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May 2016
Mother's Day: Biggest Champions & Toughest Coaches

On Mother's Day we celebrate the important ways mothers keep the world turning. Mothers heal scraped knees and broken hearts. They are our biggest champions and toughest coaches. Mothers teach us to work hard and show us our dreams have no limits.
Why I Have the Best Job in the World

Meeting the students, teachers and community VIPs who attended 
these four events reminded me that I really do have the best job in 
the world.
Education and the Future of Sustainable Agriculture

"As the next generation has access to schools and becomes educated, they are realizing the need for conservation in these areas," Asif explains.  "Through education they see the conservation effort must grow.  They are asking: how much change do we need?"
Milestones Blog Series Post #3

Clara Barton
In places like rural Pakistan and Afghanistan the flu can render someone severely ill, possibly on the brink of death, due to lack of 
easily accessible healthcare thus cutting short any and all plans 
for that person's future. 
Empower Kids With P4P
" Not only do I get to work for an organization that is changing the lives of children in need, but I also get to share with students in the U.S. that even the smallest things, like giving a penny, can have a real impact h alf a world away!

- Alanna Brown, Program Manager, Pennies for Peace
Learn more about creative ways you can get involved with Pennies for Peace.

Race for HER in the San Francisco marathon
Race for HER
Join the HER team at The San Francisco Marathon on July 31! You can run a full or half marathon through beautiful San Francisco and fundraise to promote CAI's mission. You will receive virtual coaching from the moment you sign up to the day you run the race. We'll also be there to help with the fundraising piece. 

Limited spots are available for this amazing opportunity. If you're interested in running for HER, contact us or  click here for more information.
New Ways To Donate: Legacy Gift
Legacy Gifts
We all desire significance - to lead happy and fulfilled lives surrounded by family and friends.
For many of us, there is a compelling need to make a difference - to leave a lasting impact on the people most dear to us and the world in which we live. The search for significance and desire to plan for the future leads many to ponder their legacy. What kind of legacy will you leave?

Please contact us to learn how you can make a difference in the lives and causes you love. 

Great NonProfits
Are you familiar with our mission?
Please consider writing a review for us at Great Nonprofits. Your voice matters. Every review, every share, every conversation in support of girls' education brings us 
closer to peace.
Central Asia Institute

Central Asia Institute (CAI) works with communities in remote areas of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Tajikistan, to promote education, especially for girls. At home and abroad, CAI is committed to sharing its expert knowledge with the public.  Together we can cultivate peace, nurture hope, and change the world, one child at a time.