Saturday, September 1, 2018
Aloha my beloved parish 'ohana,

There is a story of Horace Greeley, publisher and editor of the now defunct New York Tribune , receiving a letter from a woman who wrote: “Our Church is in dire financial straits. We have tried everything to keep it going: A strawberry festival, an oyster supper, a donkey party (whatever that is!), a turkey dinner, and finally a box social. Will you please tell us, Dr. Greeley, how to keep a struggling church from disbanding?” Greeley answered her in a message of two words: “Try Christianity.”

It is exceedingly easy for a congregation to lose its focus. We who worship here regularly should be consistently asking ourselves, “Do our worship services, indeed in all we do, lead us and others to a deeper relationship with God?” “Do I find that after worshiping here I am trusting anew in Christ?” “Do I have renewed assurance in the Love that went all the way to hell and back for me?”

Whether you are new(er) to this parish 'ohana or a longtime member, my prayer is your the answer to these questions above is a resounding 'yes'. May you find in this worship service, Jesus waiting for you in the eyes of the usher, in the smile of the person who readily offers up a space beside them in the pew in which they are sitting, in face of the chalice bearer who gently invites you to share in drinking from the Cup of Salvation. May our common prayer be that, in coming here, especially to worship, but certainly in all our ministries and programs, we leave with a renewed assurance in the love of God that knows no bounds. And we will have a burning desire to want to come back for more.

I hope to see you tonight at our Beach Mass or in the morning!

With blessings,

David +

Clergy Retreat Mahalo

David and Marnie attended the annual diocesan clergy conference on Maui Monday through Wednesday morning this past week. Mahalo for the opportunity for us to participate. Much of our time was spent in lectures and discussion with our guest speaker, Rosa Say. Rosa is author of the book, "Managing with Aloha." We talked a great depth about how we, as leaders, help foster a spirit of aloha. While it is a secular model based on the hotel industry there were many parallels to imparting our the Christian virtues of the fruits of the Spirit. It was a valuable discussion. Rosa lives in Waikola Village and has a strong "sense of place" to Hawai'i Island.

Mahalo to the Rev. Amy Crow, her family, and the parishioners of the Church of the Holy Innocent's, Maui, for hosting us for Eucharist on Monday evening and dinner on their rectory's back, beachfront lanai.

It was terrific to be with all the clergy but certainly with the Rev. JAR Pasalo, our one time, seminary intern and Jazzy Bostock, our recent seminary grad and newly minted deacon.
Midweek Worship
Every Wednesday 
Morning Prayer, 9 AM 
Every Wednesday, at 9 AM in St. James' church, we offer the service of Morning Prayer. This is a beautiful way to begin one's day. The service of Morning Prayer, also known as Matins, is one of the two main Daily Offices in the Episcopal church. One of the beautiful aspects of Morning and Evening Prayer is that as you pray the office you are praying it with thousands of people around the world who are also engaged in these same or similar prayers. In addition, during the service, we will be incorporating the reading of the names on our parish prayer list. Please come and join us in prayer. 
Discipleship Advice
on Praying anywhere and everywhere . . .

"It is impossible to live the life of a disciple without definite times of secret prayer. You will find that the place to enter in is in your business, as you walk along the streets, in the ordinary ways of life, when no one dreams you are praying, and the reward comes openly, a revival here, a blessing there." - Oswald Chambers
This weekend, we remember the birthday of Queen Lili`uokalani (1838-1917). Ascending the Throne of Hawai'i in late 1891 upon the death of her brother, King Kalakaua, she was the last sovereign of the Kamehameha dynasty, which had ruled a unified Hawaiian kingdom since 1810. By the time she took the throne herself in 1891, a new Hawaiian constitution had removed much of the monarchy's powers in favor of an elite class of businessmen and wealthy landowners. When Lili`uokalani acted to restore these powers, a U.S. military-backed coup deposed her in 1893 and formed a provisional government. The Queen was imprisoned in her former bedroom in 'Iolani Palace. Hawaii was declared a republic in 1894. Lili`uokalani signed a formal abdication in 1895 but continued to appeal to U.S. President Grover Cleveland for reinstatement, without success. The United States annexed Hawaii in 1898.
A skilled musician, Lili`uokalani wrote more than 160 songs and chants in her lifetime including "Aloha Oe". During our services this weekend we will sing/say the words of the hymn "Ke Aloha O Ka Haku" (The Queen's Prayer), composed by Queen Lili`uokalani while she was under house arrest at Iolani Palace. This hymn was dedicated to Victoria Ka`iulani, heir apparent to the throne. The words of this hymn beautifully express the need to forgive and to be forgiven. 
The words of HM Queen Liliʻuokalani (taken from Hawaii's Story) :
"Oh honest Americans, as Christians hear me for my down-trodden people! Their form of government is as dear to them as yours is precious to you. Quite as warmly as you love your country, so they love theirs. With all your goodly possessions, covering a territory so immense that there yet remain parts unexplored, possessing islands that, although near at hand, had to be neutral ground in time of war, do not covet the little vineyard of Naboth's, so far from your shores, lest the punishment of Ahab fall upon you, if not in your day, in that of your children, for 'be not deceived, God is not mocked.' The people to whom your fathers told of the living God, and taught to call 'Father,' and whom the sons now seek to despoil and destroy, are crying aloud to Him in their time of trouble; and He will keep His promise, and will listen to the voices of His Hawaiian children lamenting for their homes."
Prayer for Labor Day
On this weekend, when we rest from our usual labors, loving God, we pray for all who shoulder the tasks of human labor—in the marketplace, in factories and offices, in the professions, and in family living. 

We thank you, Lord, for the gift and opportunity of work; may our efforts always be pure of heart, for the good of others and the glory of your name. 

We lift up to you all who long for just employment and those who work to defend the rights and needs of workers everywhere. 

May those of us who are now retired always remember that we still make a valuable contribution to our Church and our world by our prayers and deeds of charity. 

May our working and our resting all give praise to you until the day we share together in eternal rest with all our departed in your Kingdom as you live and reign Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever. Amen.

In recognition of Labor Day
the Parish Office will be closed.

As always, when the parish office is closed or it is after regular office hours and there is a pastoral emergency please contact our clergy directly: David at 238-4956, Marnie 333-2247, and Linda (218) 590-5463
Team John Kitchen
"Walk To End Alzheimers"
September 15 Fundraiser

Help Sponsor Team John Kitchen in the Walk To End Alzheimers on September 15. Give up a latte or more by going to online to: Malia' Walk Page, or give items for a garage sale which will be held Saturday September 8 to raise funds. All small donations accepted. NO clothing please. Proceeds will ALL go to the Alzheimer’s Association. Contact Malia Kitchen 887-1332 to drop off items at 66-1746 Akulani Street. Mahalo for your generosity.
Heart Partners Reminder 
The year is marching by. Therefore, it is a good time to remind those of you who chose Heart Partners at the beginning of the year, to continue to pray for and think about your Partner and to be sure to let them know you are thinking of them by sending a card at least once a month, so they know they haven't been forgotten. 

It is amazing how a little note or gift can give cheer to someone who may have been down or having a difficult time. 

Remember that at Christmas, everyone will be revealing who they are to their Heart Partners, and making the personal connection that could seal a new friendship for the rest of your lives.
What joy St. James’ Choir brings to our ‘ohana. If you are looking for a place to serve and/or belong, give St. James’ Choir a try.

Our Choir Director, Rona Lee, has a beautiful spirit and great passion in making sure all that volunteer their voices and musical talents feel welcome and included.

If you would like to give the choir a try or if you play an instrument or dance the hula, contact Everett or Rona. They will glad to talk with you. Contact them via the parish office .
E Komo Mai!

If you are already baptized, and desire to make this parish 'ohana your parish 'ohana, then do not hesitate to contact David+, our rector, or any of our clergy, if you have questions about becoming a member of our parish.

"Therefore welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God." 
Romans 15:7 
This year's convention will be held at the King Kamehameha Hotel in Kona. A wide variety of volunteer opportunities are available. Lunch included! The Education Day is Friday, October 26 and the Convention will be held on Saturday, October 27th. Help is needed for both days in a variety of areas including set up and take down, reception and registration, hospitality, and elections. If you would like more information,  CLICK HERE.   If you would like to help, please contact David+, our rector or if you have any questions, contact Rae Costa at (808) 536-7776, ext. 326, or  e-mail her . Mahalo for considering this request!
Episcopal Relief & Development

Episcopal Relief Debuts a New Video READ MORE"

Read more
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"Come, O blessed of my Father;
inherit the kingdom
prepared for you"
Please remember in your prayers the family and friends of those who have recently died, including Janet Sing, George Abe, and Gladys Chock.

The funeral for Jan will be at St. James’ on Saturday, September 29 at 10 AM.

George’s funeral will be Saturday, September 22 at 10 AM at Church of the Good Shepherd on Maui.

Notes of Love and Sympathy maybe sent to Glady’s family at:

Susan Harley, 404 San Vincente Blvd., Unit 106, Santa Monica, CA 90402;

To George’s wife, Jeannie, at: 28 Palekaiko Place, Waikulu, HI 96793;

To Janet's son, James (Skip) Stevens, 1627 Mohave Dr Apt 1113
Bullhead City AZ 86442-3704.
Peggy Rein, Patricia Eckstrom, Sarah, Leanne Baskin, Gloria Seiden, Narcisa Yagin, Menelio Balmilero, Nicole Anderson, Marlene Thees, Trevor, Carl Stanforth, Barbara Lackey, Alan Ackerman, Brad Young, Monica Parker, Gladys Takeya, Gerry Goodenough, Monique Abbasi, Jack A, Isaac DeRego, James Knox Everett, Riley Furlong, Jerry Reyla, Debbie Gaines, Israel Kahoopii, Dallas Gomes, Pedro Ka'awaloa, Eleanor, Nathan Lee, Ted Lindsey, Jane Cook & Family, Eleanor Mendias, Mark & Kay Segal, Carol Carpenter, Maurice Cecil & Pukaua Summer Sommers, Betty Santorio, Cheyanna Lahnum, Jesse Osmun, Art-Andre (Petit) Dieme, Patrick OʻBrien, Pegi Young, Linda Axel, Graham D. Kitchen, Helen Cronk, Shin Runkel, Mary Avery, Alex Ka'aua, the Reyes family, Paterno Balmilero, Jeff Morrell, Vicky Tagaca, Victor Wusstig, Maelle Wolf, Steven, Kaipo Young, Veronica Yadao, Coe Atherton, Annette LaBonte, Pat Holiday, Nancy Davidson, Grace Inamine, Betty Sheldon, Dr. Jill Fishback Chambers, Wendy Copra, Karen Sanchez, family & friends of Jan Sing, The Rev. Katherine Cunningham, Tony Abbott, Verna Chartrand, Elizabeth McCarthy, Greg Sliva ++
If you would like to be added to the Prayer List or would like to add someone else (please get their permission first), call the parish office at 808-885-4923 or email at  by the Tuesday before you would like the name to appear in the bulletin. Please mention 'Prayer List' in the Subject line of the email to Jacque so that she knows it's not a spam email from someone she doesn't know personally.
Names will remain on the list for 4 weeks. You must then request to have the name added again.  
In the back of the church are note cards. Please take 5 to 10 cards and envelopes home with you. Use them to reach out to one another and those in the wider community.  
Please keep in your thoughts and prayers parishioners who are unable to be with us in worship. Please reach out to them and let them know they are missed. 

Gerry Goodenough          
PO Box 988                
Kamuela, HI 96743          

Veronica Yadao
PO Box 61
Pa'auilo, HI 96776

Tepa Farias 
PO Box 1152 
Kamuela, HI 96743 
Alexandra "Alex" Ka'au'a

Coe Atherton
c/o Tripper Atherton
Do you know of someone else to whom we could reach out?

Please get their permission first, then contact the parish office to have them added to the list. email here or telephone at 808-885-4923
Mahalo to the Rev. Richard Mallory
and his wife, Pam.
Our deepest manalo to Richard+ and Pam for coming to be with us for the month of August. Tuesday they will leave for their home on in Arizona. We thank them for sharing their gifts and themselves with us. A hui hou!
Welcome Home Rev. Linda and Bob
This week we greet with great anticipation, the return of our Associate Rector for the St. Columba's Congregation, Linda+, and her husband, Bob. They have been gone for the Summer to be with family and friends in Minnesota. Get ready for a big aloha welcome, you two!

The St. Columba's phone number is: 323-2627
A Hui Hou Clay & Helen Reeves
This Saturday, at the Beach Mass, we say a hui hou to parishioners, Clay & Helen Reeves. They are moving to South Dakota to be closer to their family. Please keep them in your prayers. They both have our deepest mahalo for all they have done for our parish 'ohana. Clay faithfully ran the sound system at the Beach Mass week after week, as well as making the "red" signs on our property and for the Beach Mass, helped transform the St. Columba's pulpit into the beautiful altar, as well as many, many other wood working projects. The last one is his working on making two new pews for St. James' Church. Helen was a faithful member of our Prayer Shawl Ministry making many shawls for those in need. She also became trained as a Lay Eucharistic Visitor and regularly took communion to parishioner Janet Sing. We will greatly miss them both!
from Steve Kittell


On a beautiful summer night we broke the record for most meals served in the Pavilion! 273 meals served there (including 32 keiki) plus 84 deliveries for a grand total of 367.

Our bountiful meal consisted of Roast Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Stuffing, Rice, Gravy, hot mixed vegetables, 5 delicious salads, pumpkin pie, brownies and cookies. What a feast! Several people said it was just like Thanksgiving!

We are so very grateful to our Meal Sponsor: Title Guaranty Escrow of Waimea who not only paid for the meal but also brought a full shift of servers who were so hard working and fun.

We also want to say a big Mahalo to Sansei Restaurant who toasted all 56 chickens for us this week.

You can tell that summer is almost over because we had our HPA student volunteers (12) who will be with us for this first trimester on the 4-5 shift. In addition to volunteering to serve, HPA students are growing some of our produce now. Mahalo nui loa to them.
The Pule with Volunteers and Guests
In addition we were very fortunate to have 10 UC Davis Health Services students assist in the preparation of the meal this week. They are here for a 5 week camp to conduct research in rural medicine & community outreach. The camp is set up by Pe’ahi Education Group, which is led by Dr. Mahealani Yamashita. She is trying to recruit more medical professionals to Hawaii. A big MAHALO to them for their help. All 10 will be back next Thursday to serve the meal. Let’s give them a warm welcome.
If you have been wanting to come and volunteer, come on down on Thursdays anytime from 10am-6:30pm......there is ALWAYS room for another set of hands and we would LOVE to have you join us in this fun and meaningful ministry. Any ages are welcome (our youngest regular server is 7 and he is great) If you have out of town guests, bring them too (no experience necessary) MAHALO NUI LOA.

To Volunteer, sponsor a meal, or donate food, contact Sue Dela Cruz at
from Nina Disbro
The Thrift Store contributes fabric for this program - below is correspondence between Lynn Greer, who coordinates the making of the dresses; Ginni Sommerlot who helps with the sewing; and Lauren, who coordinates with the mission to Uganda's Amahoro Home. The link below is to the photo album from the mission.

from Lynn Greer
Dress a Girl Around the World

Dear DAG supporters.
Attached are pictures from Uganda. Ginni will be back to sew with us this winter and take more dresses to their orphanage and medical clinic. It is so great to work with this group. Be sure to scroll down to Lauren's note and click on  here  to see beautiful pictures of wildlife and landscape in Uganda. 
May God bless you all for all that you contribute.

Lynn, When we were in Kona last year you and your group gave me 120 dresses and 40 pr. of shorts to send to our Amahoro (Peace) Home in Uganda. In church this morning we heard from our group that had just returned from 2 weeks there. 3 of the group are doctors so they were able to have clinics. I think they said they saw over 120 patients. But I digress. As you can see, the little girls loved there dresses. Lorie said that it was fun to watch them hold them up to see which ones they wanted. Aren’t little girls the same everywhere?  

When we come back this winter I will have more fabric – so far I have two bolts. I’m also going to have a sewing machine so I can join you ladies. Our group wondered if you could include dresses that were smaller and also a bigger size. Perhaps I could work on that.

Looking forward to seeing you.
Ginni Sommerlot
Ashland, Or.

Hi Ginni!
Please pass on the thank you for all the beautiful dresses this year! There are a couple of photos in this google drive album  here.  I've also attached my favorite photos as well.
Thanks again!
Nina Disbro

Nina Disbro, 
Thrift Store Ministry Coordinator
from Susan Acacio
Nursery will resume on September 9. We will once again meet in the Small World Preschool Building from 8:30AM to 10:30AM. Suzette and Henia are excited about getting back to our routine.
Godly Play Blocks
Godly Play resumes September 9, 2018. We will meet in the Spencer Building and the keiki will be back from Godly Play in time for Communion with their families.
We had several parents attend our Parent Orientation for Godly Play on this past Sunday in the Spencer Building. Laura Williams shared the story of The Circle of the Church Year and she did an amazing job. The parents walked away with a better understanding of how our church year works, and the keiki enjoyed sitting on the floor with their parents. They did a great job of showing their parents how we do thing in Godly Play. We then shared some yummy refreshments and answered any questions. The parents remarked on how much they enjoy the format and really look forward to using Parent Pages to reinforce the story they will hear on Sundays. Please remember to include your grandchildren in Sunday plans. We would love to have them join us.
Other important information: Fall Fest Fun for Families, “Treasure Hunt, Finding All You Need in Jesus” will be held in the Pavilion on October 26, 2018 from 5PM – 7PM. Dinner will be served. Register early.  
Please let me know if you are interested in helping with any of our amazing programs we have in the works. You will have just as much fun as the keiki.

I will be on the mainland from September 4, 2018 through September 25, 2018. I will always be available by phone @ 808-895-2086 or email When I return, I will be finalizing the dates for After School Tutoring and Ukulele Group. They will both be held on Wednesdays. Tutoring will be from 1:30PM - 3PM with the walking school bus to get the keiki over from the elementary and middle school. Ukulele will begin right after tutoring at 3PM and end at 4PM.

      With Blessings, Susan Acacio, Youth Ministries Coordinator
Susan Acacio, 
Youth Ministry Coordinator  
(808) 895-2086
Volunteer Opportunities and Community Needs
Give Aloha | Foodland

Give Aloha, Foodland's Annual Community Matching Gifts Program, was created in 1999 to honor Foodland's founder, Maurice J. "Sully" Sullivan and continue his legacy of giving back to the community. Each year during the month of September,...

Read more
St. Augustine's Annual Bazaar is held outside thrift shop, with a white elephant sale, boutique, plants, and keiki sections. The Bazaar opens at 8:30am.

The hall, which has food and the silent auction opens at 9:00 with the concessions, and shave ice.

Entertainment:  Emcee –  Mila Polevia  

8:30 – 9:30 –  David Gomes & Wendy Hinkl
9:30 – 10:30 –  Na Kupuna ‘O Kohala & Hula Halau Kalaniumi a Liloa
10:30-10:45 – Ryukyukoku Matsuri Daiko Kohala / Waimea
10:45 – 11:00 –Ukulele Ensemble
 11:00 – 12:00 - Mila Polevia
12:00 – 1:00 - Hula Halau o Mana’olana o Kohala
Our  Food Pantry Ministry  supports the work of our sister parish, Annunciation Church, next door. We ask that you prayerfully consider helping this vital ministry to our community. You will find two round plastic bins in the back of St. James' Church for donations, but please bring your donations to ANY of our Parish services.

Food items that are always needed: Canned goods (Tuna, Chicken, Spam, Green Beans, Tomatoes, Peas, Corn, Pineapple, Peaches, Spaghetti Sauce with or without meat); Spaghetti pasta (dry not canned), Ramen, Rice, Cheerios. Please, no rusted or dented canned goods or expired goods.

Monthly Women's Bible Study
The Women’s Bible Study resumes THIS Friday, September 7 in the Church from 10-12. We will begin an in depth study of Mary, the mother of Jesus. All women are welcome. Bring your friends! 

Education for Ministry - EfM
Meets weekly on Tuesdays from 8:30 AM to 10:30 AM at St. James. Registration required. New program participants can sign up beginning in November for the study year beginning in January. For additional information about the program  CLICK HERE 

Noon Bible Study at the Piltz's Home in Kanehoa subdivision
Wednesday Noon (every week) - A scholarly reflection on the upcoming assigned Scriptures for our weekend worship. If there is a need to cancel or move the bible study, we try to contact everyone that regularly attends. If in doubt, always contact the parish office.
Directions to Guy+ and Jo's:

From St. James' Church it is 4.9 miles. Drive south on Kawaihae Road. Turn left on Ouli Street into Kanehoa subdivision. Follow the road around all the way until it comes to an end. Turn right into the driveway at the end of the cul de sac, and follow the driveway to the yellow two story house. You have arrived! Any questions, contact our rector, David, at 238-4956
Wisdom Corner
You don't always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go and see what happens. ~ Mandy Hale
I t’s not about us. It’s about God, who created and redeemed us, and who sustains our life day by day. We have been created by God and for God, and we will find our deepest joy and satisfaction when we live in union with God.
-Br. David Vryhof

An Episcopal Monastery in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

A Prayer for the End of Day
The stillness of God be mine this night, that I may sleep in peace. The awareness of the angels be mine this night, that I may be alert to unseen mysteries. The company of the saints be mine this night, that I may dream of the river of love. The life of Christ be mine this night, that I may be truly alive to the morning, that I may be truly alive. ~ J. Phillip Newell, Celtic Benediction.
Up-coming Parish Events at a Glance
Labor Day - Office Closed
Monday, September 3

Feast of Gregorio Aglipay
We remember the feast day of Gregorio Aglipay (September 5) to be celebrated at our worship services for the weekend of September 8 and 9

Nursery will resume
Nursery will resume on September 23, 2018. We will once again meet in the Small World Preschool Building from 8:30AM to 10:30AM. 

Blessing of the Animals
Weekend of October 6-7 at Beach Mass on Saturday October 6 at 5 PM and 9 AM Service at St. James.  7:30 Mass at St. James will be ‘fur-free’.

Diocese Convention
Education day Friday October 26, Convention October 27, King Kamehameha Hotel, Kailua Kona

Fall Fun Fest
Fall Fun Fest for Families, “Treasure Hunt, Finding All You Need in Jesus” will be held in the Pavilion on October 26, 2018 from 5PM – 7PM

Thrift Store Christmas Store Opens
November 3

Veteran’s Day Celebrated – Office Closed
Monday, November 12

Parish Christmas Bazaar
Saturday, November 17
9 AM - 1 PM

Thanksgiving Potluck Lunch
Thursday, November 22 St. James’ Noon to 2 PM

Advent Evensong & Study
Wednesday, December 5, 12, & 19
6 - 8 PM (Soup & Salad dinner)

Greening of the Churches
December 22, both St. James’ and St. Columba’s

For Full Parish Calendar,  CLICK HERE
In the Wider Community
What's going on in the Neighborhood?

The Waimea Community Association maintains a comprehensive calendar of civic and social events in Waimea.  CLICK HERE  to check out what is happening, where and when in our area. 

Tutu's House offers many free or low cost activities. Their calendar is  HERE

What's on at the Kahilu? Check  HERE
The Waikoloa Community Association publishes a monthly newsletter covering events in Waikoloa.   CLICK HERE for the current issue of The Breeze. 

Waikoloa Beach Resort has a monthly calendar of free and for fee events.   CLICK HERE for the current issue. 

The Shops at Mauna Lani Resort’s Calendar of Events is HERE  

And Konaweb publishes an Islandwide calendar HERE

The broader Mission of the Peace Committee is to promote the values of peace and compassion and to increase awareness of universal interdependence. To those ends, the Committee produces and participates in numerous events and programs year-round, partnering with various groups and organizations locally, nationally and internationally.
The Committee's Mission specific to the Peace Day Parade is to publicize and promote the existence of Peace Day in Hawaii (annually, September 21). In order to accomplish this, the Vision for the Peace Day Parade and Festival is that of an event consisting of world-class entertainment and exhibitions which are both creative and educational. Successful production of the Parade and Festival is also intended to secure support of the Committee's efforts to further pursue its broader Mission to promote peace, compassion and awareness of universal interdependence.

Parade Participation is by invitation only . However, we are on the lookout year-round for groups who will improve the quality of entertainment and exhibitions in the Parade. If you have a referral or suggestion for a high quality, entertaining or educational entrant for the Parade, please contact us at . Sponsorship of a group or act can be a significant and influential factor in the selection for participation in the parade.
The Peace Committee, producers of the Parade & Festival for the United Nations International Day of Peace, works within Hawaii State and County guidelines to have a successful Festival for everyone and to avoid any legal and safety issues on the day of the events. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

An exception to the “invitation only policy” is our open invitation to churches to participate via a banner in the parade. Click here for  information (PDF)  and  application (DOC) .
Kahilu Theater Presents Rodgers & Hammerstein's SOUTH PACIFIC
Friday, August 31  7:00 pm Saturday, September 1  7:00 pm Sunday, September 2   4:00 pm
Price $68 / $38 / $28
Taste of the Hawaiian Range will be Saturday, Sept. 29, 2018 at Mana Christian ‘Ohana (Old Kahilu Town Hall) and the adjacent YMCA Minuke Ole Park in Waimea. The 2018 Taste will offer all-day agricultural-themed fun and educational activities before culminating with an evening tasting event showcasing locally produced food.
Hawaii Island Aloha Festivals
30 Days of Aloha
Events throughout the month of September
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