Vintage watercolor art depicting a Finnish Christmas (see A History Mystery, below)

Did You Know...

.....that you can visit Santa Claus Village in Finland's Lapland and watch Santa, the elves and reindeer as they go about their activities?

Tune into the Santa YouTube channel from Rovaniemi at: Santatelevision 
Hyvää Joulua ja
Onnellista Uutta Vuotta!

When Finlandia Foundation was created in 1953, the nine founders could not have imagined that, with a click of a button, the organization would be able to reach audiences around the globe with its message about Finland in America.

In addition to our traditional cultural touring programs, FFN is hosting webinars, interviews, cooking classes, concerts and other events online.

Now, we are excited to enter the world of eGames (see item below).

We realize the importance of building a relationship with the next generations of Finnish-Americans and friends of Finland, and continue to maintain ties to our roots and connections to contemporary Finland.

All of this is made possible through your generous contributions to FFN, and we thank you. Kiitos.

Best wishes for a wonderful Christmas and prosperous New Year,

Anne-Mari Paster

As part of building community for the future, Finlandia Foundation National is expanding its program offerings by focusing on youth with an eGames program for elementary, middle and high school students. 

To start with, we are planning to launch with an NHL tournament, given the history and interest in hockey in both Finland and the U.S.

Before we can get there, we need your help. Please pass along a short questionnaire for all potential participants in the youth eGames program. These can be your children or grandchildren, or those young people in the lives of your neighbors, friends or other FFN chapter members.

Their answers to the questionnaire will help us to create a program that will interest and engage the next generation. The future will be in their hands, and the time to connect with them is now.

We look forward to the input from our young people, and thank you for your help in shaping this new program of FFN.
NEW! Finnding America

On his 13,000-mile road trip across the U.S., Santi Fox visits with hockey legend and restaurateur Teemu Selänne.

HOLIDAY HAPPENINGS at FFN YouTube channel (release dates):
December 16: A Christmas Greeting by soprano Maria Männistö
December 23: Christmas Concert by cellist Jussi Makkonen and pianist Nazig Azezian with the Allegro Youth Choir
December 30: Musical Welcome to 2023! By Performers of the Year Eeppi Ursin and Ida Metsberg
January 17: Grant application deadline; click here
January 24: Virtual Joint Chapter Meeting, 8 p.m. (Eastern)
February 1: Scholarship application deadline; click here
February 1: Lindfors Law Scholarship application deadline; click here
February 19-25: National Sauna Week; click here
Finnish Expat Choir Releases Beyond Borders

Singers around the globe collaborated as the Finnish Expat Choir, under the direction of Eva-Christina Pietarinen and Maria Männistö, on the just-released CD Beyond Borders.

Incredibly, the musicians recorded their voice parts at home, and those individual recordings were mixed to create the final product. The project received a grant from Finlandia Foundation.

A History Mystery
Earlier this year, while sifting through files at the FFN office in Pasadena, a series of original watercolors surfaced.

The small paintings depict scenes of Kalevala (right), sauna, country life, and a cozy 1960s family at Christmastime (above).

Each piece of art is marked up as if for a book layout. There are notes on color, page number and sizing. Tape marks at the top and the word "Finland" are visible, but the art is unsigned and there is no book title.

We've not yet discovered the story behind the art or located a copy of the publication. It may remain a mystery. But we do appreciate this wonderful glimpse into a different era. 

At that time, Finlandia Foundation was about ten years into its mission of connecting the Finnish-American community and preserving its ties to Finland.

As we approach the 70th anniversary of FFN, we continue to steward the founders' original vision, while growing and adapting to meet today's challenges and opportunities, as summarized in our mission statement: 
Fiercely Finnish since 1953, we champion our culture and heritage across the United States by supporting educational opportunities and promoting diverse, relevant, and enriching programs.

Your contribution helps us to fulfill that mission. Each donation is matched dollar-for-dollar by the Paloheimo Foundation (up to $100,000 annually), and Finlandia Foundation National, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization, so your gift is tax deductible.

We appreciate your continued support.

Thank You! Kiitos!
February 19-25, 2023