Maaliskuu/March 2022
The most important source of support for Finnish culture in the United States
We were moved by the resilience, the sisu, of the people of Ukraine
to produce a tribute concert by pianist Ruusamari Teppo,
soprano Maria Männistö and special guests (see below).
Please join us for this beautiful program,
and feel free to share it with your family and friends.
Anne-Mari Paster

Hope Springs
Did You Know...

...that former Finger Lakes Finns President Maija DeRoche is a maker of traditional bobbin lace---a skill she learned from her father as a child in Rauma, Finland---and now she's a published author?

"Forever Chrysalis" is a novel about "mothers and daughters, secrets and lies." Set in New York State, one of the characters is originally from Finland, and the story includes Finnish traditions, food, sauna---and a trip to the Turku Archipelago.

"Forever Chrysalis" will be released on April 25, and is available for pre-order at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Scribd and elsewhere.

For an arts blog, Maija wrote a short piece about her lace-making and her father Paavo Lahti, who she says was a fanatic about reviving the art in the late 1950s.

The calendar says spring has arrived!

We know that several of our FFN chapters are optimistically planning warm weather activities such as Vappu and Juhannus celebrations, picnics, festivals and more.

This is also the time of year that many chapters conduct their annual meetings and hold elections. We extend a warm welcome to new leaders, and thank those who have stepped down, for their dedication and contributions to their organizations.

In any group, it's important to periodically bring in new leadership, both to avoid burnout and to introduce fresh perspectives and ideas. Succession planning is key to building and maintaining a strong board and, by extension, a healthy organization.

It takes forethought and being proactive in looking for future leaders. It's vital to have a structure in place to assist in the transition from one team to another, and it's beneficial if previous officers and trustees remain involved in advisory roles to lend their experience and share their institutional knowledge.

Finlandia Foundation is happy to welcome another organization into the fold; please see the story below about the chapter from Astoria, Oregon.

Anne-Mari Paster
ampaster @ rcn. com
Finlandia Foundation National offers this special concert via our YouTube channel for the people of Ukraine, and for everyone who is concerned about and affected by the dire situation in the country under siege.

Pianist Ruusamari Teppo, soprano Maria Männistö, violinist Jiwon Kim, the Finnish Choral Society of Seattle, and young Annabel Teppo share a selection of compositions by Reinhold Glière (1875-1956). The program includes Ukrainian folk songs and additional music and moving poems to offer comfort and inspire hope.
Welcome, Astoria!

By Katariina Lehtonen

Finlandia Foundation National welcomes its 59th affiliated organization, based in Astoria, Oregon.

Astoria Chapter President Karen Van Cleave explains, "Over the years we have been known by many names: The United Finnish Kaleva Brothers, The United Finnish Kaleva Brothers and Sisters (women were invited in 1914), Astoria Finnish Brotherhood Lodge, Friends of Suomi Hall, and now also, Astoria Chapter of Finlandia Foundation National."

Astoria is a beautiful coastal city, where the Finnish roots go back to the late 1800s and early 1900s. 

The Finnish language was so popular in Astoria that even the mailman, who was Chinese, spoke Finnish. The chapter will meet in Suomi Hall (above), which was originally built in 1883. The building has been a home for many festivities for the Finns over the years.

The Astoria Chapter was founded by a very energetic and lively group. Among other traditional Finnish events and programs, it plans to have a Finnish Language school this August for children ages seven to 12. The week-long event will also include music, games, crafts and art.

FFN is delighted to be part of the continued path of Finnish culture in this very special area of the Pacific Northwest.
Virtual Soiva Camp Set for July

Instrumental music students will once again be able to learn in a virtual Soiva Camp, scheduled for July 18-22. Four days of instruction will be offered in flute, clarinet, saxophone, piano, violin, viola, cello and bass. In addition, there will be special guest presenters from Finland, as well as a session for American music teachers to learn about the Finnish music education method.

Student registration fee is $300, and includes a music video featuring each of the students. Registration deadline is June 15. Additional details and registration form will be posted at the FFN website soon.
Soiva International Music Camp is one of the many efforts of FFN to advance Finnish culture in the U.S. This and other FFN programs depend on your contributions.

Finlandia Foundation is a non-profit, independent, 501(c)(3) organization.
Your gift to FFN is tax deductible and matched dollar-for-dollar by a generous grant from the Paloheimo Foundation (up to $100,000 annually).

Thank you! Kiitos!
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July 18-22: Virtual Soiva Music Camp
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