News in Brief ...
After a successful Spring rentals season, our first campers of the season have arrived at Artaban. The seasoned campers are supporting the new campers as they all work together to create lasting memories at the Outtripping camp. The first campfire of the season is already a hit!
New Dates!
Bronze Swim Camp has new dates!

July 29 - August 8

Camp Artaban is the perfect place to get away and enjoy ten days of summer camping. As an added bonus, you can get your Bronze Medallion or Bronze Cross Certificates at the same time. A qualified instructor will make your training fun and engaging and you will still have lots of time
to enjoy all the other activities camp has to offer. This camp is for those with strong a swimming ability and competency in deep water. Participants must be 13 by July 8, 2018 and it is recommended that they can swim at a Red Cross Swim Kids 10 level or equivalent. Bring a friend and have your best week of the summer!

Senior Coed

Not into swimming? Senior Coed is for you! Space is still available for this session that is all about hanging out with friends in a place of amazing peace, adventure and fun. Kiss summer boredom goodbye! You’ll have all your life to work, and only a few precious chances to just be a teen.
Camp Sessions Still To Come

Space is still available in all camping sessions for children and teens!

If you know of any children who would benefit from time at Artaban, please forward this email.

For those who are unable to afford the full fees, we can offer financial aid through our Campership program. For more information, please contact the office or visit the campership pages on our website:

July 18 - 21

July 28 - August 3

July 29 - August 8

August 3 - 10

August 13 - 18

Junior Junior Coed

Junior Coed

Bronze Swim Camp

Senior Coed

Family Camp
Grade in September 2018

3 - 5

6 - 8

Age 13 - Grade 11

9 - 11

All Ages
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