May, 2013
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Ms. Metrine Ajuang

Metrine makes history at Amagoro Girls High School by being the first to pass the national qualifying exam for entrance to college!


Ms. Metrine Ajuang is a Kiwimbi program student, has become the first ever at Amagoro Girls High School to earn a qualifying grade on the exam (C+)!  She is joined by seven classmates who earned C's on the exam as a result of this support . . .  another "first" for students here.  Metrine has also recently joined the staff of the just-opened Kiwimbi Library!


New doors are opening for the children of this rural community thanks to Kiwimbi and the generous support of our U.S. and Kenyan partners.  We congratulate Metrine on her accomplishment and look forward to continuing our support for other

students in the region.


Githeri:  a nutritious traditional bean and corn dish.  Kiwimbi is serving this for lunch for current 8th grade students who are part of our Kiwimbi Club program. 


Karibu:  (Swahili) welcome


Asante:  (Swahili) Thank You


News from Kenya

Kenyan elections were carried out in March and took place peacefully. The new President, Uhuru Kenyatta, is the youngest in the country's history. 



Kiwimbi Global is comprised currently of two entities:  Kiwimbi International, a US organization registered as a charity under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code; and Kiwimbi Kenya, a Community Based Organization established in the Teso North District in Kenya.  Ultimately, our goal is to replicate best practices from Kiwimbi Kenya elsewhere, creating more organizations under the Kiwimbi Global umbrella.


We see a world where all people are empowered through education to enrich their lives and reach their fullest potential. 


To achieve our vision, our mission is to create regional community centers internationally.  


These centers will:


provide education, training and other learning opportunities; 


facilitate cooperation and coordination among other resource organizations; and 


provide access to innovation and technology.  


The combination of these efforts is intended to maximize self-sufficiency and self-actualization for individuals and communities to prosper.



Kiwimbi Community Center and Library an Instant Success


Within days of its grand opening on February 16, 2013, the Kiwimbi Community Center and Library has begun changing lives in the Amagoro region of Kenya.  Open seven days a week and stocked with thousands of books and learning resources, the library attracts a remarkable 200 visitors a day (more during school holidays), some traveling up to 15 kilometers to reach this much-needed, and new community resource. In the 6 short months since the library was conceived, funded, and supported by Kiwimbi and a host of community partners, it already boasts:

  • Over 10,000 volumes of new books
  • More than 200 books that are specific to the Kenyan curriculum
  • An Exam-Prep corner supplied with all past Kenyan national examination papers
  • Three daily newspapers in English (the language of public schooling and national exams) and one in Swahili
  • Several E-readers 


By virtually every measure, the launch of the Kiwimbi Community Center and Library has been a resounding success and a shining example of what lies at the heart of Kiwimbi's mission - to advance educational opportunity through collaborative community learning hubs and access to technology. 


But there's still more work to do.  Initial renovations made the library functional, but many upgrades are still needed.  Among them are investments in broadband and computer technology, electronic inventory system, additional physical renovations, and much more.  If you are interested in making a donation to support development of the Kiwimbi Library in Amagoro, please click here . . . and we appreciate your support!

Kakemer Secondary School Says Goodbye to Will Rathgeber and Purity Chege


Will & Purity
Will, Purity & friends at Kakemer

Kakemer Secondary School is saying goodbye to two valued partners - Mr. William Rathgeber and Ms. Purity Chege - who have worked with students to provide additional classes and support in math and writing throughout the year.  The school is expecting a Peace Corps volunteer to follow in their footsteps very shortly!

  Amagoro Grade 8 Program Boosts Achievement 


Kiwimbi's Grade 8 program at Amagoro Primary School, affectionately known as "Kiwimbi Club," is yielding positive results.  Launched as an educational enrichment pilot program, the initiative provides school lunches (so students can stay at school for longer time periods), as well as academic programming and reinforcement to supplement the core curriculum. 


As shown in the graphs below, the students have demonstrated substantial academic improvement in both math and reading over the course of the school year.  These are students who are ready for, and capable of higher levels of achievement, if given the opportunity and the resources. Kiwimbi, in collaboration with community partners, is committed to doing just that.  We will be seeking opportunities to expand this programming to other grade levels in the coming year.  










First Kiwimbi Fundraiser Held at The Willow School in New Jersey 


Kiwimbi held its first major fundraiser on April 12, 2013 at The Willow School in Gladstone, New Jersey.  The family-friendly event was well-attended and served not only to raise funds, but also to raise awareness of the experience of Kenyan schoolchildren and their needs.  The festivities included art projects, live-Skyping with children in Kenya, Kenyan food including githeri, silent auction items, presentations from the Board, and the opportunity to make a soccer ball from plastic bags and twine, just as they do in the Amagoro region (this was the biggest hit of the day!).


We are grateful to all of our donors for their generosity at this special event.  Proceeds will help to support our Grade 8 program which provides, among other things, all-important school lunches, and thereby allowing students to remain at school and work productively for a longer period (rather than walking home).  See above for the positive results, just in, on our Grade 8 Program!


Thank you to all who attended and supported Kiwimbi at the Willow School Fundraiser!




Kiwimbi International is a public charity under � 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  We welcome contributions, which are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.    

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