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July Edition 2019
Matcom News
Town Hall Meeting 2019!
The annual Town Hall Meeting was a complete success! We welcomed some of the newest additions to the Matcom family, discussed issues from the past, and addressed ideas for the future. Thank you to everyone who attended or tuned in remotely via Twitch!
We hope you enjoyed the food trucks!

As you can see from the photos, there were smiles all around.

Find Rancho Relaxo on social media @RanchoToGo !
Our Newest Addition to the Fleet
Please welcome the newest addition to the Matcom fleet. Our Ford service van has been wrapped in a sleek new design!
Matcom Gives Back
Submit Your Charity Ideas
At Matcom, we are always looking for ways to give back to our community and the Matcom family.

Please submit your charity suggestions to Alexander McCleave.
Jersey Fridays in August!
We're supporting a local minor league hockey team!

Every Friday for the month of August will be Jersey Day!

For a small donation of $2.50 every Friday, you are welcome to wear any sports jersey to work! Please give your donation of $2.50 each Friday or $10.00 for the entire month to Alex or Kaity.

This is great opportunity to give back to our community while showing off your sports swag!

For field staff, please be cautious of loose clothing on the job. Safety first!

For more information on the team we are sponsoring, follow the link below!
Family Fun Day 2019
It being family day, Matcom would like to inform everyone that this is a non-alcoholic event!
Submissions must be in by no later than September 1st. Late submissions will not be accepted.
Matcom is happy to announce that this year's Family Fun Day will be held on September 28th at BMO field. That's right Matcom... we are going to see the Toronto Argonauts !

Please fill out the Survey Monkey questionnaire by clicking the link below. Every Matcom employee is invited to bring 1 adult guest. Also, please remember to fill out how many of your children will be coming!

If your survey link doesn't work or the amount of guests you are bringing changes, don't worry! Simply contact Alexander McCleave or Pina Mucci to notify them of any changes.
Learning At Matcom!
Attention Field Staff: Be The Best You Can Be
Are you thinking about developing a new skill set? Are you seeking new and rewarding challenges? Do you think you can handle more responsibility on the job? Do you have an idea about how to improve the company?

"Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it."

— Michael Jordan
You are encouraged to talk your Foreman or Project Manager about opportunities to expand your knowledge!

There are plenty of training opportunities available for those willing to learn and work hard.
We're Expanding! New Storage Space Coming Soon
Matcom is expanding warehouse operations by opening new storage space in Vaughan!  We encourage all Matcom staff to put the word out about our increased storage capacity . Feel free to forward any potential leads to Mike or Alex!
Employees in the Spotlight
Jobs Canada Fair!
We had a great time meeting potential new employees at the Jobs Canada Fair in Vaughan this month! It was heartening to see so many eager professionals looking to expand their knowledge and pursue careers in the industrial sector.
Car Shows all Summer Long!
Justin Pankratz has volunteered to help out on weekends by attending local car shows and exhibiting our beautiful 76 Ranger. This is a terrific marketing idea and we thank Justin for his initiative!

Do you have a creative idea to help spread the Matcom brand? Please contact Alexander McCleave with any suggestions you may have!
Matcom Fun and Games
Field Staff Draw
The winner of this months' draw is To Ha Mach. Please come and collect your gift from Alexander McCleave upstairs!

Don't worry, next month there will be another random winner. Stay tuned for more opportunities to win! If you haven't collected your prize yet, please go and see Alexander McCleave.
WINNER: Spot the Difference: Lego Gantry Edition

The winner of Spot The Difference: Lego Gantry Edition is....
Dawn Pankratz !
Congratulations to Dawn! She was able to discover the most differences between the two Lego sets.

Please see Alexander McCleave for your prize!

Stay tuned for next month's Lego game... there are rumors the kidnapping game will be brought back with some new rules!

Stay in the Know: Health and Safety
Are you tired? It could be dangerous!
There are no specific OSHA guidelines around  fatigue , but that doesn’t mean it’s not a significant workplace safety issue. Not only is fatigue a serious concern, it's also widespread.

According to the National Safety Council,  more than 43 percent of workers are sleep-deprived!
Fatigue increases the rate of accidents and injuries, reduces productivity, and causes absenteeism.
Fatigued workers can put themselves or others at risk, so it's important for safety managers and supervisors to know the signs of fatigue.
Industry News
'It feels normal': 25 women graduating from millwright apprenticeship through WEST

"It feels almost normal now," said Rebecca Chenier, one of the graduating students who works with electrodes, writes programs and reads blueprints.

Four-years-ago, Chenier was starting over. As a single mother of three, she was tempted to take a different job with an immediate paycheque. Looking back, Chenier is thrilled that she decided to pursue a career in the trades.
Twenty-five women are graduating from a CNC industrial mechanic millwright pre-apprenticeship program provided by Women's Enterprise Skills Training (WEST) of Windsor, Inc. 
Ontario skilled worker shortage daunting but inroads are being made!
Though the skilled worker shortage is daunting at times, organizations like Skills Ontario and events like the Lift & Move career fair help inspire the next generation to pursue careers in the trades. Programs like these show Canadian youth that the trades are exciting, rewarding, and noble!
The 2019 Skills Ontario Competition in early May attracted more than 2,400 elementary, high school and post-secondary students, including approximately 65 students who earned spots to compete in the national competition!

Five Ontario medalists were selected to the national team and will travel to Russia in A ugust to represent Canada at the 2019 World Skills Competition.
Local News
Vaughan chefs attempt to break a world record!
A group of Vaughan chefs took on the near impossible task of creating the world's largest calzone . Can they do it? Click below to find out!
CariVaughan: Carnival in Vaughan
Celebrate Vaughan's Caribbean Carnival on Saturday August 10th!

MacKenzie Glen District Public School
575 Melville Ave, Maple, ON L6A 2M4
3:00pm – Staging at the back of the school, Parking Lot
5:00pm – Parade Starts

Mackenzie Glen District Park
220 Cranston Park Ave, Maple, ON L6A 2M4
Wear your costume and meet at Mackenzie Glen District Public School at 2:00 pm.
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