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June 2014
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June 2014 edition of "On Purpose"!


As we all know, one of the most important things that impacts personal and organizational results is the attitude of the people involved. We have devoted this edition of On Purpose to just that: 


What impact is your attitude having on your outcomes, and how can you make that attitude more positive to achieve improved results? Please use these articles in the growth of your own business or share with your employees and clients, when appropriate, as a value-added tool.


We hope you find the information shared here to be of value. If you are, or have been, a client many thanks for your patronage... and for your continued confidence! 


If we haven't had the opportunity to work together yet, I am excited about the potential to develop a long and mutually beneficial relationship.


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Do You Want To Be Successful? The Right Attitude Is Your Key!


A famous quote says, "Your attitude today determines your success tomorrow. The most valuable asset you can possibly possess is a positive attitude towards your life." 


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Maintaining a Positive Attitude is Good For Business



So if everyone is reasonably trained in the what and the how... why is it that some of those salespeople, or project managers, or supervisors, or managers, etc., outperform their peers? 


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In This Issue of "On Purpose"
Do Want to be Successful?
Maintaining a Positive Attitude is Good for Business
Thought for the Month
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Thought for The Month

"Feeling sorry for yourself, and your present condition, is not only a waste of energy but the worst habit you could possibly have."




~Dale Carnegie





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