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November 2013
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Have you ever told someone, including yourself, that you were going to do something, and then not follow through? Are there certain parts of your life where you have thought "... yeah, I committed to this or that, but they'll understand... or, it's not that important"? 


Isn't that an integrity issue?


I define integrity as "Doing What You Say". Living with integrity is a habit that you either have developed or you haven't. And, rest assured, it is a habit that is based on your inner attitudes. 


We are creatures of habit, and whether you choose to live up to or blow off a commitment you reinforce that habit of thought.


It's your choice, which do you choose?


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Obstacle = You? 


How do your personal, professional, and  business results look lately? 


Are you stuck on a plateau?


Are you doing the same things and expecting a different result?



Setting Expectations
For Sustainable Performance Improvement


By setting clear and concise expectations, you can minimize or eliminate many challenges of leading your people to high levels of performance.

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Obstacle You?
Setting Expectations
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Thought for The Month

"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant."


~Robert Louis Stevenson 






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