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November 2020
Matcom Community
Last Friday, I joined Ken and Wayne at a site near Ancaster. I learned that there are so many ways a conveyor system can be used in a certain space. It is always impressive to see how different projects are using their space and unique conveyor systems within the industry. As well, I admire the versatility the Matcom team possesses. Just as there is not one single prototype for conveyor use, there is also not one way to assemble them.

Thank you to the Matcom team who warmly welcomed me on site. It is always a pleasure to see everyone in action.
Family Fun Day Update
Thank you to everyone who sent in their fall photos. During these times, it is refreshing to celebrate the little things, like the last days of fall.

Details about retrieving baskets are coming shortly.
Matcom Gives Back!
November Charity

This month, Matcom will be sponsoring The City of Vaughan's Toy Drive

A big box will be placed by reception for Brand New Toy donations. The deadline for toys is December 9th.

Thank you for supporting local charities.
Mo Bros! It's November, and you know what that means. Grow out your mustache to raise awareness for men's prostate cancer.

Women can participate, too. Become a Mo Sister and encourage the men in your life to have a conversation about men's health.

Send in a picture of your mustache by the last day of November. The most creative 'stache will get a prize.
Matcom Fun and Games
Christmas Card Contest
Our annual Christmas Card Contest has begun! The contest is open to all Matcom employee's children and grandchildren. We encourage all winter holiday themed cards to be submitted ❄️

Every entry will get a Tim Hortons gift card. The winner will receive $40 in toonies and have their card displayed for all to admire.

Please email me the drawings or drop it off to Pina Mucci in the office by November 26th
Last Month's Game Winner
Thank you to everyone who participated and donated.
Congratulations to Natasha Lewis! Check out her sculpture below (left).
Please see Pina upstairs to claim your prize.

The winner of the random draws for this month is Andrew Larter! Stay tuned, you might be next month's winner.

If you have been selected as a winner, please contact Veronica Botnick to schedule your appointment with the Ontario Auto Salon.

Good luck!

Car Detailing Draw!
Matcom will be continuing its contest with the Ontario Auto Salon. Every month, one Matcom employee will be randomly selected for a free complimentary car/truck detailing.

Health & Safety - Human Resources
Updating Personal Information
Please remember to update your Personal Information whenever you change your address! Forms can be found in you inbox, sent by Natasha. If you have any questions, please contact Natasha Lewis
Rigging Safety Tips
Here are a few brief safety tips to follow when operating rigging equipment:

  • Use top-condition equipment

  • Inspect all equipment before any job

  • Notify all employees when a lift will start

  • Balance the load

  • Land the load safely

  • Use a spotter

  • Use durable and quality slings

  • Correctly calculate weights and measurements

  • Store all equipment safely after a job
Industry News
Manufacturing History From the Year You Were Born
Stacker has compiled a list of manufacturing history from every year between 1920 to 2019. What was happening the year you were born? Click the button below to find out.
Biden Wins
What does this mean for Canadian Manufacturing?

The Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters (CME) have outlined what might happen with a new US President.
Dennis Darby, CEO of CME said:
"The past four years have been challenging and unpredictable for Canadian manufacturers doing business in the United States, as witnessed by the renegotiation of NAFTA and the tariffs on steel and aluminum...With Mr. Biden, it might be easier for companies to understand how to adjust to the Buy America and Buy America ACT. While these are certainly still protectionist measures, there should be more predictability for our companies."d
Local News
WHAT'S GOING ON HERE: Vaughan Metropolitan Centre will be joined by a 75 acre cultural centre
A new cultural centre is being proposed south side of Highway 7.

Four buildings, with 2,500 units each, will meet at a central plaza. The plaza will consist of boutiques, cafes, restaurants, a gym, and a grocery store. As well, the overall site will see "retail, residential, schools, parks and a community centre with a large outdoor stage". The project is minutes away from the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre, York University, and the city's new Niagara University campus.

By 2031, the population is projected to increase by 30%.
Toronto adds 50 new automated speed radar photo cameras
Below: approximate locations for the city's new speed radars, effective November 1.
Quick COVID-19 Update
Ontario has imposed a new zoning guideline across the province. Different areas around the GTA have been classified as either "red" or "orange zones". Zones are reassessed on a weekly basis.

This article provides a detailed breakdown of what activities are permitted in each zone. Please continue doing your best to keep you and your family safe.
Continue to check Public Health Ontario and with the Government of Canada for COVID-19 updates.

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