May 2021

News of the Women's Caucus for Art New Hampshire Chapter
Congratulations! to Moriah Sanborn of Alexandria NH! Moriah is a Visual Arts Major at the New Hampshire Technical Institute in Concord. Her graduation date is the end of fall semester, 2021. She receives a $1,000 Scholarship from WCANH, plus a one year membership. The deadline for next year’s scholarship will be April 2022. Please share that info with anyone you know who is eligible. More info on our website
These Pen and Ink drawings by Moriah are titled Cardinal, Macabre and Portal.
Dear Members,

Spring is finally here! By now most of us should be fully vaccinated or close to it. How will you be celebrating? Will you be entering physical (instead of virtual) art shows, attending opening receptions, and visiting museums? I can’t wait to spend the day perusing the art museums in Boston.

But right here in New Hampshire we have lots of galleries and museums that are now open to the public. So don your mask and visit. Art is way more interesting in person!

And if you haven’t done it yet, enter the two WCANH exhibits coming up: Breath of the Forest, and Kick-Start! More information and deadlines are in this newsletter and on our website. Hope to see you soon at an opening reception!

Thank you for being a member!
Donna Catanzaro
WCANH Chapter President

Kimberly Ritchie, a NH environmental artist and Associate Professor of Art at Plymouth State University. You can see her work here:
Spring Meeting Redux
If you missed the Spring Meeting, Kimberly Ritchie's talk: “Endangered, Invasive, and Undiscovered [Species]” and our Participant Slide Show were recorded and are now on Youtube Thank you all that attended! We had 34 participants for a fun and informative meeting.

Continuing along in my series about emotions during the pandemic, here is “Joy”
~M. Robin Cornwell

Here is a new piece in Egg Tempera as I try to find my way into abstraction !!
~Julie Serrano

I have two new bodies of work on display at Art Up Front Street in Exeter, NH. To learn more, please visit,
~Becky Barsi



A WCA/NH Members Open Exhibit
June 1 – 30, 2021
Rochester Museum of Fine Art
The Bernier Room at
The Rochester Community Center,
Rochester NH

We are revisiting the relationship between humans and nature at a time when perhaps reconnection is needed most. Seeking solace in our sacred spaces, many choose the majesty of the forest – warm, protective canopies, or towering strengths of possibilities reaching into the sky – home to hundreds of minute neighborhoods of their own, all trying to do the same thing we’re doing now – live.

How do you see your own relationship with nature and the forest? What aspects of forests or their natural ingredients inspire you? What do you focus on when you experience and respond to groupings of trees?

Bring back your work from the original “Breath of the Forest” for 2020 or create something new – all are welcome for “Breath of the Forest” (Take 2)!

Exhibition Dates: June 1 through June 30, 2021.
Opening Reception: Friday, June 4, 1-4 p.m.
Entry Deadline: May 16 or until we receive 40 works.
Entry fee: $15.00; first come, first served opportunity.
Drop off: May 24, 26, 27 between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. at Rochester Museum of Fine Art, Rochester Community Center, Rochester NH.
Pick up:  June 30 during take down at RMFA or July 1-2 at RMFA between 11 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.
Eligibility: You must be a 2021 member to enter WCA/NH to enter.
prospectus HERE
Artist Trading Card’s for 2021
If you are unfamiliar with Artist Trading Cards, they are little pieces of art that we trade, much like kids used to trade baseball cards back in the day.

We ask that each participating artist make six cards, based on a set of themes every other month, and mail them to me. I will then assemble a random collection of cards for each participant, and one set for the archives. Your surprise collection of ATC’s will arrive in the mail a week or two after the deadline! I challenge you to give it a try, especially if you never have made ATC’s before – it might provide a creative spark you weren’t expecting

If you are making an ATC, there is really only one guideline. They measure 2 ½” x 3 ½”. After that, it’s all up to you! ATC’s can be made of any material your creative mind can think of. Many people cut watercolor paper to size and base their work on that, but we have ATC’s in our archives made entirely of fiber, glass and acetate, to name a few. Be creative! Polymer clay, metal, wood, quilting - what is your specialty? ATC’s can be dimensional or flat, painted or collaged, have moving pieces, tags, embellishments or anything you can dream up. Bring your skill set to the practice and see what happens.

In our swap, we use three themes – or jumping off points – to inspire our cards. You can use just one of the suggestions, combine two, or incorporate all three in your ATC. They are only meant as a starting point, and you should bring your own perspective, talents and voice each time you make your cards.

Create a set of six (or seven, if you want to keep one of your own) to make it easy, fun, and cohesive.

Please include the following information on the back of your ATC (or include it with each card in some other way): Your name, the date, and the theme(s) you chose. You may also want to include your website, e-mail, or other contact information.

Send your SIX cards with a self-addressed, stamped envelope (VERY important, if you want to receive cards back!!) and get them to me around the 1st of the month. If you have any questions about the program, please e-mail me at

The themes for the remainder of 2021 are:
Swap 1: Blue, beach & sandpaper, due June 1
Swap 2: Green, florals & watercolor due August 1
Swap 3: Autumn colors, leaf rubbings & crayons due October 1
Swap 4: White, geometric shapes & glitter, due December 1
Mail your six ATC’s and a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Wendy Ayotte, 76 Christmas Tree Lane, Milford, NH 03055.

 Every month surprises me when I see the cards other artists come up with. We all start with the same inspiration, but end up with completely different products! Look for photos in future newsletters,



A WCA/NH Members Open Exhibit
September 11-October 31, 2021
Twiggs Gallery
254 King Street, Boscawen NH 03303
Use the theme of a shoe as the focus of the artwork to symbolize the kick-starting of our lives and to show how to encourage people to step out of the restrictions imposed on everyone this past year.
How can we represent a “kick start” in energizing the launching of a new stretch of happiness?
Is it an athletic shoe that will thrust us forward? Is it a work shoe that will take us back to the office? Is it a high heel that will send us clicking on the dance floor or skipping at a party? How about a sandal that will allow the sand to tickle our toes on the beach? Show a flip flop shoe that will “flip” us into a special happy mood. Maybe it is slippers to guide us to a good night’s sleep. Stomp around in the rain in your old galoshes! Or finally find your “solemate.” Put some spring into your step and use the “shoe” as a catalyst to launch us into new adventures. The exhibit will be a tribute to the resiliency of women and to the many ways women have found to re-boot their lives since the onset of the corona pandemic.So just put your best foot forward and submit your finest art!

Questions? Contact Exhibition Coordinator Linda Greenwood,; 617.899.3802 cell

prospectus and to enter HERE

Of Interest

From the PODS

Want to learn more about PODS? Heather Lord If you missed her article, Click Here

The Lakes Region Group  
Pod Meeting information:
The Lakes Region Group  Monthly meeting will be on May 8th at 10am via zoom.   Zoom links will be sent the day before.  We are hoping to start having meetings in person starting sometime in June and will have more information on where and when in the June Artgenda.  We welcome WCA members and non-members to attend our meeting and we do enjoy a good show and tell!  If you would like to join or know of someone who might be interested please contact Anne McMillan at for more information. 

Artist's Meeting Point (AMP)
AMP, the just north of Concord Pod, will be meeting at 10 a.m. on Tuesday, May 10th and then June 14th. We'll be sharing our art work and ideas on the 10th via ZOOM, so please make sure your images are on your desktop for sharing.  On the 14th, weather permitting we will meet in person at TWIGGS Gallery.  Bring a lawn chair and your work to show!!  Also if you want to stay for lunch (12-1), bring that as well for our outside chitchat and in person catch up.  On the 14th LIVE get together we will have a Zoom component……on this part we will try our best!! This all happens at TWIGGS Gallery in Boscawen, exit 17 off of I93.  Questions?  Email

Monadnock Pod (ModPod)
Monadnock Pod – we are planning to start our in-person monthly meetings on Thursday, June 10th, outside at the home of Linda Greenwood in Peterborough (tel: 603.924.6505) All artists nearby are very welcome! We like to help critique each other’s work and share artsy ideas.
Contact: Linda Greenwood (617)899-3802

Plymouth Pod
Plymouth POD will meet again Sunday, May 16, at 3:30, then May 30. We are staying with Zoom for now, but discussing when we can get together in person again.
Codes will be sent out the day of the meeting. If you have saved them, they will be the same.
All artists welcome. You do not have to be a WCANH member.

This state wide POD meets the first Tuesday of each month. The next meeting
will be June 1 at 6:30. Everyone invited! Email for codes.

I'm please to have my art included in the following galleries:
Tethered by Light, AVA Gallery, 4/23 - 6/4/21, Lebanon, NH,
~Shari Boraz

Artists Read
~Rebecca Hastings

Everything She Touched: the life of Ruth Asawa by Marilyn Chase. Chronicle Book San Francisco 2020.

This biography reads like a novel with intimate glimpses into the
experiences of Asawa’s life in the Rohwer Relocation Center for Japanese Americans during WWII, on the campus of Black Mountain in Asheville, NC, and her married life with architect Albert Lanier. Her discipline
for work, for art, and for her children is palpable. You will come away marveling at the power and creativity of a woman of small stature who accomplished such big dreams in unassuming surety. Currently the choice of this month’s WCA Book Club. Read more about this book club in the May Pulse.


Quarantine Quilts: Creating in the Midst of Chaos by Sandra Sider. Schiffer Publishing July 2021.
Learn how our creative development is shaped by experiences that isolate us from
other people. The insightful words of 97 contemporary quilt artists combine with evocative photos of their quarantine creations during the COVID-19 pandemic's first months. These visual and personal stories of concerns, despair, and ideas give us a fascinating perspective and can help connect our own experiences with the pandemic to those of the larger world of creativity. Learn from makers' notes, their reactions to and experiences with COVID-19, and the visual results of creators' new ways of thinking. Front cover image: quilt by Anne Bellas. Half of the author's royalties will be donated to Doctors Without Borders. 
From Your Editor

This Newsletter is for YOU!

 I will send out the newsletter about the fifth of each month or as soon after as I can.

Please send articles, information and images to
I will receive material until 
June 5
for the
June 2021 ArtGenda.

Please put "ArtGenda" in the subject line so I am sure to see it. Please send photos. If you include people I like to print their names. While I send prompts, you don't need to wait for them.
See you next month!

Paulette Brace,

You’re invited!
Now that many of us are *vaccinated against COVID-19, Art After Hours will return! Join us for an open studio on Thursday, May 27 from 4:00 -6:00 p.m., at 2 Post Office Square, Plymouth, NH.
Come see changes to the studio, and the newest tintype room. I’ll share my latest portrait work, including tintypes and new mixed media pieces, and musician Mark Flynn will play saxophone outside! 
Come, say hello again in person. Enjoy music and art! You can find out how portrait sessions work, see recent portraits, chat, network, or just enjoy the company. 
*We want to continue to protect our community, so we ask that everyone wear a mask, even if you’re vaccinated. 

Maundy Mitchell Photography
2 Post Office Square, #1-5
Plymouth, NH 03264

Nameless Faceless
by Mimzie Uhler
Retablos Reconsidered
April 24 - June 3
Opening Reception: Saturday, April 24 from 1-3 pm
Twiggs Gallery
254 King Street
Boscawen, NH 03303

Retablos are traditional devotional paintings that developed in Spain in the Catholic Church around the 12th century. The traditional paintings are devotional holy images that relate to a miraculous event. 
In this exhibit, the artists have reconsidered this honorific art form to reveal themes that personally, socially even politically affect their lives. Some reflect traditional religious themes within a contemporary context. Others are non-religious but are created to draw awareness to broad issues in our times and some reveal deeply personal stories.
This exhibit follows an earlier, very successful, show by members of Plymouth and Lake Region PODs. 
These artists were asked to show these works again and/or add others.


I am opening an art gallery in Gilford, NH!

MacDonald Fine Art 
43 Gilford East Dr.
Gilford, NH
(603) 527-8255
We are featuring New England artists, some local and some nationally know.
We will have original paintings, prints and sculpture. 
Our opening day is May 28th.
We will be open Wednesdays through Saturdays 10 to 5.
I would love to get the word out about the gallery. We are looking for some quality artists who might be interested in being represented. 

~ Susan MacDonald 

Members Businesses

These are businesses owned by WCA/NH members. It only makes sense that we support each other every way we can. Please email me ( if you would like your business listed. Please put ArtGenda in the subject line so I am sure to see it.

Artist Services
Open for online workshops and one person in-studio workshops in Printing without a Press, Encaustic Mixed Media, and more. Check for details.
owner: Debra Claffey
Studio for Fine Art
22A Berkely St.
Nashua NH 03064
Art Instruction by Arrangement
specializing in drawing, watercolor & etching 
owner: Loretta CR Hubley

Maundy Mitchell Photography
Portrait Photography
Main Street
Plymouth, NH 03264
owner: Maundy Mitchell

Meredith Frame Shop
73 Main Street, Meredith, NH
owner: Davida Cook

Twiggs Gallery
254 King Street
Boscawen, NH 03303
owner: Adele Sanborn
Gallery now open!

PR Tarbell Fine Art 
236 Hopkinton Road
Concord NH
Gallery Open December 14 - 15
10 am - 4 pm, otherwise by appointment
603-496-2014 or
Open to all Members, please join us!
Board Meeting
Third Thursday,
May 20, 2021
3:30 pm
On Zoom
To be included, email Donna Catanzaro (
Exhibition Meeting
Second Thursday
May 13, 2021
10 am
On Zoom
To be included, email Linda Greenwood

 The mission of the Women's Caucus for Art is to create community through 
art, education, and social activism.