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February 21
, 2017
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Each week, Chelle Eliason and Erick Filby will be hosting a fellow member (ABA, BAM and/or NAHB).  
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 We highlight housing and the construction industry.  
The show creates the opportunity for your consumers to learn about YOU - along with:
  • building and remodeling  
  • new products and trends, and
  • information on the construction process.  
Speaking of Homes is an affordable and easy way to market you and your business to YOUR target audience.  Just click on the   ad rate sheet to find out more information.  
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Mark your calendars!
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NAHB Rebate program
Watch the video below to find out how easy this is to recover your  members dues and start making money for the things you buy on your  building projects.

NAHB Membership Rebates How To
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Builders Testimonials
"As a small to mid-size builder in a rura l market, we were   n't sure this would provide value for us. Our first quarterly rebate covered both our annual dues to our local home builders association and the staff time to complete the simple rebate request form. Three quarters of bonus rebates! Definitely a benefit worthy of membership! Gregg Moneyhun, Shelter Alternatives, Inc. (VA)

"The HBAV Rebate Program offers a great incentive for home builders in Virginia. We were very excited to receive over $2,300 dollars in rebates. There are a variety of companies and quality products involved with the program, with more being added.
every quarter. The submittal process is easy and painless, with minimal forms required. We look forward to receiving more rebates in the future." Caskey Hunt, Southern Development Homes (VA) "

so you can stay up to date on the latest industry news.

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Participate in the
Contributor: Matt Boo, Duluth Stove and Fire Place

The Matt and Barbara Boo family are putting together a Team for the 23rd Veteran Nearly Naked Ruck March. The team is called the "Booton Marchers" (inside joke).  The march is on Saturday  February 25th. This is a 10 mile ruck march along the lake walk in Duluth. The ruck sack will be loaded with weight based on the amount of sponsor donations ; 1 pound for every $10 dollars raised.
All proceeds will go to the 23rd Veteran organization. This organization provides a long term transition process for veterans leaving the military , and designed to stop the horrible trend of 22 veterans taking their own lives per day. Please visit  to experience the work they are doing.

How can you help, you ask.
1. Join our team by going to  and registering for the Nearly Naked March, under the team name "Booton Marchers". Cost to register is $45 and you will receive a hat, t-shirt and a invitation to the pre event. Then start looking for sponsors. We can spread the total weight among the team. More team, less weight in the packs.
2. Be a sponsor by going to  and make a donation.
3. Make a donation direct to 23rd Veteran organization.

Email any questions to Matt at
 Rustic Modern Design
Contributor: Ann Anderson, The Tongue and Groove Store

 get a lot of customers looking for reclaim style barnwood, yet at the same time are hesitant for fear of ending up with something that is "too" rustic. Incorporating different textures such as reclaim style wood, glass, chrome or iron finishes, and modern light fixtures is a way to strike the right chord between modern and rustic. Crisp white walls or furniture juxtaposed against reclaim style wood is also a great way to find middle ground in the rustic/modern balance.
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The 2015 MN State Building Code: Issues & Answers for Everyday Situations
March 3, 2017 
Roger Axel - AMBO Building Official 
Accredited (7) plus Energy (1)

Cost:  Members  $139.00           
          Non-Members  $159.00
Includes Continental Breakfast and Lunch
ABA offices 5255 Maple Grove Rd. Hermantown, MN

This seminar is designed to cover several areas critical to MN Licensed Residential Contractors. The structure of the MN State Building Code as well as several key provisions will be examined in detail with supporting photos and examples for discussion. Seminar materials will include requirements from MN Rules Chapter 1322 in order to meet the State requirements for Energy Code continuing education.

Profit Mastery
Curt Walczak - CEDUMD 

Sponsored by 

March 9 and 10, 2017

Time: 2 Day - 8:30-5:30 
Cost: Members $99.00
          Non-Members $129.00
ABA offices 5255 Maple Grove Rd. Hermantown, MN

Profit Mastery is a program developed by BRS built around the core premise that to improve financial performance, it must be measured. Profit Mastery training is designed to help owners and managers of small business better understand financial management. This two day, hands on training includes: Overcoming common business problems, using tools to take active control of your finance, understanding your financial position, making effective pricing decisions, evaluating and managing cost patterns, succession planning and transition, making your business bankable, how to avoid cash crunches, and strengthening your lender relationships.

Web Presence
Curt Walczak, CEDUMD

March 14, 2017  

Time: 1:00pm - 3:00pm   
Cost:  Member  $39   
           Non-Member $49
Location :  
ABA offices 5255 Maple Grove Rd. Hermantown, MN

Learn how to optimize your website both on page and off page for maximum exposure. Tips on making sure your website is found. 
Increase your presence with Social Media
Curt Walczak, CEDUMD 
March 21, 2017

Time: 1:00pm - 3:00pm
ABA offices 5255 Maple Grove Rd. Hermantown, MN

Increasing your Exposure: 
Learn how to use social media site more effectively to help increase your internet presence. Tips on Facebook and other social media sites. 
Register by calling Jennifer at

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Consumer Request for Bids
Land Listing Report

1) We have a consumer that has called requesting bids on 3 different projects. 
2) Latest Land Listing information is now available.

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