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Funding for Ammonia Safety Projects

TSBC and the Province of BC have launched a new funding program on Oct 1 called the “Community Economic Recovery Infrastructure Program (CERIP)”, which is intended to provide support to arena’s & curling clubs to support refrigeration or chiller replacement and emergency preparedness projects planned for 2021.

The Community Economic Recovery Infrastructure Program CERIP) provides fully-funded provincial grants to support economic resilience, tourism, heritage, and urban and rural economic development projects in communities impacted by COVID-19.

Eligible applicants can receive a one-time, 100% funded provincial grant to support four key streams:
  • Community Economic Resilience
  • Destination Development
  • Unique Heritage Infrastructure
  • Rural Economic Recovery

This program closes on October 29 before midnight PST,
Here is what we know so far:
  • Arenas & Curling clubs should apply under the “Community Economic Resilience” stream
  • The program purpose for funding is broad – upgrades that address safety and increase the facilities’ ability to maintain uninterrupted operations would be likely considered (e.g., upgrading relief value piping)
  • Given the short timeline, the costing requirements for the program have been relaxed, so high-level estimates can be used in the submission process
  • This funding can also apply to non-technical safety related projects like modifications and changes to meet WorkSafeBC social distancing requirements
  • Private companies are not eligible to apply

More details on the application process and guide are found here: www.gov.bc.ca/CERIP

Phase 3 Hockey User Group
BCRPA Phase 3 Hockey User Group has updated the Hockey User Group Guide for your approach to hockey and user groups.

HUGE thanks to the task group:
Jordan Petrovics (Golden)
Linda Stride (Kamloops)
Lars Larsen (Armstrong)
Lori Mullin (Summerland)
Ken Kuntz (Delta)
Doug DeMarzo (Comox Valley RD)
Ryan Christison (Strathcona RD)
Shauyn Lesowski (Lake Country)
Leah Walker (Vernon)
Tiffany Hetenyi (Dawson Creek)
and for their consultation:
Jared Kope of viaSport
Carol Sheridan, Sheena Boyles, John Marcellus, and Dwayne Kalynchuk of RFABC

It forms our recommendations, and you may adapt the guidelines for your community. We simply ask that you not step forward ahead of your peers to stretch these recommendations in a way that puts pressure on them to follow suit (for example, allow spectators).
You’ll recall we created the initial version of this in June when hockey first returned, now updated based on some significant changes:
  1. viaSport’s move to Phase 3 Progressive Loosening; this cohort model moved the sport from distanced drills to competition with contact. This changes our occupancy limits by no longer requiring physical distancing on the field of play. This means we no longer need to limit the number of players on the ice itself to 20, but of course we still must ensure the capacity for the field of play does not exceed our ability to provide physical distancing off the field of play (some facilities can accommodate a user group of 50 while others can accommodate only 35).
  2. definition of field of play now includes benches and penalty boxes, so no physical distancing required;
  3. use of masks in dressing rooms now enables a higher capacity, however we still recommend providing 2m distance between players where possible.
  4. updated PHO Order on Gatherings and Events: we no longer need to retain user group contact lists, strict requirements for separate access/egress and washrooms for event groups
  5. Spectators: While the PHO Order could be interpreted to allow a spectator group of up to 50, we are not allowing spectators for 2 reasons: the Order has not been clarified (we are working together with viaSport to seek clarity from the PHO), but primarily because the provision of spectators significantly complicates for municipalities getting the game back in a safe way. Spectator groups require separate access, washrooms, distancing, contact list, no contact whatsoever with the hockey group, and other considerations. The task force and contributing members agree that as a sector we will refuse spectators until as a whole we are ready to welcome them. At this point in the re-start and pandemic progression, spectators are a complication we aren’t prepared for.
This document has been reviewed by viaSport and RFABC. .

A copy of the document is available here.

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