August 2015

BLOG: Dreaming freely in Afghanistan

By Zainab, Afghan Women's Writing Project contributor

I want to take some time to think about my wish to become an astronomer.

Maybe this wish is not just a dream for people in other parts of the world.  But here, where there is neither an astronomy major nor an instructor, it seems like a dream. We believe that dreams are possible and if we believe in the beauty of our dreams, they can become true one day.  But unfortunately, we are living in a society where even dreaming is restricted for women. Even in dreams we cannot bravely soar.

Scholarships for students like Shakeela

As a maternal healthcare worker in rural Baltistan, Shakeela rarely has a day off. She estimates she has overseen close to 200 deliveries, and not a single mother or child had died in her care. Before Shakeela, the locals estimate roughly five to 10 women died every year from childbirth-related issues.

We would like to extend our most heart filled gratitude to those who have given to support scholarships. We have raised nearly 60% of our $125,000 goal!

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

There are only a few weeks left in CAI's Summer Scholarship Campaign. Please consider spreading the word. Share the campaign video. Share one of our posts through social media. There are links to our profiles at the bottom of this email. Or, learn more about how to be involved.
New faces at CAI

CAI is happy to announce that we are adding to our team! Please join us in welcoming three new staff members.

From left to right.

CHRISTEL CHVILICEK - Grants and Sponsorship Manager

JENNIFER PEARSON - Donor Relations Manager

DUSTIN THOMPSON - Communications Manager

Follow the link below to view a bio for each of them. 

Paying it forward:

"As I am going to be an engineer and CAI is dealing with construction as well, I hope after graduation I can help CAI in this sphere."
Mushtari, Scholarship recipient and student of Construction & Architecture at Tajik Technological University
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