Friday, July 6, 2018

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Aloha my beloved parish 'ohana,

Sometimes people join us for worship because they are "church shopping." They are looking for a church home-a community where they can feel nurtured, supported and encouraged in their faith. If that is you, we hope you find here what you are looking for. But we also hope you find what God is seeking to provide for you. Those two things are not always the same. 
We work hard on our welcome to the newcomer and visitor; we are intentional about making our worship accessible to those unfamiliar with our traditions; about making sure folks feel invited to share in the ministries and about insuring that they have opportunities to connect with others in ministry, study, and service. But part of the church's role is to be that prophetic voice to the world and to one another-to sometimes speak the hard truth about what needs to change in order that we can all move closer to God's desire for our lives. It is a voice that is not always welcome. Indeed, in today's Gospel lesson, we hear about Jesus not being welcome in his own hometown. They did not want to hear what he was trying to tell them. He was not what they thought they wanted or felt they needed. The encounter ends sadly, simply stating, "And he could do no deed of power there."
It is good for church communities not only to think deeply about that which people are needing for their spiritual life but also to constantly be flexible and nimble about putting into practice a variety of ways to address those needs. Indeed, the word liturgy literally means, "the work of the people." We should be thinking about what it is that the people who come through our doors are seeking! Too often churches can fall into complacency, especially in our worship. But the church is not only about meeting one's needs but also about rearranging our needs, shining light on needs we might never have had if we had not come to church. Perhaps liturgy is not so much about the "work of the people" as it is "the work of God in the people."
While we are asking what people want, we ought to ask the more frightening question, "What does God want?" One scholar put it bluntly, arguing that "The church is not here to meet people's needs. The church is called to the counter-cultural activity of serving God in a world that does not worship God." My feeling is that whatever brings a person through the door is cause for rejoicing. It is a step towards the Holy. God can take our motives and redirect them, reshape them, giving us more, giving us that which we did not even know we needed or know how to ask for! 
This weekend we will extend our warmest aloha to those who are new and visiting with us. May they feel welcome and want to come back, may they connect and enter fellowship with other folks. But more than that, we hope that, by worshiping here, they receive a deeper friendship with God.

With blessings,
David +
"Have you ever seen an angel dance?"
Special Hula this Sunday, 9 AM at St. James'

You are in for a real blessing this Sunday at  9 AM as we are delighted to welcome back dear friend  of our  parish, Michelle Kaulumāhiehie "Kaulu" Amaral. 

A recent article in Ke Ola Magazine featured an article about her in which the first line asks, " Have you ever seen an angel dance? With the first step, Kaulu begins to float as if on a cloud, weightless and timeless in a moment of elegant hula." CLICK HERE to read the full article. 

Known by many as the Ambassador of Aloha, she combines her years of experience of offering hula with her deep and abiding faith. Her offer of hula is a sermon of the love and aloha of God. Spread the word and bring friends.




Doris Johnson-Purdy and  Kathy Smith, her daughter, are returning to Waimea on Monday July 16.

We're looking for home-improvement savvy folks to help out at Tamarac Pines Apartment C-3 for a few hours here and there.

Workdays:  Saturdays from 10-2pm:  July 7 and 14

In addition, if you can come at other times, please contact Rona at 808-640-3954 and we can arrange for you to work at your convenience!

Here is the checklist of what needs to be done: 
  • TSP/wipe down the walls in the kitchen, dining room, bathroom, Doris's bedroom and livingroom. 
  • Then it will need time to dry-air (basically 24 hours - 2 days if the weather is damp)
  • Paint the same. 
  • Pulling the weeds in the 10' x 6' backyard. 
The space is small, but two or three people working at a time would be optimum, and I think things will go quickly!

Blessings and thanks,


Follow the Episcopal General Convention in Austin, Texas
July 5 - 13, 2018

watch the  LIVE FEED HERE

or read about it HERE

Aloha Clergy in Charge of Congregations, Wardens, and Treasurers of our fair Diocese!

We are asking for your help in identifying individuals in our midst who might be able to help in the following categories:
1.        Grant Writers
a.         There is a burgeoning need in our Churches for grant writing help. In our travels, Bishop Bob and I have both come across several people who have identified themselves as having experience in this area, but can't remember who they might be! The time has come to keep a list here in the Office of the Bishop of those who are willing and able to assist in the grant writing process.

2.        Commission on Investments
a.         After much discernment, the investment work has been separated out from the overall kuleana of the Commission on Finance and Administration (COFA), and this separate Commission is starting up. We are looking for people with a good understanding or expertise to work on this Commission as it oversees the Diocesan portfolio and investments.

3.        Commission on Finance and Administration (COFA)
a.         We are looking for people with a good understanding or expertise in budgeting, contracts, and/or real estate to help with this Commission.
The good work of the Diocese of course depends on the continued efforts and good will of the faithful who comprise it. Please take a moment to consider if you or someone you know might be a willing asset to the cause.
Please contact me for further information or with suggestions of those who might serve.
Mahalo & God bless,


The Big Class - From Palace to Public Square: The Way of Love

Learn more about what Jesus meant by love and h ow God is using Royal Wedding preacher Michael Curry
to spread that love around the world. This online class with Presiding Bishop Michael Curry is offered by Forward Movement. In this class, Bishop Curry offers us four video presentations entitled:
  • The Royal Wedding, 
  • The Way of Love
  • International Exposure
  • The Jesus Movement

This free class coincides with - and celebrates - the General Convention of The Episcopal Church. It is ideal for those looking to deepen their understanding of love and to ponder new ways of sharing and living into God's love. CLICK HERE to learn more or to sign up to take the class. Registration started July 1st and closes July 15th. There is 24/7 access for two weeks (July 2-15) to all video lectures, downloads, and course content.


Volunteers needed at Diocesan Convention
Kailua-Kona, October 26 and 27
T his year's co nvention will be held at the King Kamehameha Hotel in Kona.  A wide variety of volunteer opportunities are available.   Lunch included! Will you help? The Education Day is Friday, October 26 and the Convention will b e held on Saturday, October 27th. Help is needed for both days in a variety of areas including set up and take down, reception and registration, hospitality, and elections.  If you would like more information,   CLICK HERE.  If you would like to help, please contact David+, our rector or i f you have any questions, contact Rae Costa at (808) 536-7776, ext. 326, or  e-mail her .  Mahalo for consid ering this request!


Ways to Serve: 
Food Pantry Ministry Needs Our Help

Our Food Pantry Ministry supports the work of our sister parish, Annunciation Church, next door. We ask that you prayerfully consider helping this vital ministry to our community. You will find two round plastic bins in the back of St. James' Church for donations, but please bring your donations to ANY of our Parish services.

With all the emphasis on relief efforts to the volcano victims in Puna, we also have to remain mindful of the needs of those closer to home.
Food items that are always needed: Canned goods (Tuna, Chicken, Spam, Green Beans, Tomatoes, Peas, Corn, Pineapple, Peaches, Spaghetti Sauce with or without meat); Spaghetti pasta (dry not canned), Ramen, Rice, Cheerios. Plea
se, no rusted or dented canned goods or expired goods.


Calling all Fashionistas!

Mad for your Manolo's? Cherish your Jimmy Choo's?  Adore your Dior? Gaga for Gucci?  Know your designer brands and prices? Love to shop 'til you drop?   This position may have your name on it!

Volunteer Position for High Quality Clothing Items
For someone who enjoys designer clothing, the Thrift Store has the perfect place for you! Help us with our Boutique. 
We need your help to:
  • Oversee the Boutique and the great team of folks that prices scarves, shoes, purses. You will be responsible for pricing the clothing (guidelines for pricing provided)
  • We need your eagle eye to give the final say of what will be put in the Boutique. 
Have a friend you love to work with? This position could be split between two folks working together.
Come join the fabulous team at the Thrift Store and have fun!
See Nina Disbro or call her at 895-1234 or

Making a trip to Kona?
Help Take Thrift Store Charity Bags to Kona
The Salvation Army in Kona will accept donations from us, a few at a time.  When you are going to Kona, please stop by the store and pick 4 or 5 charity bags. The charity bags are clothing that we cannot sell or simply more clothing that is more than we can sell. We try our best to redirect clothing to other organizations when possible. Please help us keep these bags from going in the landfill. If you are going making a trip to Kona, please take a few of the bags with you and drop off at the Salvation Army Thrift Store.

WHEN CAN YOU PICK UP THE BAGS? Someone is at the store  Monday through  Saturday from  9 AM to 1 PM. You can also see Nina Disbro or Betty Hana after the 9 AM church service at St. James' to pick up some bags.

Thank you for supporting the Thrift Store.


The next scheduled baptisms are:
Sunday, July 22 at 9 AM at St. James', 
Saturday, July 28th  at the Beach Mass, and
Sunday, August 19  at 9 AM at  St. James'. 

If you would like to talk about being baptized or baptizing your child, please speak to one of the clergy ASAP.

Prayer for those in path of volcano eruptions Puna Eruption June 15
Jesus, protect the people of our island home as Kīlauea erupts. Be with the people who have already lost their homes and protect the rest of the people living there and nearby. Calm the volcano and bring the settling of the 'āina. Protect people, animals, crops, homes and other structures from injury or damage due to the volcanic eruption. We thank you for the first responders and rescue workers. We ask for your shield of protection to be around them as they seek to offer help. Empower us in the days ahead to help and support those impacted by the eruption. Thank you, Lord. We cherish the people of our island. AMEN.

 to download information about Volcano Relief Efforts and how you can assist
Rev. Jennifer writes:

Aloha, St. Columba's! Happy greetings from Iowa. I am looking forward to being with you this coming July. For the first two weeks of my stay with you, I will be joined by my family: husband Kirk Corey and sons Alexander (21) and Lucas (18) Masada Corey. 
Kirk and Jennifer
We live in North Liberty, Iowa with our two dogs Elli and Lexi, our cockatiel Dennis, Peaches the hedgehog, and Melvin, our tortoise. 
Lucas graduates from high school in two weeks and plans to study art next year. Alexander is a college junior at the University of Iowa pursuing a business degree. 
Kirk and I met in graduate school, where we studied music composition. Kirk is also a pianist, and I am a flutist and vocalist. We both work for the 
University of Iowa: Kirk is in IT security, and I do communications for the University Libraries.

I serve as one of three priests at New Song Episcopal Church, a small parish that welcomes all to worship
Masada-Corey Family
together, to be a community that fosters and appreciates the ministry gifts of all, and to serve as Christ's body in the world. 
I can't wait to see you all, introduce you to my family, and sink into the wonderful community of St. Columba's!

With God's love,

Rev. Linda, our Priest Associate for St. Columba's Congregation will return September 6th
Recognizing our Parish College Scholarship Recipients
Leilani Bostock

We would like to congratulate our award recipients: Leilani
Maia Tarnas
Bostock and Maia Tarnas have both received a $600 stipend to be  used towards their college expenses.  

We're very proud of our students, and will celebrate and recognize their accomplishments at this Sunday's 9 AM service at St. James.

In the back of the church are note cards. Please take 5 to 10 cards and envelopes home with you. Use them to reach out to one another and those in the wider community.        
Please keep in your thoughts and prayers parishioners who are unable to be with us in worship. Please reach out to them and let them know they are missed: Is there someone else to whom we could reach out to? Please ask their permission and then contact the parish office.
Jan Sing                                     
74-5038 Hua'ala Street               
Kalilua Kona, HI 96740              

Gerry Goodenough                    
PO Box 988                               
Kamuela, HI 96743                   

Veronica Yadao
PO Box 61
Pa'auilo, HI 

Tepa Farias  
PO Box 1152  
Kamuela, HI 96743  
Alexandra "Alex" Ka'au'a
67-5165 Kamamalu St Apt 19B
Kamuela, HI 96743

Coe Atherton
c/o Tripper Atherton

(The address for Jan Sing is above the Costco area. Please visit Jan if you are near there.)

Is there someone else that needs added to the notes of care? Please get their permission first and contact the parish office.

A mahalo and greetings from parishioner Coe Atherton, pictured here with her prayer shawl that she received from the church. Coe writes in an email to David+, "please extend "my humble appreciation for the blessing of the shawl. It has sustained me on many bad days. I hold onto it and think of the love and hope it brings with. Peace and aloha, Coe"


Note card from Coe to her parish 'ohana:

"Dear Father David and the congregation of St. James', Thank you all for the cards and messages of love and support. And especially the beautiful and warm prayer shawl -- I find it very comforting, assuring me of the prayers and good thoughts flowing from you all to me. 

I have just completed the second roiund of chemo and am faring much better so doctors have tweaked some of the chemo drug and procedure. 

Wishing you all the best.

Peace, Coe"

New Sexton Hired
Our sear ch has concluded!  Meet Malu Lindsey, our new  full time  Sexton.  Malu will be starting with us on July 23rd. E komo mai, Malu!  

From Malu: 
Aloha!  I am Malu Lindsey, I have recently accepted the position of Sexton of the St. James' and St. Columba's 'Ohana.  Thank you ALL for the extravagant aloha and welcome you have extended to me here. My parents, teachers, coaches, friends and many of you have encouraged me to be a benefit to this community we call Waimea. As Sexton, I look forward to becoming a part of the stream of living water that nourishes this parish and community. It is an enormous privilege to be in service to the living God. A Win + Win situation!!  

Thrift Store Lanai Expansion Update
Applications for building projects are first reviewed by Planning Department for compliance with land use regulations. That step has been now completed successfully. Praise God! Our architect is presently drawing the detailed plans. They are 90% complete and it will likely be another 2-3 weeks to be submitted to the Building Department. Once approved by the Building Department, we will put the project out for bids. Mahalo our Junior Warden, Brian Burke, who is, and has, given so much time for this greatly needed project.
Paving the Way
Bids were solicited and the vestry has approved the paving of the space between the Youth Hut and the Pavilion. As our usage has increased and so has the dust and mud, depending on the weather. The vestry voted to use the restricted funds from the Road Fund for this project, so the monies will not be taken out the budget. The Road Fund was set up years ago as a way to help maintain the road and driveways on our property. Monies for the Road Fund come from the donations made from groups that meet regularly on property, such as AA and NA.
Mahalo to Glenn Bertelman
You may have noticed a lot of the weeds pulled and overgrowth cut back? Mahalo to volunteer Glenn Bertelman (Auntie Edie's son) for doing this great work!


Parish Prayer List 

Jan Sing, Peggy Rein, Patricia Eckstrom, Sarah, Leanne Baskin, Gladys Chock, Gloria Seiden, Narcisa Yagin, Menelio Balmilero, Nicole Anderson, Marlene Thees, Trevor, Carl Stanforth, Barbara Lackey, Alan Ackerman, Brad Young, Monica Parker, Gladys Takeya Gerry Goodenough,  Monique Abbasi,  Jack A,   Isaac  DeRego,   James Knox Everett,   Riley Furlong,  Jerry Reyla, D ebbie Gaines, Israel Kahoopii, Dallas Gomes Pedro Ka'awaloa, Peter Pereira, Eleanor, Nathan Lee, Ted Lindsey, Jane Cook & Family, Eleanor Mendias, Mark & Kay Segal, Carol Carpenter, Maurice Cecil &  Pukaua Summer Sommers, Betty Santorio, Cheyanna Lahnum, Jesse Osmun, Art-Andre (Petit) Dieme, Patrick OʻBrien, Pegi Young, Linda Axel,  Graham D. Kitchen, Helen Cronk, Nancy Phillips, Shin Runkel, Mar y Avery, Alex Ka'aua,  the Reyes family, Paterno Balmilero, Jeff Morrell, Vicky Tagaca, Victor Wusstig,  Susan & George Maxey, Maelle Wolf, Steven, Kaipo Young,  Larry Cohoon, Veronica Yadao,  Wayne Haia, Larry Olsen, Coe Atherton, Seena Monell, Annette LaBonte,  Pat Holiday, Nancy Davidson, Grace Inamine, Betty Sheldon,  family & friends of Tom Mignanelli,, Dr. Jill Fishback Chambers  ++
If you would like to be added to the Prayer List or would like to add someone else (please get their permission first), call the parish office at 808-885-4923 or email at by the Tuesday before you would like the name to appear in the bulletin. Please mention 'Prayer List' in the Subject line of the email to Jacque so that she knows it's not a spam email froml someone she doesn't know personally.
Names will remain on the list for 4 weeks. You must then request to have the name added again. 
From Susan Acacio, Youth Ministries Coordinator:
ukulele Ukulele classes resumes next Wednesday, July 11th!  There is still room to add more students.  Mahalo to Dagan Bernstein and the Aunties for helping our keiki learn to play Ukulele.  I'm learning too and loving it.  I can't wait to get back to it on  July 11 .

Our hope is the program will become a year round ministry with the Keiki Ukulele Group playing regularly in worship services throughout the year. We hope also to start up another Keiki Ukulele Group at St. Columba's this fall.
Vacation Bible School Starting Soon!
We are gearing up for Vacation Bible School, "Shipwrecked, Rescued by Jesus", July 23-27.  Lifelong lessons are learned at VBS. We have had families join our church after their keiki attended VBS, as seeds are planted on very fertile soil. Please volunteer and make a difference to the keiki in our community.  We will have a decorating work day on Saturday, July 14th from 9:00AM to 1:00PM. You don't have to commit to the whole 4 Hours. We will serve lunch too. Don't forget to register your kids and grandkids!  
I always welcome any suggestions, comments, ideas or prayers.  Please feel free to contact me at any time.


Susan Acacio, 
Youth Ministry Coordinator  
(808) 895-2086

A beautiful double rainbow over the Church and Pavilion for Community Meal on Thursday. 


Chop Crew busy preparing another delicious Community Meal

This Thursday we served another fine Meal!!!  98 Kalua pork and cabbage meals delivered, and almost 200 meals served in the Pavilion. We also served Thai curry soup, and some especially creative salads - Panzanalla, green bean and bacon, avocado sides and Lomi tomatoes- plus rice, bread and green salad...  There were many groaning plates! 33 keiki counted, who loved the new swings and the hula hoops.  It was an evening of mixed guest crowds, many families, at least a dozen houseless guys, another dozen refugees from Puna, many Waimea elderly, all enjoying great slack key music from Ira Varize.  Plenty of people on the line  wonderfully helped by David's brothers' family nearly all day. This is a very open ministry. All volunteers are given jobs, and all comers are fed, with good fresh locally sourced food. 

Next week we welcome MacArthur Sotheby's Realty as our meal sponsors and servers! Please let Tim Bostock or Jane Sherwood know if you have an idea about who else could sponsor a Meal!
To Volunteer, sponsor a meal, or donate food, contact Sue Dela Cruz at



REMARKABLE!!! Our parish 'ohana shattered the $10,790 Challenge (we had some last minute additions to the challenge amount!) with gifts totaling $ 21,665.00.  What a magnificent response to the work of the God's spirit in and through our parish congregations!! God bless you who funded the challenge grant and those of you who responded the challenge! On behalf of the Vestry and David, our rector, I extend their heartfelt thanks and Aloha to all. This effectively wipes out this year's $34,000 projected budget deficit!
Numerous pledges were received both from those increasing their original 2018 pledge and from many who pledged for the same time for this 2018 year. 20 people who had already pledged, increased their pledge and 15 people/households joined in making a formal pledge for the remainder of this year.
The $32,455.00 grand total represents the $10,790 Challenge and the $ 21,665.00  in response to the Challenge.
We should be most proud of this mid-year giving total which will be a very favorable factor in having a balanced budget come December 31. Of course, the Treasurer's Report at January's Annual Meeting will reflect this mid-year success and the prudent fiscal policies of our parish overseen by the Vestry.
Mahalo again and Aloha to all, Gerrit Keator, Stewardship Chair

Vestry Minutes
CLICK HERE to read the approved minutes from the June vestry meeting. 

The next vestry meeting is scheduled for Monday, July 23, at 10 AM in the Parish Office. All are welcome to attend.

We will elect new vestry members at our Annual Parish Meeting in January. Please prayerfully consider serving in this ministry.


Monthly Women's Bible Study

ON HIATUS FOR THE SUMMER. We will resume meeting on Friday, September 7 at 10 AM in St. Ja mes' Church. W e will begin an in depth study of Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Noon Bible Study at the Piltz's Home in Kanehoa subdivision
Wednesday Noon  (every week) - A scholarly reflection on the upcoming assigned Scriptures for our weekend worship. Consult the Lectionary Page HERE for the texts that will be discussed.  If there is a need to cancel or move the Bible study, we try to contact everyone that regularly attends. If in doubt, always contact the parish office.

Directions to Guy+ and Jo's:

From St. James' Church it is 4.9 miles. Drive south on Kawaihae Road. Turn left on Ouli Street into Kanehoa subdivision. Follow the road around all the way until it comes to an end. Turn right into the driveway at the end of the cul de sac, and follow the driveway to the yellow two story house. You have arrived! Any questions, contact our rector, David+, at 238-4956

"Remember," Jesus says at the end of Matthew's Gospel - his final words to his disciples - "Remember, I am with you always, even to the end of the age." And that is a promise - a promise to remember always, to hold on to, amidst the changes which are all around us. What doesn't change is God's faithfulness.

-Br. Geoffrey Tristram

An Episcopal Monastery in Cambridge,  Massachusetts.

Wisdom Corner


A Prayer for the End of Day
Spirit of the living God, breathe your life into our soul and our parishes.  Make us a fire of love burning brightly for all those in need of your peace and healing. Drive us out of our hiding places, and send us forth to renew the face of the earth.  Amen

In the Wider Community
What's going on in the Neighborhood?
The Waimea Community Association maintains a comprehensive calendar of civic and social events in Waimea.  CLICK HERE to check out what is happening, where and when in our area. 

Tutu's House offers many free or low cost activities.  Their calendar is HERE

Waikoloa Beach Resort's Monthly Activity Calendar is HERE and includes both free and for fee activities.

What's on at the Kahilu? Check their show calendar HERE

Know the rules of Bocce or Softball?
Officials are neede d for  Special Olympics Area Games held July 14 in Kona from 8 AM to 2 PM. Special Olympics will provide training if needed.   

They could also use help in the Hospitality Tent.  Bring sunscreen!  

CLICK HERE for additional information about Special Olympics. Call Paul Lee at (808) 772-3555 for more information or to volunteer.

The Hawaii Performing Arts Festival invites St. James parishioners to enjoy

Alcina--Handel's Baroque masterpiece with period chamber orchestra, including harpsichord.  

Saturday, July 7 and Sunday, July 8 at 7 pm.  $10.  Please bring a nonperishable food item to help feed the hungry. 

Other upcoming events from the Summer Festival are:


For information on the full summer festival schedule, or for tickets and information,   CLICK HERE  or call 808-333-7378.


Our 2018 Floating Lantern Ceremony will be held on  Sunday, August 26th, 5 - 7:30 PM , at the Fairmont Orchid. 

Gayle Hubbard
Director of Development
North Hawaii Hospice 
(808) 885-7547

KARES: Committed to finding caring forever homes for cats and dogs and encouraging the humane control of the animal population on the Big Island of Hawaii.
Foster Homes Needed for Dogs and Cats

Can you open your heart and home to take care of a pet in need?  Foster care homes are desperately needed for pets surrendered by the elderly who can no longer care for them, for those in hospice care, for pets belonging to volcano displaced families until they can locate a pet-friendly home and for the many  abandoned and lost homeless pets who need some kindness.  Your assistance for as little as a few days or even for months will be rewarded by the joy that a pet returns to you for your caring.     Please call Debbie Cravatta at KARES Hawaii   (333-6299) to discuss your availability.  
Deborah M. Cravatta
President and Founder
KARES is a 501 (c) (3) Nonprofit Organization
PO Box 44670, Kamuela, HI 96743 ●  808-333-6299 (Phone)  ● 808-880-1925 (Fax)


The Parish Congregations of St. James' Church (Waimea), 
St. Columba's Church (Pa'auilo), & Beach Mass (Kawaihae)

P.O. Box 278
Kamuela, HI 96743-0278


Office: 808-885-4923