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March Edition 2019
A Look Back!
Gaylea and GEA Job Comes to a Close!
The Gay Lea/GEA project is coming to a close very soon. This was a fantastic project for Matcom. It was well over a year job and successful in all accounts. A special thanks goes out to Dylan Keizerwaard and Gareth Haynes who have been at the Teeswater job site for over a year now! This was not an easy job for them as they were away from their homes and families for long stints at a time. When they make it home please give them a warm welcome and a big thank you!
What the Future Holds!
Big Smiles All Around!
Why is everyone smiling? Well it's because the Canada Royal Milk project in Kingston is going amazing! This project has been a huge success for not only Matcom but the town of Kingston as well. This plant is set to bring a 120 jobs to the Kingston area and Matcom is very excited to be a part of it.
3 Dimensional Lift Planning
As many know certain crane lifts can often be quite complex and require an immense level of planning. From the very few complex crane lifts I have seen in my time here, the amount of preparation and planning taken is boarding on the ridiculous. The meticulous detail-oriented focus that goes into these lifts, could make a sane person lose their mind. This stress and confusion can come from a variety of reasons that are unpredictable. It could be something as simple as fluctuating weather conditions like heavy winds or a sudden rain/snow storm. 
Matcom Fun and Games
The construction is over!!! Check out our new website! It is up and running and looks great! Follow the link below or click the picture beside!

The Lego Game!
Everyone Ready? Come April there will be new rules! Keep your eyes peeled and emails open.
Field Staff Draw!
Field Staff it is that time again! The winner of the random draw is Rob Pankratz. Please come by and collect your gift in the new year. Don't worry next month there will be another winner! Stay tuned cause it could be you.

If you've been selected as this month random draw prize winner. Please come upstairs and see Alexander McCleave in April to collect your prize!
Matcom Giving Back
The count down begins! Matcom will be hosting Lift & Move! There is a link posed below with more details! If you have someone in your family or a friend that you would like to register for the event please register them below. This is a massive event for the trades industry and for Matcom. This the first time in Lift & Move's history that they are travelling north of the border and we are lucky enough to be hosting.

We need volunteers! If you are interested in volunteering for this amazing event, please contact Alex McCleave at
Stay in the Know!
Changes for Workplace Health and Safety in 2019
Last year, occupational health and safety highlights included new legal requirements regarding: compensation for work-related chronic stress from harassment and bullying improvement of occupational exposure limits, respiratory protection, and air sampling , which both came into effect January 1, 2018, and  refresher training  as a follow-up to  legislated Working at Heights Safety Training .
Customer Feedback!
Some great feedback to hear from our customers!

"Dave and his crew did a fantastic job with the move! They accomplished the impossible" - Jame Hepburn with Inlay Creations.

This is exactly the type of feedback we love to hear about at Matcom. Congratulations goes out to Dave and your crew; you all truly amazed the client. Continue to keep up the great work.
Industry News
Forget the ‘why’ and focus on the ‘how’ to retain women in the trades!
"There have been multiple studies, including one we’ve done and one in British Columbia, that document the reason women aren’t in the trades is because this industry and other industries suffer from institutional gender discrimination,” 
Matcom Employees!
We would like to congratulate Rynata Loewe on gaining his inter-provincial Millwright License (C of Q Red Seal) Great job Rob, we're always happy to hear Matcom employees bettering themselves and the company! Keep up the amazing work!
We would also like to formally announce the additions of Manny Flora and Mike McCalmont ! Please welcome Manny and Mike to the Matcom family.

If you know of someone that you think would be a good fit here at Matcom please do not hesitate to contact Natasha Lewis at Explaining why you believe the person would be a good fit and remember to send their resume as well.
Local News
Vaughan’s Tomotsugu Swings for the Fences at MLB !
The 17-year-old outfielder/pitcher from Vaughan —earned an invitation to this weekend’s inaugural MLB Grit tournament in Texas for elite North American players ages 18 and under. Read all about it!
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