Meeting
Second Thursday
February 11, 2021
3:30 pm
On Zoom
To be included, email Judy 
 The mission of the Women's Caucus for Art is to create community through 
art, education, and social activism.