News of the Women's Caucus for Art 
    New Hampshire Chapter
April 2020

The mission of the Women's Caucus for Art is to  create community through 
art, education, and social activism. 

Social Distancing - Staying in Touch
Kim Kleinhardt                       Corona Mona
 Maundy Mitchell    Paula and Heidi at                             Home 
Maryellen Sakura - mask
Maryellen Sakura                                Mask
Dear Members,

A Time for Introverts

As artists, I wonder if many of us are better equipped to handle the stay at home policy that the corona virus pandemic has brought on. I have to admit, I really don't mind the self-isolation. Like many artists, I'm happy to be by myself working on projects. And it's kind of a relief to look at my calendar and realize I don't have any commitments or deadlines looming, nowhere I have to be, and no events I have to attend. Even if the current events have stifled our creative juices, we introverts are coping. And we're enjoying the free time catching up on household chores, finishing art projects that were started years ago, reading that stack of books sitting by the night stand, cleaning and then organize our studios.  We're also taking long walks, sewing hundreds of masks for area hospitals, baking, eating, and binge watching Netflix.

But, don't forget to have some social interactions with your artist friends! With today's technology, online video conferencing is a breeze. It's easy to connect with your art buddies (and your family and friends too of course) using Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype and more. You can easily share your latest artwork, catch up on everyone's health, and talk about your latest trip to the supermarket (because where else would we go?). But the best part is seeing everyone's smiling faces right there on the screen. It's a very uplifting experience, almost as good as being there, but without having to wear pants! In March our WCA/NH Board met online and we accomplished so much (mostly canceling and rescheduling events) but the best part was seeing and chatting with everyone. Our WCA/NH Pods artist groups are also meeting online and they too are having fun seeing one another and sharing their artwork. 
Some tips: you will need a computer with a camera and microphone, tablet or smart phone. Photograph your artwork beforehand and have it ready on your device. You can easily share it by clicking "share screen." This is way better than holding your artwork up to the camera! And if your dog starts barking, you can easily mute your microphone by clicking on the microphone icon. 
Here are three simple steps for getting started with Zoom.  There is a 40 minute limit for the free version.  https://blog.zoom.us/wordpress/2017/07/27/3-simple-steps-getting-started-zoom/
If you have a Google account (gmail) Google Hangouts is a good choice too, and there is no time limit. https://www.androidauthority.com/how-to-use-google-hangouts-1096927

Stay safe and healthy!

Donna Catanzaro

We hope to hold an event with Making Matters later this year.
The Share Space
More Ways We Help Each Other Succeed

A Wander's Guide to Staying Home,  by Paul Theroux

From Rebecca Hastings 


What do you , as a member or chapter want from WCA National

 At the Chapter's Council meeting in Chicago, we began a brainstorming conversation with this question and now we want to hear from you. 

WHAT ARE YOUR IDEAS? We would like to know!

Email us your thoughts and they will be added to a large list that will be brought to WCA Summer Leadership Retreat (currently postponed).  
The plan will be to discuss all of the ideas submitted at the WCA Summer Retreat. Chapter leadership and members who attend will work together with the National Board to shape WCA initiatives and projects going into the future! 

Send your ideas to Laura Morrison at laura.morrison@nationalwca.org 

Rebecca Hastings                                                                 

...Watch the Swedish boys who repurposed that famous BeeGees song  "Stayin' Alive" into "Stayin' Inside"  I t's groovy  and I dare you to sit still (just  don't touch your  face)! 
https://www.news18.com/news/buzz/stayin-inside- bee-gees-song-gets-a-coronavir
From  Rebecca Hastings


Museum of the White Mountains
From Cynthia Cutting, Director
The Museum's Fridge, another cool idea (groan). 


Plymouth Artist Studio is Canceled for the rest of the semester


Rebecca Hastings           Tubing Thrills

There is still snow in Waterville Valley where Rebecca winters. This made me laugh!

Maundy Mitchell has canceled spring courses but will be offering classes in the fall. to learn about the classes and to register go to  maundymitchell.com


Annette Mitchell 
Annette's classes are canceled until further notice.
~Annette Mitchell



June 20 - September 13, 2020
Deadline April 16

This exhibition is postponed and all submission fees will be returned. Go to   MGNE.org/slater2020  for details.


How do we find out about books, websites, apps, blogs that help us grow professionally as independent artists? Usually by telling each other.  This is a share column for you by you. This has become my favorite part of the newsletter! Please send any info you think is worth sharing to:

Member's Businesses

These are businesses owned by WCA/NH members. It only makes sense that we support each other every way we can.  Please email me ( paulettebrace00@gmail)
 If you would like your business listed. Please put ArtGenda in the subject line so I am sure to see it.

Artist Services

Most of these are closed. Please contact the owner.

Encaustic, oil and mixed media, cold wax painting, encaustic monotypes, printing without a press
Digital Services
Website setup and maintenance, image processing, artist statement writing
debraclaffey.com or debra@debraclaffey.com
owner: Debra Claffey

Maundy Mitchell Photography
Portrait Photography
Main Street
Plymouth, NH 03264
owner: Maundy Mitchell

Meredith Frame Shop
73 Main Street, Meredith, NH
owner: Davida Cook

Twiggs Gallery
254 King Street
Boscawen, NH 03303
owner: Adele Sanborn

PR Tarbell Fine Art 
236 Hopkinton Road
Concord NH
Gallery Open December 14 - 15
10 am - 4 pm, otherwise by appointment
603-496-2014 or artsculpt@mindspring.com

Online Resources to Keep You Occupied

If you are looking for entertainment or distractions to take your mind off the news, there is a plethora of free online content. Here are some links to what is available: 

CNET has a good list of free entertainment, including movies, TV series, games, books, virtual tours, guitar lessons, exercise classes and more.

If gazing at animals relaxes you, these zoos and aquariums are live-streaming animals for people to enjoy during coronavirus isolation.

Lots of free concerts are being performed by artists of all genres, mostly on social media. Billboard Magazine has a list of Live Streams & Virtual Concerts to Watch During Coronavirus Crisis
Rolling Stone Magazine's Instagram hosts concerts "In My Room"
Or, you could go directly to your favorite musician's social media page. Yo-yo Ma performs on his Instagram account.
Looking for inspiration?
Here is a list of 12 art museums whose collections you can view online.

How about an art project?
Getty Artworks Recreated with Household Items by Creative Geniuses the World Over
The Library Arts Center in Newport NH is having an online Peeps Diorams exhibit. The deadline is soon April 9th. They are also offering an online watercolor class.
Learn a new technique or skill:
Free photography classes from Nikon 
Free drawing classes from famous illustrators
Or, go to YouTube and search for whatever technique or skill you are interested in trying. There are thousands of free tutorials on every media and technique you can think of! 
Donna Catanzaro

Also check out the" Share Space" for more ideas.


Breath of the Forest has been canceled.

Call for Art
Narratives: A Woman's Point of View,
Every picture tells a story and every point of view has a particular attitude or way of considering a matter. "Narratives: A Woman's Point of View" is a juried exhibition to be held August 1 through August 29 at VynnArt Gallery in Meredith, NH. It will be open to all works of 2D and 3D art in all mediums. A  narrative  is the choice of how to tell a story, what details to share and in what order to relate them. It is a representation or specific manifestation of the  story , rather than the  story  itself. A  narrative  turns  stories  into information and knowledge for the recipient. In this show, we will highlight "Narratives" from a women's point of view through art.

August 1 - August 29, 2020
VynnArt Gallery
30 Main Street
Reception: Wednesday, Aug 5, 4:30 - 7 pm

Deadline: June 8, 2020

Prospectus available at www.wcanh.org
View the Gallery at vynnart.com

Our fourth exhibition is titled, "A Closer Look". This Member's Open show will be held at the Jaffrey Civic Center in October. (The prospectus will be posted later this year.)


The Exhibition's Committee is not meeting in April as the Bow Library will be closed for the month. However, we will be in contact with each other online.

Heather Lord
Exhibition Coordinator

Members' Exhibitions

I am assuming that all exhibitions are canceled.
Please send your news when there are open galleries again. (It will happen!)

2020 WCA/NH College Scholarship Award

Now Accepting Applications

Each year we award a $1000 scholarship to a  New Hampshire  female  undergraduate student majoring in the visual arts at a degree-granting, accredited New Hampshire college or university. 
The deadline is April 15
(new deadline)
 Apply online:

Help us spread the word!

Edith Weiler 

This grant is for WCA/NH members who wish to expand their expertise in the visual Arts through workshops, seminars, or classes

For more information, to apply or to donate

Your WCA/NH Board at Work

In the middle, Adele Sanborn, (because she is speaking)
Left to right: Adele, Anne Sanborn, Cynthia Cutting, Darlene Nadeau,Donna's phone, Heather Lord, Kimberly J Smith, Lucy Mueller, Paulette Brace, Donna Catanzaro.
This our first attempt to meet using Google Hangouts. We really liked it. Everyone came. We spoke one at a time. But most of all we loved seeing each other's faces!

Open to all members! Join us!

Board Meeting
Third Thursday,
 April 16, 2020
3:30  - 5:30 pm
By Google Hangouts
If you are not a regular member, but want to be included,
email Donna Catanzaro (donnacatanzaro1@gmail.com)

Exhibition Meeting
 Meeting by email.
email Heather Lord to be included
Support WCA/NH with your Amazon purchases. Shop at
Choose " Women's Caucus For Art NH" and a portion of your sale with be donated to WCA/NH at no cost to you! 

Join a WCA/NH Pod!

Pods are smaller circles of WCA/NH members who live nearby and want to connect to work, play, see shows together, etc. You are encouraged to "Pod hop" to have more personal time with other groups! If you don't see a Pod in your area, invite a few friends over and start one, or advertise for artists in your area in ArtGenda! 

Artist's Meeting Point (AMP)
Not meeting

The Lakes Region Group
The Lakes Region Group  online  meeting will be on Saturday, April 11th at 10am via video  Please contact  2amcmillan@gmail.com  for more information and directions.   

Plymouth POD April 2020
 Plymouth POD: Amy Wilson, Paulette Brace, Alma Grand, Maryellen Sakura, Cynthia Cutting, Maundy Mitchell, Linda Walsh, Marcia Santore, Janet Cocchiaro, JoAnn Durkin, Dayna Talbot, Rebecca Hastings, Lynn Decker

Plymouth Pod

We will meet  again Sunday, April 19,  3-5 pm on
Zoom. At member's request we are meeting every two weeks. If you want to be added to the list, please email 
Everyone welcome! BYOC (bring your own chocolate.)

Monadnock Pod (ModPod)

This POD is not meeting.
Contact: Linda Greenwood( 617)899-3802

From Your Editor

This Newsletter is for you!

This year we will send out the newsletter on or about the fifth of each month.
I hope to include more openings this way. Let me know if you like it better.

Send pictures of the art you are making while we are staying home! Or books...Or walks.  Let's stay in touch.

Please send articles, information and images to
I will receive material until 
May 5 at 11:00 pm  
 to be included in the May 2020 ArtGenda.

Please put "ArtGenda" in the subject line so I am sure to see it.  Please send photos. If you include people I like to print their names.